Are We Really Lovin’ It? The Good, The Bad And Side-Eye Worthy Of McDonald’s Commercials For The Black Community

March 5, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

McDonalds ads

Nobody has had more of a dominance over the fast food industry than McDonalds. There are more than 30,000 locations all over the world and I could go to Ecuador and even Estonia to get my fries fix on. And with that world domination, the fast food chain knows that it needs to market its food to a wide range of people. But has anyone else ever watched a McDonald’s commercial catered towards black folks, and at the end, thought “Did the black people in this ad really need to be rapping or dancing for you to sell me some Chicken McNuggets?” Don’t get me wrong, they definitely have had their good moments (remember the Martin Luther King Jr. ad celebrating him with all the candles? And most of the ones they’ve done for white folks have been good…), but other times, they’ve produced some side-eye worthy commercials that included break dancing, dunking nuggets, and folks leaving the corner to do better by getting employed by Mickey D’s…here’s a few examples…And shout out to Ed Sanders for collecting these videos on his YouTube page.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Josh

    I’ve noticed that every single advert was being directed toward the black community in a rather offensive way. Show how much you disapprove with your money. If we don’t give MD our money they’ll figure out pretty quick that their adverts are offensive.

  • What’s wrong with McD’s showing love to black folk since ya’ll love eatin’ that poison so much. I work across from a corner that has both a BK and a McD. It’s astouding the amount of traffic that goes in and out of those places. And many are the same people day after day. White bread, sugar and potatoes. Fried non-nutritious beef patties. The chicken isn’t even 100%. In the laws of business, even a ultra-mega money-making giant like McD’s will try to make more money and corporations like that make bigger profits by charging you more and giving you less. So it stands to reason that the food ya’ll are breaking your neck to eat everyday is less nutritious and more toxic because it’s cheaper for them to make. Fast food will be the death of black folks but they don’t care as long as their get their instant gratification and fast food companies are laughing all the way to the bank because they know you’ll be back tomorrow.

  • Keisha Samoht

    Aye dude in number 10 is Toe suckin Charles from Girlfriends!!!! And i thought the WackArnolds commercial was something the writers of Chapelle’s Show came up with…

  • hollyw

    Which ones were a hot mess?? ALL OF EM! Lol I’m tired of McD’s targeting Black folks and using their “urban” themes to look “down with the cause”. We eat enough of it w/o the shady marketing (there’s literally one McD’s PER BLOCK on 125th St. in NYC), don’t need no beats wit the Big Mac!

  • What The Hell Ever

    I remember the Chicken McNugget commercial. It didn’t make me want to eat them back in the day though. I didn’t like fast food then and I really don’t like it now!

  • Im loving it