RHOA Episode 16 Shade Recap: ‘You Can Eat That Nail Polish Off Your Nails’

March 4, 2013  |  
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Last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was pure comedy on TV and online. The one liners were literally endless, so we’re going to switch up our recap a bit this week and bring you the best shade of the night — not just from the show, but from the lady’s twitter accounts because you know they had to bring the drama online too.

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“You gone show up at midnight and really think you gone put one of these forks down your throat”

And this is where it all began. Nene invited the entire cast of RHOA to visit her in LA while she’s out there working on The New Normal, and after putting the girls up in a laid out rental house, she invited them to come to her place for a catered dinner at 9pm. What time did they show up? Midnight. And that’s when Nene had to let them know.

“You can eat that nail polish off your nails”

Yeah, the drama didn’t stop at the fork comment. Not sensing how intolerant Nene was of their tardiness, Kandi decided to ask if they could at least get a doggy bag to go. Nene said no but she did offer another alternative…and that’s fo-re-al.

In Kandi’s defense…

“Well, We Like Walter”

So not the funniest of Nene’s comments last night, but definitely a comical remark in an ironic, shade-throwing kind of way. Just to stir up trouble, Nene decided to fish for info about Kenya’s relationship with Walter, and when Kenya said they were done, Nene had the nerve to question why, knowing good and well she was the one who pulled the curtain back on that charade of a relationship to begin with.


“Your bunions are so beautiful…your forehead is so beautiful”

All the improv teacher asked these grown women to do was shout compliments at each other one by one. Kenya took it all to the left when Phaedra was in the hot seat.

“Have you seen that booty? Mine is God given, homegrown; hers is from Home Depot, the silicone injection department.”

Phaedra definitely caught on to Kenya’s childish comments during their improv class, that’s why she decided to return the favor with a little shade of her own.

 Kenya gets the last e-word…

 Why is no one recognizing me from “Deliver Us from Eva” and “Waiting to Exhale?”

Do you feel like a loser because your man runs your whole life?

Things got real suspect when the ladies were having one of those i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t woman conversations and Kandi realized everyone in the limo didn’t exactly fit into that category. The ladies were talking about the fact that they need to have their own money and can’t depend on a man to survive, then Kandi’s like woops, Porsha’s here. Instead of changing the subject though, she basically asked do you feel like a loser because you don’t earn anything you have.  As we saw on next week’s preview, it goes deeper than that, as Porsha had to ask permission to go on this girls trip to begin with.

Nene is not a fan of Prosha’s housewifery…

Somebody’s a lying liar…

Hmm who could it be?

And Nene wraps up the night…

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  • JRoc85

    I’m with NeNe!!!!!!!! She’s paying for them to stay in a rented luxury home out in LA, invites them to a catered dinner @ her home, and they arrive THREE HOURS LATE W/O CALLING????????? NeNe had every right to kick those heffas out of her home. Not to mention, Phaedra & Kandi behaved as if they had every right to be there despite disrespectfully showing up late THREE HOURS LATE. At least Cynthia & Kenya were remorseful, and as always, Porsha had “fog in her head.” “Eat the polish off your nails” was too hilarious.

  • RosieN

    This was one of the best episodes
    of the season; I think Nene does bring something to this show, and it was
    hilarious to watch her kick her friends out of her house. I was working late at
    DISH when this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired. Luckily, I had
    my DISH Hopper along with its 2,000 hours of storage space set to record it for
    me. Not only am I able to record the full season; I’m also recording the full
    seasons of my other favorite shows. There is so much room available I’ll never
    have to worry about deleting them.

  • TK

    It’s like highschool only worse. First off why would they all go on yet another trip together when they know they don’t get along? WHY? Then Nene..girl I don’t care how hollywood you think you den got, you didn’t need to be that disrespectful to your friends that flew all the way there for you. True they were dead wrong for being sooooo freaking late and that needed to be addressed but as someone else said, why plan a dinner that close to when they arrive?
    I do agree with Porsha with the respect for her marriage-whether or not her husband is controlling when you are in a marriage a certain level of respect needs to be there. It’s not about only you and what you want to all the time any longer, your life is shared with someone else so it’s a matter of consideration. Although that should ideally go both ways.
    I’m trying to figure out what the show is really about now besides drama. I have been riding with them from season one but lately it’s just seeming like they are digging too deep to uncover drama and dragging it out.

  • What The Hell Ever

    When Nene hung up on Cynthia after telling them not to come, they should’ve turned around then.

    • Taylor

      They couldn’t because of egos and RATINGS…..Just saying!

