Oprah To Ask Chelsea Handler About Her ‘Thing’ For Black Men On ‘Next Chapter’

March 4, 2013  |  

Oprah has chosen a rather interesting subject for her next “Oprah’s Next Chapter” special. After a slew of popular interviews from Lance Armstrong to Cissy Houston and Beyonce, O decided to mix things up a bit by sitting down with the controversial Chelsea Handler. Most know her as a late-night talk show host on E!, others only know of her relationship with 50 Cent, and almost anyone who has seen just 5 minutes of her show certainly knows she has a thing for black males — black male rappers to be specific.

Well, Oprah appears to be peeling the top back on her hardly subtle obsession during next week’s interview, and she’ll specifically ask about 50 Cent and let Chelsea set the record straight — whatever that means. Oprah also plans to ask Chelsea about her talk show, her new boyfriend, millionare André Balazs, who, surprisingly, happens to not be black, her difficult relationship with her father, and how getting a DUI at 21 launched her stand-up career.

Can’t say this special will be one on most of our radars but maybe Oprah will call Chelsea out on the carpet the way she does her guests. What do you think? The interview airs March 10 at 9. Will you watch?

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  • ro gray

    who in the hell care about this trash,u black women just can not stand to see nearly a million white women on this earth,not just the U.S.A,the whole earth screwing black men and all along u are laying on your back screwing every piece of white male trash that come along,u get the white male trash that the white women think is garbage.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Why any man would want her is beyond me, she is not cute, rude, unfunny, and blatantly expresses that she only uses black men for sex, money, and publicity then kicks them to the curb. Yet they continue to date her. Smh…gots to do better.

  • Trisha_B

    To me, her dating/flirting black men is almost like the good girl dating the bad boy (of any race). It’s for the thrill. But knowing darn well they wouldn’t bring that person home to meet their family lol. The good girl dates these bad boys in her prime, & end up marrying a collar wearing man. That’s how i see it. I like Chelsea tho, she’s funny. But this interview seems kind of random lol

  • bigdede

    NO it doesn’t matter. As long as Black men chase after white women as if white women were the last wave cap on earth, white woman will mess around with them for fun.

  • Let’s clarify things shall we? She likes to screw black dudes but she certainly doesn’t consider them relationship material. She stays dating white billionaires. Furthermore why would this be important or relevant enough for discussion?

  • There is no mystery to why she dates black men. It has been scientifically proven, without a doubt that black men LOVE ugly white women, you know, the one white men would never touch. That stay digging in white man trash.


    • Chey

      Come on now….

    • Chuck

      I love the contradictory comments. Cheekee baby above claims Chelsea dates billionaires and you say she is white mans trash. Which is it? The bitterness is hilarious. I personally think shes ugly.

  • Prissy

    It is really funny how candid she can be with other celebrities in interviews.. but sugar coats the mess out of Beyonce. She never not once asked the phone about her surrogate , her relationships with the ex members of DC or why she is so illiterate. I swear.

    • It seemed like Beyonce started every sentence with “and.” You can tell she only has a GED. I thought the interview was wack, just further promotion of her documentary. Oprah sugar caoted B because SHE KNOWS B is a smart as a box of rocks.

    • Chey

      Oprah was kissing Beyonce’s arse! I was like….Oprah? Is that you girl?

    • Misty

      I know! I was totally disappointed in the interview. Halfway in I stopped watching and I had cleared everything off my agenda for that evening cos it’s an interview I felt I could not miss. #totally disappointed

    • Kenedy

      Oprah is not on an exempt list from the Illuminati, lets put it that way