15 Musicians That Would Make The Best Taylor Swift Revenge Songs We-E Ever Ever Ever Heard!

March 1, 2013  |  
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Despite her innocent looks and child-like performances, Taylor Swift seems like the girlfriend from hell. When it’s over, she writes songs about her exes, picks on them and drags their names through the dirt. Here is a list of 15 famous musicians that would give Taylor a taste of her own medicine if they ever dated.

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DMX is always yelling and he’s  a pretty emotional guy . If Taylor ever did something to him it would be revealed on a VH1 reality show before she had a chance to write her first line.

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Diddy is a brand and he’s a bragger. Taylor would have a hard time keeping Mr. Combs’ mouth shut if anything ever went down between them. And considering French Montana has a penchant for bringing the ratchet out of Diddy, we have a feeling any line he dropped about her would have her crying quicker than Kanye did.

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Justin Timberlake

Did you see how Justin did Britney in the  “Cry Me A River” video? JT would have no problem in telling the world how ratchet Taylor was to him.



Jay wrote a tell-all song about his long time girl, Queen Bey so he would have no problem writing a jam about Taylor and how immature she is — not that this would ever happen


Sinead O’Connor

This would never happen either. Never ever ever. But, if this were to come true though, the ending of this relationship would be war. Sinead didn’t have love for the Pope so what would make Taylor Swift special?

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Lil’ Wayne

This little guy is known for his blunt choice of words and his catchy tunes. Could you imagine the mixtapes that would be made  about Miss Swift after the storm?



Ne-Yo writes the best songs in R&B. Though he probably wouldn’t be harsh, he would croon his way to some embarrassing revelations that Taylor would not want to hear.

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We’ve witnessed how he talked about his baby’s mother, right? Okay.




Drake likes discussing old flings in his music.  He is also a mix between hood and Canadian. Taylor wouldn’t stand the chance of coming out of this safe.


Meek Mill

Meek Mill naturally puts all his business out in the street. Do you follow him on Instagram? Taylor would be the topic of every tweegram if she ever decided to mess up. That’s truth.


 Bow Wow

Bow Weezy is in need of a career boost. Why wouldn’t he shout out the pop star? Bad publicity is still good publicity, right?

The Weekend

This one man band makes “artsy”  music but if you listen to his words, he has no problem of getting a bit ratchet. The lack of respect for Taylor would seep through his songs like syrup on a waffle.

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is discovering his inner gangster. He’s not the little Candian that he used to be. Taylor’s feelings would be all the way hurt.


Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean would simply right a song called “Taylor Swift is Poop.”  He’s that deep.

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Kanye West

We already know how Kanye  feels about Taylor . When it comes to her, he has no problem holding his tongue and he probably won’t let her finish this time.

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  • swfsdafdsa


  • Carmen

    Taylor is marketable but not extremely talented.She has lackluster singing skills and her writing skills are nothing impressive. White people love her though……

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Honest tho, she got the game down packed but this child seriously goes through more men than Kim K. These men should already know what the deal is when they date her. So I don’t know why they get offended when she makes money off their name (ahem, Im talking to you John Mayer with your racist a$$) They might as well sign on the dotted line where it says “If we shall ever break up, I am entitled to bash your name, drag it through the mud, and make millions of dollars off it.”

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    I bursted out laughing as soon as I clicked on page 1 and saw DMX. I could only imagine what his song would be like. “I cant stand that trick Taylor because she a….WHAT?! WHAT?! *barks and growls*

  • Meyaka

    Whatever,people dance to way more degrading songs than Taylor could ever write,she is childish but harmless.

  • SheBe

    I STILL don’t know why she is famous. And about that writing songs about her ex’s… In my opinion it makes her look bad, not the guy. It was cute at first but she’s grown now. Find a different niche sweetie and give up that cat eye liner please.

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Yes! She has been rocking the same look since she first came out. Girl not even country no more

    • Janelle

      She’s sold a ton of albums, everybody can’t be wrong. She has 4 albums all number one, so unless u have listened to all four of her albums and ur into that specific genre what’s the point of saying u don’t know why she’s famous?

      • SheBe

        Number of albums sold doesn’t equate real talent. I have listened to her music beyond radio edits and I am not impressed. Anything else?