      • Keisha Samoht

        exactly, thats why i think they stil went to start drama to add to the vacay story line that would be in desperate need of like they had on every other vaction they have gone on in the entire series of the show (minus season 1, i didnt watch that 1)

      • What The Hell Ever

        You have a point!

  • more

    Sheree was the only housewife not afraid to cuss NENE SMH

    • JRoc85

      Probably because Sheree couldn’t AFFORD to do anything else, LOL!!!!!

  • Guest

    For er’one of em that give that lip about Porsha they wish they didn’t have more money than their man or that he would cater to them. Peter used up all Cynthia’s reserve cash now she has to grind at 40+ in an industry that favors youth and beauty. Phaedra’s hubby is just happy to be on the outside. I know she drives him cra zee. Candy’s wants to be married with baby. It’s around the corner but a Cordell Todd is not. NeNe just put her Greg puzzle back together and no one was checking for either one of them when they split up. Kenya is insecure, competitive, and pulls positive energy from anything good going for anybody else. You’re married, I’m Miss USA B.C. You’re an actress, I’ve been acting bit parts for 20 years.

  • Happy

    I dont see how its a surprise that Porscha is controlled. She doesnt work and relies on her husband financially. Those type of relationships typically work like that. Its almost like a parent having authority over a child since the parent has financial control.
    Furthermore, it seems Porscha loves her relationship because she loves the lifestyle. Im not in support of a woman being 100% dependent on another person (unless extreme circumstances like illness etc) but if she’s content and happy then do you honey.

    As for the one liners…priceless.

    • Ms. Kameria

      Right. There is a difference between discussing with your husband about what you and your girl friends have planned, and asking his permission…..it seemed like she had to ask his permission…..not just for the trip, but for other things as well, but we don’t really know what goes on in their household, so all we can go by is the show.

      • Nikkita Michelle

        I’ve been married for 12 years. I ask his permission to do certain things and he asks for my permission for certain things. It’s a respect thing.

        • bigdede

          Exactly! It’s a respect thing. This is how you can tell people don’t really know much about marriage. My parents did that all the time. My mother NEVER just told my dad, “I’m leaving for a few days, bye”. She asked if it would be ok. My father NEVER just told my mom, “I’m going to play ball with my friends, see ya”. No he asked would it be ok. You always want to check with your mate out of respect.

          • SheBe

            “This is how you can tell people don’t really know much about marriage.” <<<<Truthalldamndaydotorg!!!!!! THANK YOU TO EVERY WORD THAT YOU JUST SAID! I was trying to say this in my post but I couldn't word it right at the moment.

            • SheBe

              MN get this site together! Look at my post! I was trying to say that I agree with bigdede.

  • hollyw

    Last night’s responses to Nene were hilaaarious! Kandi was so hungry, and Phaedra was just stoopid; “Well thanks for not letting us in :)”; “We’ll greatly enjoy this antipasta on our travels to a faraway destination…” DEAD!

    I feel both sides were basically in the wrong. Nene did pull out the stops for the accommodations, but her expectations weren’t all that considerate or realistic, not taking into consideration everyone’s lengthy traveling and putting a dinner so close to their flight landing. Plus, I don’t care how late my friends are, I would never in life keep them out of an actual event…that was meant for them…after they’d traveled there for her…when her other friends were still eating inside. It must’ve been her New Normal cast she was trying to show off in front of… o.O I would’ve let ’em have it, then had them join the party. But that’s Nene!

  • SheBe

    I said the exact same thing! The one liners would go down in history. My favorite was from Porsha; “Your belly button is invisible!”. I DIED!!!! And why did Khandi have to sound all salve-ish. “It showl would be nice to get a plate to go.” “It would be nice if we could get a glass of wadduh (water).” I was like come on Khandi. After last night I realized that Porsha may need to be the one to have the workout video. I think her body looks the best.

    • hollyw

      YES! Kandi was sounding so pathetic, she actually tried to go in the house anyway for the food! Smh for both her and Phaedra, hunger will do that to you, I guess…don’t be late next time!

    • Sunny

      RE: Porsha: I was thinking the same thing. We all know she isn’t the most articulate of the bunch, and I don’t think she meant to imply that she had to ask for permission, but obviously the trip was something she talked with her husband about. What married person would just fly off to the other side of the country without discussing it with his/her spouse? I’m sure Phaedra, Cynthia, and even Kandi had the same discussion with their men.

      • realadulttalk

        Have you watched her and Cordell’s interactions?? She had to ask…he is very much in control of her life. It’s pretty evident from their brief clips. And while yes, it is appropriate to have a discussion and make sure your spouse doesn’t mind–but that should go both ways. I suspect it doesn’t in their relationship.

