Why Don’t You Love Me? Alleged Michael Jordan Baby Mama Files Suit On Behalf Of Son!

March 3, 2013  |  


You know, I’d been hearing about this for months but never thought it’d take flight (get it: Jordan, flight…? I thought it was funny).  Clearly, I was wrong.

Pamela Smith, who allegedly has a son with living NBA legend Michael Jordan, has filed a paternity suit against him.  However, she claims she never wanted to do it; instead, her son Grant Reynolds (aka “Taj”) insisted she file the suit so Jordan would acknowledge him.

According to TMZ, Smith claims that she got pregnant by Jordan back in 1995 when he was still, obviously, married to Juanita Jordan. She says that she’s actually always had a good relationship with him and in ways, he’s provided for she and Taj. Smith said she has no reason to call Jordan out at all – primarily because she never needed his money to survive – but Taj begged her to file the paternity suit and for child support.

Smith claims that over the years, they’ve received money and gifts from Jordan but Taj always had to keep it a secret that his father was the famous basketball player. But now, he wants to be acknowledged as part of the family too.  She claims that Taj wants Jordan to be a bigger part of his life.

Now, I don’t know many children who beg their parents to file paternity and child support suits against the absentee parent; however, even if Taj did, this is such a messy situation. The children are almost always the ones caught in the middle when it comes to parents who have choices that were in the best interest of themselves.

So far, there’s been absolutely no word from Michael Jordan or his reps about this.

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  • MLS2698

    HallelujahRRR! * in my Madea voice *

  • kierah

    Update: MJ says that this boy’s paternity has already been established in a prior court case and he is NOT the father. He is countersuing her for making false claims.
    Grab the popcorn and a chair, folks. The hearing is next week.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    This child is 18 years old. With celeb children becoming celebrities in their own right piggy backing off their parents’ name, why would he NOT want to be acknowledged? With side chicks and ex-girlfriends getting their own shows why wouldn’t she want to file a lawsuit? Watch who you breed with ya’ll.

  • Keep your legs closed to married men.

  • Kam

    A lawsuit won’t make this man take a bigger role in this child’s life. A court can mandate child support, but they can’t mandate a relationship. So in the end, if it is determined that this 16 year old is Michael Jordan’s biological child him and his mama might get a check but he may be no closer to a public relationship with is father than he was before. His mama should have explained all this to him before he “pressured” her into filing the suit. For his best interests she should have told him it wasn’t gonna happen.

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  • Rosemary Davis

    This Woman obviously need money why wait sixteen yrs to file a paternity suit my children could not make me do anything I don’t want too do so that is bull crap
    he probably paid her hush money thru the years and probably stopped so now she want all too know about her Illigitimate son he does not have too acknowledge him in anyway there is no law that says he does

  • Sharon

    The lesson learn from this is Michael is another one that probably refuses to learn. I know that Michael was very good in playing basketball, made millions of his shoe and apparel deal with nike and haines underwear and more than likely he probably thinks he is golden and untouchable and immune. He should not have cheated on his wife at the Juanita. He could have kept the rest of his money in his pocket. It is kind of strange for her to listen to her son and decided to file for child support and for the child want to be acknowledge as MJ’s son. He may be trying to start a rap career and decide to ride on his name to be famous. Some cases it may work and it may not work if he doesn’t have talent. A DNA should have been done at the birth of the child. The mother claims that she doesn’t need the money but wants him to pay for his medical expenses and child support in addition to my understanding. They really need to make it manditory the minute that child comes into the world, they should automatically performed a DNA test on them as part of the normal birth process. It will minimize some of the foolishness, stress, game playing and child support payments that guys has to pay when the mother decide years down the line to file child support or when the guy finds out later if the child is not his and he is paying support. Men if you are married or involved, you need to sit down somewhere it will save you headaches. If Michael thinks he has challenges now, when he marry his present fianacee’ and it does not work out, and a child or children is involved, he will be paying out of his behind with or without a prenup. Wait…………………………………….oh he will be smiling as he cuts the checks she is “cuban” not black. It will not be a problem for him, he would not even dispute that. She will have it made. He is not going to miss it. But you never can tell.

