‘Showing Respect Is To Not Play Around With It At All:’ Kevin Hart Talks Making Gay Jokes With ‘EBONY’

March 5, 2013  |  



It seems that one of the biggest rules to being a successful comedian is sometimes knowing where to draw the line because the wrong joke has the potential to stagnate a career before it ever actually takes off. “Real Husbands of Hollywood” star, Kevin Hart seems to be well aware of this unwritten rule, which is why there are some groups that he simply will not target with his jokes. In the April 2013 issue of EBONY Magazine, the funny man got rather serious when it came to discussions of gay jokes and wasted no time expressing why he doesn’t make them “at all.”

“The repercussions for saying certain words are harsh, and careers have been shut down. I can understand how people could be affected by certain words and slurs. I get it. My way of showing respect is to not play around with it, not mention it, not joke with it at all. I understand how serious it is,” he revealed.

It’s great that Kevin is sensitive to the gay community and keeps them in mind when putting together his material. Some are wondering why Hart wasn’t as sensitive about two years ago when it came to the backlash he received about the negative comments he made about dark skinned women.

“#handsdown Light-skinned women usually have better credit than a dark-skinned woman…Broke as dark hoes…Lol,” read the controversial tweet.

Of course, this tweet didn’t sit well with many of his followers and fans.

“Attention all dark skinned women…. I’m a f***ing COMEDIAN, which means I tell jokes, stop being so damn sensitive,” he defended.

Later on, in an interview with Kendra G., Hart was given an opportunity to clean up his comments. An opportunity that he actually refused, instead, he continued to suggest that people stop being so sensitive.

“People are stupid. This is something so minute. If you are a Kevin Hart fan, you know exactly what I talk about and how I talk… Last time I checked, I’m as black as a doggone oil can. How can I be racist against what I am?  Women, y’all just go off the deep end. Y’all kill me with this whole light skin/dark skin thing… Kevin talks about everybody. Nobody is left off limits… ” he said during the interview.


What are your thoughts on this? Should there even be a comparison between gay jokes and complexion jokes?

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  • Guest

    I’m sorry but I’m confused, What’s the difference between making this joke about light vs dark which apparently people find insulting and white women’s better credit vs. black women’s credit which most people think is funny and true? Don’t get how one is funny and the other is insulting!!!

  • Dee

    Why are gays all of a sudden off limits to a damn joke? And why is everyone afraid of them? It’s like in the blink of a eye they went from trying to be accepted to know being society’s biggest bully. Total bulls@!!

    • texastea

      LIke we have said: the “gay mafia” is real.

  • kahlijr

    kevin is funny as hell, but he should by now understand that complexion jokes by a black person may not make u racist but it certainly speaks to some self hatred. this is especially true given that his girlfriend is not only light-skinned but i’m pretty sure she’s not even black. he has a dark-skinned daughter so he shoulda considered how she’d have felt if she were old enough to understand the joke. it’s not about being off limits or not, folks (the comedian included) just need to focus on being comfortable with themselves 1st before tellin jokes about other ppl.

  • CommonSenseAintSoCommon

    I don’t think people would be so up in arms if everything dark wasn’t already considered or looked upon as negative. It was a joke in poor taste, and plus it’s been done for hundreds of years already. To him it was a joke but for many dark women or dark people in general his comments are based in life. There are too many that look down on those who don’t pass the paper bag test.

  • I mean he’s right if you know his jokes and the way he talks you would know it was just a joke. I’m not super sensitive as a brown skin woman so I didn’t take it with hurt feelings but if someone else does I can understand that too…I kinda love him so he can do no wrong in my book!

  • Vic

    But the SNL skit where he’s wearing a dress , imitating a black girl actor is all kool and the gang? There have been minstrel shows with more tact than that.

    • Yeah,but mocking b/w is funny as hell.The sh*t is halarious!!

      • Vic

        It’s mocking black women and men. Making the girl more masculine with the ” who da man” repetition combined with the standard staple of a black male in a dress acting foolishly. It kills like 5 birds with one stone.

  • Drew Smith

    I gotta call BS when I see/hear BS. You can’t very well purport that no one’s safe, then — in the next funky a$$ breath — say that the LGBT community is off limits. Nah, bruh. Not. Buying. It. Now, I know that things change when you start thinking about who’s cuttin’ those checks out here in Hollywood, but if you say you’re about that comedic life, you’d better be about that comedic life — no in between. If your dark-skinned sisters, cousins (and chicks you used to mash on before you got your ducats up) are fair game, then you’d better grab a microphone and light them gays on FIRE! Pun absolutely intended. Now, THAT’S how you do comedy. Scurred self. SMH

    • kahlijr

      lol, all VERY good points and well said.

  • Erika

    I think I will read Ebony to get the real article instead of reading a small quote that someone chose to make an article out of. Then instead of celebrating him on the cover or his accomplishments, you choose to find something he tweeted 2 years ago to make an issue out of it. Really? This is your job?

    • DUH

      I think u missed the point. Y attack the site for initiating dialogue?

      • Erika

        Because I’m tired of haters. Obviously this site is filled with them judging from the negative comments about Kevin Hart, which were sparked by the negative article.

  • AngieP

    I am a darkskinned woman, and I am not offended at all. As Mr. Heart said, no one is off limits, he is a comedian, thats what he does….clown folks. Its funny how its all good, and funny until its “your turn” now it isn’t funny anymore. Please, don’t take yourselves so seriously. Lighten up (no pun intended).

    • texastea

      But what about his reluctance to make controversial or offensive jokes about gays but being ever so willing to make offensive jokes toward his own people? Where do you think that comes from? Do you think it is right, fair, or appropiate?

