Do You Think Your Natural Hair Is Stopping You From Being Hired?

March 6, 2013  |  

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From BlackVoices

Is the texture or style of your hair preventing you from being hired? Sounds like a pretty silly question, however it was precisely the topic at hand during a panel discussion entitled “Black Women, Their Hair & The Work Place – A Dialogue” at Georgia State University.

Approximately 100 women gathered last week to contemplate the idea that their skills, talent and intelligence could be overshadowed by a hairstyle. And more often than not, the concern is based on women of color sporting their natural hair.

Yes, the hair that grows naturally from the roots of our heads could be contributing to the growing unemployment rates. Baffling.


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  • MsLadyE

    It’s not what’s ON our heads that should affect our chances of being hired. It’s what’s IN our heads that’s important. Whether you wear your hair relaxed, natural, weave, wig, etc., the important thing is to keep your hair well-groomed, healthy, and clean. As long as your hair is healthy, well cared for, and doesn’t present a distraction or safety hazard, a hairstyle should not keep you from getting the job or promotion you want.

  • MLS2698

    Imma be nappy fo’ life! Put your hair pics in the air……and wave them like you just don’t care!

    • MLS2698

      Oops! picks. Pik….. You know what I mean.

  • rita

    Is there any concrete data showing that natural hair hurts a woman’s chances of getting a job/promoted? Everyone I know who has gone natural hasn’t experienced any issues with it in majority-white workplaces. Every article I have seen with this headline is based on anecdotes of discrimination against naturals. But I have as many anecdotes of women with natural hair who do not experience discrimination.

    Honestly, I think most of the discrimination against natural hair comes from within the black community, and this “unprofessional” meme is just an excuse to pin the blame for not going natural on those outside the community. In my experience, hair style doesn’t matter much to non-blacks, for better or for worse. If they’re going to have a problem with your race, they will, and hair is just one rung to hang their that racist hat on. If it wasn’t the hair, it would be something else. If they’re going to behave in a professional, nonracist manner, the hair won’t make a difference.

    • Kenedy

      You are so right, most of the people who’ve had a problem with my natural naps have been black people, and family members at that, I haven’t had a single person outside of the black race hate on my hair….atleast not to my face

      • MLS2698

        I have a T-shirt that says Love Peace and Nappiness! No lie.

    • L-Boogie

      Yeah, because I get tired of hearing that your hair is keeping your unemployed.

      • L-Boogie

        you…As you can see it really pisses me off.

    • LikesToKeepItReal

      I agree most people who have an issue with my hair are black.

    • Dez

      I agree with what you said. Personally the negative things that I have been told about my hair, sadly has come from other brown people. I work for a Fortune 500 company..and have for some years now…even though African Americans are a minority there is a noticeably large amount that wear natural hair styles. My hair at work has never been an issue.

  • Nicole Bennett

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