Now We’ll See If It Works: Soda Ban to Hit New York City Next Week

March 5, 2013  |  

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

On March 12th the Bloomberg administration’s new soda regulations will hit New York City. Under the first-of-its-kind soft drink prohibition meant to fight obesity, restaurants and mobile food carts can’t sell sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces and after a three-month grace period, the city will fine violators $200 per sale. This legislation, approved by the Board of Health last year, does not impact convenience and grocery stores.

Some business owners are taking to action quickly, investing in new cups and glasses to comply. Dunkin’ Donuts has started posting signs to educate customers. Others are holding out to the last minute to see if the law will be postponed or overturned based on a lawsuit filed in October by a number of groups, including the American Beverage Association, National Association of Theatre Owners of New York State, the National Restaurant Association. That has yet to be ruled upon.

Although the Department of Health sent out a sheet of frequently asked questions to 24,000 food service establishments and encouraged them to call 311 with questions. A week before the ban many are still confused about all the rules and how strictly they will be enforced.

Many restaurant owners are in disbelief. Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Josh Lebowitz said, “All of our sodas were in large glasses, it just seemed appropriate. We tend to serve everything oversized. It’s a little bit funny that it’s actually happening, I never thought this would be legislated.”

First Lady Michelle Obama has come under some criticism by those who think the government has overstepped with its efforts to combat obesity. What do you think of the coming soda ban? If you’re not in NYC, is this something that you would like to see where you live? Word is that some candidates for city council in Washington DC would like to see a similar ban there.

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  • Trisha_B

    Ok, this is banning it in restaurants but these people can easily go home & drink a whole liter of soda if they want. So this is doing nothing for obesity. I’m a small girl that has the best relationship w/ food. I eat mcdonalds, i drink soda, i love munching on junk food while watching the saturday Lifetime movie. But I don’t need the government to come in & tell me how much i’m allowed to eat just b/c others don’t know there limits. The problem w/ obesity is not so much what you eat but HOW MUCH YOU EAT! People are consuming too much. No reason for any person to get no super sized drink at any fast food restaurant. People need to learn self-control, it will stop a lot of obesity

    • toocansam

      That’s just not true re: obesity. People are drinking their calories in insane amounts. Yes, “people need to learn self-control” — but that’s pie-in-the-sky optimism. It’s a minor inconvenience that may help the problem and sure won’t hurt it.

  • kahlijr

    Why does anyone need more than 2 whole cups of soda at once anyway??? Folks need to stop all this talk about the right to be unhealthy. Let’s be real – SUGAR IS A DRUG, it just happens to be legal. I say tax and regulate the stuff just like cigarettes cuz it’s darn near as bad for u!

  • @Dee_Thinks

    Soda is not the main problem when it comes to obesity and banning it will not help. As an American, I have the right to drink soda, especially if I’m willing to pay money for it at a fast food restaurant. The government has absolutely no right to regulate soda of all things in the “democracy” we live in. There are all types of pollutants and perservatives in the food we eat that not only cause obesity, but disease. Simply regulating soda is ridiculous espcially since it is still being served and will be available in convenience stores and supermarkets. To me, this is more of a government power issue than an obesity issue.
    Is our nation turning into a communist society?
    I’m out tho…

    • Kenedy

      True true and true….but if our government was truly communist, obese people would virtually not exist, obesity is a choice and a bad choice on poorly educated people

    • SMHgurl24

      Not communist society but a police state. If big brother is so worried about our health why don’t they stop running small organic farms out of business to make way for their chemical infested vegetables and meat products. Also prevention starts at the source which are the customers. If they chose to eat and drink these things that’s on them.

    • Toocansam

      You can still drink all you want. You just have to get refills. Are we too lazy to get refills in this country if we want to get fat on drinks?