“You Have No Idea What Your Hateful Words Could Do To Someone’s Spirit” Keri Hilson Responds To Trolls Who Attack Her On Twitter

March 5, 2013  |  


I think we can all agree that when it comes to black women and the music industry, there are probably less than a handful that get their fair shine and respect without people acting as though they’re wannabes or trying to steal someone’s shine. While a Beyoncé, or Rihanna can have their stans and all their notoriety without people hounding stories about them with shade, other talented singers get treated like the busted stepchildren from the moment their name is mentioned, for instance, a Ciara, an Ashanti, and a Keri Hilson.

Hilson has been the butt of many jokes and spitfire negative comments over the last few years, even when she’s just doing her. And it seems that she’s finally found herself at the end of her rope with the haters, and decided to lash back at them on her Twitter page. Per the usual, read from the BOTTOM on up.

Hilson is most likely coming for the stans of other singers who she has had some diva moments with since she’s stepped out of the shadows of being a songwriter and into the spotlight as a singer. There was the remix to “Turnin’ Me On” that people thought was a shot at Ciara and Bey, and the whole Juicy Mag drama at the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards, as well as a slight diss to the music of pop singer Ke$ha (aye, but that girl’s music is a mess though). All in all, it hasn’t given Hilson the cleanest reputation in the industry, and she’s been low key pegged as a drama queen. But why people attack her at every turn for everything? No real explanation for that. But sadly, this is the new part of being a celebrity nowadays and how things go with the expansion of social media and everybody jumping big and bad behind their laptops and computer monitors. But it’s refreshing to see celebs check people from time to time, and do so not on a negative level, because some folks know they need and deserve it.

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  • Guest

    People who go on social media sites to attack other people for not seeing things as they do are just “STUPID” and should be forced to perform community service because obviously, they have nothing better to do!!!! I bet the person they’re defending doesn’t even give a sh*t!!!!

  • mac

    No one’s forcing her to be on Twitter. If some 140 character statements are bothering you that bad, it’s time to deactivate and get your life.

  • mac

    Show me a celebrity who has time to respond to social media trolls, and I’ll show you a celebrity with no job.

  • jjac401

    Keri is exceptionally talented and pretty. I am sure she has plenty of haters. Should ignore the heck out of the haters and just keep her balance.

    • Aisha

      I stopped reading after “exceptionally talented”

      • jjac401

        I used the word exceptional only because she can do more than sing. She writes for other artists.

        • Calikush


  • Lisa

    Social media is a good thing the problem is the fools and bullies that hide behind screen names.

  • Chile Cheese

    Who in the hell wrote this article…no disrespect To Keri Hilsons…But MN has shaded the heck out of Bey for no reason at all so for u to have the NERVE to type above that she has never had to worry about a shade article about her. ummm…. “Baby Gate”…Lip Sync Gate…Superbowl not good enough GATE. Chile please go somewhere with that mess..there is someone out there that shades and drags ALL artists. Yes some have more fans than others and positive press than others, but lets call a spade a spade. Thank you.

  • Yvette

    This is the reason why I don’t do social media. It seems that NOTHING positive ever comes of it. When facebook first came out, I went on my daughter’s page and looked at old pictures that family and friends posted to their pages, but I don’t even do that anymore because of the sometimes mean spirited and down right rude comments that I’ve seen. Booooo for social medial!

  • bigdede

    Well I tried to post negative comments about her after I seen those pics of her with Serge!!! I’m officially a jealous hater. Ibaka is too fine!!!! I have to learn that “Pretty Girl Rock”. Sincerely your jealous hater…..

  • Kahekili

    She’s right. I see people tweet or make hateful comments to celebrities on their Instagram all of the time. It’s a shame really, because people act as if celebrities don’t have feelings.

  • guest 1002

    I cant wait for the day for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to disappear. My friend recently went on Facebook and put all her business up there. For some likes and a bunch of dumb a$$ responses and then they talked about how stupid she was for putting it on Facebook for everybody to see. No social media for me if I don’t call or text you daily I don’t give a darn about what you’re doing all day.

    • chanela

      lemme guess… she told everyone to mind their business tight?? smh

  • Trisha_B

    I’m no Keri Hilson fan, but i saw the tweets from the Beyhive & tho some were funny, others were just downright mean. Beyonce ignores all the bs & drama, why do her crazy stans feel the need to attack others who feel differently about her? Celebs can be bullied, if they were regular people, those who were attacking them on the computer would get in some trouble.

    • her stans are why I dont really like Beyonce that much, I mean I enjoy her music and shes a talented performer but her stans are too much, as a fan you should be able to point out when your fav has messed up, I made a comment about her lip-syncing and didnt find peace for weeks, its excessive and it gets very mean at times

      • Trisha_B

        I feel you 100% !

      • adanie12

        Yea, but you can’t really fault her for that. Theres no way to really control grown people. People will act crazy no matter what. I don’t listen to any rap, hip hop, or pop, but I can’ blame the artist for the immature fans who follow them. People are just wired to follow something. Even on Youtube, OMG if you want to talk about STANS and these people are just Youtube famous. They fight and curse each other out all day over some Youtube videos. Like, seriously, it will never change.

        • I dont blame Bey…but it definitely effects the fandom, especially when you cant comment about anything that concerns them without being accused of shade, at least Bey can speak out on the cult-like foolishness of her fans….but you’re right, it has nothing to do with her

          • NO MAM…

            Thank you for acknowledging it has nothing to do with her…Some people have down right hate for artists because of what another person Bey has 0 knowledge of says to you on a website. Folks act like Bey is on Gossip blogs cosigning what people say, and she NEVER even reads the comments. They do that to ALL ARTIST…even Rihana gets flack for what her fans do. At the end of the day like you said THESE ARTISTS DONT KNOW THESE SUPERFANS EXISTS UNLESS ITS AT A CONCERT. She can speak out…But what will it do, and also who would alienate your fan base…they arent killing anyone (i hope not) They are overzealous and curse people out, which is uncalled for. But at the end of the day, they are FANS and I dont think any artist is going to speak out against their fans. I know we hate it but come on.

      • minerva

        help me to understand: you don’t care for beyonce because of what her “stans”
        have to say?!?
        I hope you’re aware that you sound like a grade/high schooler; beyonce can no more control what others think or speak–good or bad–than the ones that trash her– and
        Lord knows some of you take it there!!
        beyonce said it herself: she doesn’t read comments because you’d get your feelings

  • Cocolicious

    They do know, it’s the reason they are spewing hate in the first place. Someone broke their sprite and, now, misery wants company.

    • Sepulveda

      They broke they sprite….cant they just go get another one. I dont think you have to live in misery over a broken bottle of sprite.

      • Cocolicious

        The edit button is your friend.