      • AngieP

        In my opinion the “gay” issues is such a controversial issue almost everywhere I can understand his reluctance to go there. But to say he makes offensive jokes toward his “own people”…I guest I just don’t see it that way. I watch him clown everyone. I don’t think his intent is to be malicious, rather to entertain. I mean, really….he clowns his own parents, uncles, aunts, and kids. I’m more of the midset that if what you do doesn’t work for me, I won’t give you my patronage, but I will not try to tell you how to do what you do.

    • Megbabe

      Your an Uncle Tom for that comment. He’s black and he makes horrible not to mention NOT FUNNY jokes about us, his mother his daughter and his damn self. He’s dark skinned so because he’s a man he’s all good??? Open you eyes to self hate created by the media aka comedians. This is not ok!!

      • AngieP

        I can appreciate your opinion. We just have to disagree on this one. I won’t trash you just because I see things differently.

        • texastea

          I mo have to agree with Megbabe. Not sure if I am that comfortable labeling you an Uncle Tom, or referring to you as anything other than a child of GOD, but it is peculiar that you find it excusable or justifiabe that Kevin not make offensive/controverisal jokes against gays, but permissable if he does so to his own people. This is the sad and defeatist attitude that too many blacks in the public eye seem to be embodying now. That we are somehow okay to mock laugh at joke at belittle or devalue, but other groups somehow deserve more of our and society’s respect and caution.

          • Megbabe

            I’m not saying she is an Uncle Tom, I’m saying that comment was an Uncle Tom. I understand the confused though.

      • Hazel

        It’s “You’re” not Your. At least be correct when you are being insulting.

        • Megbabe

          <3 you missed the point and focused on grammar? Really?

    • bigdede

      I’m a dark skinned woman and I wasn’t offended. I know is ex wife (who he constantly talks about still) is a dark brown skin color and so is his daughter. I’m also pretty sure his mom or sisters are dark skinned. I believe he grew up telling jokes and his family was comfortable with it so he feels comfortable telling those jokes.

      • kahlijr

        his current and somewhat long-term girlfriend isn’t tho so he looks a little suspect at the moment.

  • Jolene

    I know why I never liked him…

  • jjac401

    He is a complete jerk if he thinks that making negative jokes about dark skinned African American women is funny. He should start making jokes about the way he looks – Lawd knows there is enough comedy material for a complete show.

    • Laine

      He does make jokes about the way he looks…, in fact , he does that in all his shows. But neverthe less, his remarks about dark skinned women were horrible.. !

  • TeahMonae

    I just dont think he is funny. It’s like he’s alwyas TRYING to be funny. Not good.

    • Drew Smith

      I hear you, but his bank account — which is tied to his likability — would certainly beg to differ. *shrugs*

      • pretty1908

        OH, so because he has money he has to be funny….it rhymes so it only makes sense 0_o

        • Drew Smith

          0_o right back atcha, kiddo. You don’t get the money if you don’t get the gig. You don’t get the gig if people don’t like you. People don’t like you (in the comedy world) unless you’re funny. Ergo, the money, the gig, the likability and the comedy all have this crazy thing called a relationship. I hope your days gets better. TTYL

    • Hazel

      I agree with you. i don’t know why, but I just CANNOT seem to find the humor with this man. IMO, it always seems as though he TRYING to be funny and not naturally funny.

    • Kenedy

      I like his stand up, i hate real husbands of hollywood, but he certainly seems to be contradicting himself…He says no one is off limits when it comes to his jokes(in regards to dark skinned women), but gay people are? I need him to pick one side and stick with it

  • Tamz

    I don’t even find this tiny man funny. “Laugh at my Pain” was even worth a damn chuckle, glad I got it on bootleg. Lol

  • kierah

    He knows that there is a gay mafia in Hollywood and they will take him down for saying the wrong thing.

    If he says something about dark skinned Black women, who is really going to shut him down? He’s even more popular now than when he made those remarks. Hope he can explain to his daughter about how Daddy likes to joke about dark skinned women.

    • texastea

      You are so right! This adds to the confirmation of the allegation that I have heared made by so many on these blog sites: That there is a gay, Jewish mafia running the entertainment industry and the media. So sad that he does not flinch at insulting his own people and but draws the line at disrepecting homosexuals. He is obviously more concerned with money than with the “sensitivity” and concerns of his people. Who knows he may be gay himself. They say that Hollywood, celebrity and the limelight “turns” black men gay and seeks to effeminize them. The reward for the compromising of their semblance of masculinity is money. Really think black folks need to boycott that Real Husbands of Hollywood show now.

  • Keisha Samoht

    Whateva man, stick to stand up because you were whack as fudge as the host of SNL last week.

    • pretty1908

      i knew he would be wack, because he isn’t the satirical and cheeky funny that is needed to be on that show.

      • Keisha Samoht

        i think it was the writers couldnt write material that was suited for his comedic style…

        • Drew Smith

          Yeah, see… that’s the thing: It’s your style that needs to conform to the format of the show, not the other way around. You’re essentially talking about arguably the best pen-for-pen, comedic writing staff the world over, and they CAN’T write material for a proven comic? Keisha’s been smokin’ that KEISHA!!!

          • Keisha Samoht

            Still the fans who tuned in to see Kevin wanted to see the Kevin that they know from his standup; if not his movies. However, if he is a finely polished comedian he should have been able to adapt to the script. so it is what it is… Lastly, put the Keisha jokes on the back burner…while u trying to be witty.

            • Drew Smith

              Only every day (re: it is what it is). I didn’t see it, but I can imagine that the tongue-in-cheek, hyper-sarcastic makeup of SNL isn’t as strong a fit for his brand of comedy. I can understand folks expecting to get what they’ve been getting, though. Good talk.

  • ElleBee

    Mr. Hart…..Have several seats please.

  • Guest

    Mr. Hart …. take several seats please.