    • Kahekili

      It’s strange for a parent to listen to their child?

      • kierah

        It is strange for a parent to listen to their child when a matter has already been settled. For 16 years, this parent chose single parenthood for a reason. You don’t find it odd that she is raising the issue NOW?! You tell him, “He and I had an arrangement. I’m sorry.”

  • FromUR2UB

    It’s always sad for the children of these relationships. They’re the ones who get cheated. But, the reality is, men often don’t establish relationships with the children of jump-off pregnancies. That’s just the way it is, has always been, and isn’t likely to change soon. Women really need to consider what their children will feel some day, when they bring them into the world under those circumstances.

  • SheBe

    This child wants to be acknowledged by the NBA legend publicly even though he has received gifts and whatnot huh? Yeah ok. His new fiancée must be putting the breaks on these “gifts” to outsiders & this woman wants them to continue. If you don’t want to file suit then you don’t. Even if this child wants public acknowledgment it’s all too possible that its for the wrong reasons (e.g. Michael Jordan is my dad, I want the perks of a certain lifestyle, etc.). Born in ’95 or ’96 puts him at an age where he knows better.


    “Outside” kids need love too….these men….

    • Nikkita Michelle

      He’s no longer married to Juanita, so there’s no reason for him not to have a relationship with this child. Unless he blames the relationship with this child’s mother with breaking up his marriage? Either way that was the decision MJ made and shouldn’t take his sorry actions out on that child.

  • purplerain

    Jordan doesnt have to publicly acknowledge him even if he is the father. He can also disown him so he doesnt have access to the furtune and if the family doesnt want to have anything to do with him then there is nothing the kid or the courts can do. other than some money i don’t see what else the kid is going to get oterh than a cold shoulder now. See ladies this is the effect of what happens when you have a kid with a married man the kid really does suffer. and men this is what happens when you have a kid outside the marrige the never ending drama.

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    My confusion: it seems that MJ has already acknowledged that Grant is his son. If he hadn’t, I would think that this woman wouldn’t have gotten gifts and other support from MJ for Grant over the years (I could be wrong). Since it already seems that MJ has acknowledged his child, what other acknowledgement is this child looking for (wants to spend time with siblings, publicly acknowledged?) Furthermore, why wasn’t the paternity suit filed sooner? What then happens if Grant is actually not his kid?

    Crazy stuff.

    • Ms_Mara

      He wants PUBLIC acknowledgement.

  • Nikki

    She should have said, “no”. If she didn’t want to do it, she should have been the PARENT and decided not to do it. Her son just wants the attention that comes with being Jordan’s son. I bet if is dad was a crack head, he wouldn’t want to be acknowledged.

    • Kelsey

      I agree with you. He is setting himself up for rejections Nd public humiliation. Most ppl that know MJ knows he can be a jerk. As long as the child was taken care of he should jut accept the fact that if this man wanted to be in his life that he would have been. As a parent he should have tried a little harder to get that through to her son.

      • Kelsey

        *and & she*

      • Kahekili

        Really? A child whose father has three other children who are well taken care of should accept that her/his parent doesn’t want to be in her/his life?

        • kierah

          His mom made that decision for him 16 years ago and until now, she has been quite happy with that choice. If Jordan has been providing for them in a satisfactory way to the mother, there is no reason to change. Years ago, mom should have raised a stink to make this man a part of her son’s life. She chose the back burner for herself and her child.

        • hollyw

          Yes! I’m sorry, but when it’s pretty clear that a man wants no part in his child’s life, it causes much more damage for the mom OR the kid chasing him around. That never works! Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or a parental one, you can’t force someone to love you or even acknowledge you. She should have either done this at his birth, or denied her son this suit, this is just messy. Maybe the kid deserves child support if Mike is really his dad, but he shouldn’t expect more than that, and his mother shouldn’t have set him up. IMO

    • MLS2698

      She should have told him his father was Minute Bol.

  • Reese

    MJ has had so many paternity suits filed against him it’s not even funny.

    • MLS2698

      Well, if this woman is supposed to be a sexologist/ expert in oral sex, how could she have gotten pregnant!? Something went wrong, or right.