Cities Where Men Are The Most Honest And Dishonest In Their Online Profiles

March 4, 2013  |  
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You already know a certain amount of risk goes along with online dating, but a new survey from may lower your risk just a bit. The online dating auction site just identified the cities where men and women have the most honest and dishonest dating profiles. So, even though you may have already reduced your search to a regional one, this might help you figure out whether you should keep it local or check out a new state altogether. See which cities had the most honest and dishonest men and what they lie about.

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Dishonest: Washington D.C.

Thirty-seven percent of men here lie about their career and education.

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Honest: Houston


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Dishonest: San Francisco

Thirty-five percent of men here lie about their careers and the money they earn.

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Honest: Phoenix

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Dishonest: New York

Thirty-four percent of men in the big apple lie about…well, everything!

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Honest: Boston

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Dishonest: Philadelphia

Thirty-three percent of men lie about height and money earned.

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Honest: Pittsburgh

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Dishonest: Miami

Thirty-one percent of men lie about relationship status and height.

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Honest: Chicago

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  • BMG

    Of course men in NYC lie about everything..

  • Angelitis

    Uh whoever said houston is a damn lie!!!!! It’s a bunch of rotten dirty scoundrels down here!!!!!! HEEEEEEELP!!!!!!!!

    • Kenedy

      Yesssss! Houston men are damn liars, hyping themselves up, when they are really not all that. Houston is MY number one men are damn liars list

  • Natasha T

    Woo hoo, Chicago got the honest men, love this list!

    • FAMURattler85

      ^^^ *thumbs up*

    • Babydoll 70

      Too bad most are dishonest. lol

  • Trisha_B

    The show CatFish done showed me everything! lol. Really can’t trust anybody online, b/c you can be whoever you want on the internet. If they don’t want to video chat w/ you, know it’s all a lie lol

    • Sepulveda

      Hunny even if they will video chat please believe they dont have to TELL u everything or the whole story about their double life..Some people can show you themselves in a video chat and still meet up and be a serial killer or some bum that works at popeyes. (not that there is anything wrong with working at popeyes) lol I would RATHER you live in my city or we have met when you are present in my city (and live elsewhere) if you want to talk. I like to see mannerisms and how you interact in person. Just my opinion….I have friends that have tried this and have ended up in both positive (married) and NEGATIVE situations. I would never….

      • Trisha_B

        Lol Oh I know! I’m talking about those who are in different states & can’t see that person face to face. They have to settle for video chats. & the 1st step of knowing they are a lie is b/c they don’t want to video chat, so that right there knocks off the physical lies they may tell you. Also thru video chat, you can see SOME of their mannerisms. But regardless if you met someone online or at the park, they could lie to you about the dumbest things & still be a serial killer. You just gotta be careful regardless! lol

  • Candacey Doris

    The ones who lie about their height are the dumbest yet. You’re going to meet her eventually. If you said you were 6 ft and you’re 5’4 then you may as well not have even bothered. Just like women who lie and and say they look like Halle Berry. You going to tell him you got beat with an ugly stick?

    • Chile Cheese

      OMG yes…My friend spoke with a guy for 5 months who had this dapper Twitter photo, he came to meet her lookin like Rick dam Ross….Should have known better when his Twitter photo was an EXTREME close up of his face…no body shots…lmaoooo. Ladies can be fooled as well. PLUS HE WAS CRAZY….

    • more

      lmaoooooo!!!! wow that just shows their mental state