        • Nikkita Michelle

          He does come off controlling, but it could be the age difference. When you start dealing with dudes almost 10 years older than you they automatically expect you to know less and a lot of times will tell you what you need to do. Cordell has got that bad. Let her grow up and quit acting like her daddy.

          • bigdede

            I co-sign this! When the guy is older than you they do automatically expect you to know less and will tell you what you need to do. I love reading this because when I try to explain this to my friends, they did I’m just making excuses not to be with the guy.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t believe it’s control. He wanted a stay at home wife and she wanted to be a stay at home wife. She knew what she was getting into. Telling her that she needs to handle certain situations with Kenya or Cynthia may not be control. It just could be that I’m tired of hearing your a$$ talk about it so handle it or shut-up. We never know what’s been cut and what’s been edited for appearances.

          • SheBe


          • realadulttalk

            So in order to be a stay at home wife you need to be under your husbands watch??? Yeah–that’s control. And we can all see that this girl is dumber than dirt–do you really think she knows what’s going on? Uh uh You can edit something to heck and back–the manner in which he speaks to her, the way in which he looks at her…those are not gonna change in the edit.

      • Nikkita Michelle

        Phaedra runs poor Apollo so I don’t see her asking him anything. More so, “you know I’m going to L.A. with the girls. Take care of the baby and I’ll see ya’ll on Tuesday.” LOL!

        • so true, I feel bad for Apollo sometimes.

    • Keisha Samoht

      Cynthia is a mess she is lower than Porsha with her ditzy comments. The thing i dont like about her is that she acts more like spoon than Nene does. She stirs up the drama gumbo but act like she had no intention of doing that… bish please take a few seats in the quiet corner… I’ll give it to Nene when she stirs thangs up she admits it.

  • ElleBee

    Old nene???? this is more like Brand New Nene, yes i felt the ladies were disrespectful in showing up three hours late, and Nene did hire people to cater I would be pissed all the way off too!! I do think she went to far in having them out there in the driveway telling them off. She felt like they embarrassed her in showing up so late, but she really just added to that embarrassment acting like a mess out there. Dont get me wrong in like nene, but NeNe is definitely letting this Hollywood thing get to her head…..I mean do people even watch “the New Normal” When it gets cancelled what then?? NeNe will be right back in atlanta getting her checks from the realhousewives

    • Chile Cheese

      Hunny I tried watching that on my ON Demand the other day and was like o_O…It makes absolutely NO sense…I dont know who is giving that show ratings…they jump from one story line to the next, it was a dry humor show. Nene though im happy she got a part adds nothing but one liners for comedy…I didnt get it at ALL.

    • Keisha Samoht

      Im sure she’ll be making tons of paid appearances as guest judges or various talent/reality shows… who knows what VH1, MTV, BET has waiting in the wings to drop in need of a person like Nene to give her 2cents on as a judge… Or she may end up with a talk show (i hope not)… she gone ride it out until the paint starts to peel…

  • realadulttalk

    I’m sorry, but Nene was right. Who shows up to a dinner party 3 hours late??? Dinner is over by that point…and if you couldn’t make the dinner…please don’t attend the party. Last night I highly disliked Kandi for not seeming to know how wrong they were. And Portia–that poor child doesn’t realize she’s controlled (maybe that’s for the best–once she realizes it’s over)–but the other ladies sure do love pointing it out to her.

    • ElleBee

      I agree, that they should have not attended the party. i did read that Nene left them at 8:30pm the dinner party started at nine, and she knew they were waiting for phaedra to arrive. But nonetheless I agree just dont show up at all, NeNe wouldve been just as pissed at that….. On another note It seems likes Portia likes to be controlled.

      • Nikkita Michelle

        Nene said several times, why didn’t you call me and give me updates of where ya’ll were or tell me that you’re going to be super late. She said they were the guests of honor and they embarassed her. I also didn’t appreciate Kandi saying it’s okay for them to be late because they’re always late (3 hours)….why did you come?

      • bigdede

        Porscha may have come from a household where the mother stayed home and the father worked. She may want that type of relationship also. There is nothing wrong with that. Husband is head of the house and the woman is submissive. Porscha may want that and it seems like she does. When I was a child, this is the kind of relationship most women wanted now it’s called controlling. It’s not like Porscha is contributing to the relationship financially.

    • Taylor

      I commend Nene for not entertaining classless behavior. I could understand if they showed up one hour late, but three hours. As for Kandi, I saw a great deal of ghetto in her attitude. Typical of what ghetto behavior is like.