From The Mouth Of Babes: 11 Year Old Checks Dallas Politicians For Rudeness

March 1, 2013  |  


Sometimes, the best wisdom comes from children. That was the case today, when 11 year old David Williams confronted Dallas City Council members as he was there to talk to them about gun control solutions. During his address to the City Council members, David noticed that they were walking around, seemingly distracted, clearly not paying attention to him.

Instead of being discouraged by their rudeness, David simply and politely asked them,

“Do you feel it is acceptable for city council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?”

Well, his comment certainly caught everyone by surprise and even made the council start paying attention. Council  member Dwaine Caraway was impressed by David’s courage and truth and responded during the meeting.

“Let me first be apologetic to you because I do walk a lot around here but we had to keep things going at times but it is not so respectful to walk around when visitors are speaking so I will adhere to that as well.” 

David’s mother, Shatara Mathis, who took David to the meeting so he could see leadership in action, was naturally, very proud of her son. Mathis decided to homeschool David after he was being bullied in school and said she had no idea that he was planning on stepping up to the podium he could barely see over to say those words.

“I was very proud because sometimes it’s out of the mouth of a babe that you really get enlightened as an adult.”


Check out the video of David schooling the city council members and what he and his mother had to say about the incident on the next page.

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  • aprettylove

    His mom is doing a good job

  • kierah

    Every single council member should have apologized.

  • Wow

    And you Mr. Williams are definitely going to be the president one day. Intelligent you man, makes me proud. Good job mom!!!

  • Meyaka

    Sharp kid.

  • me

    I love to see a kid clap back at grown folks who are rude and disrespectful. That’s right little man. Wise beyond his years. Pow. lol

  • sammi_lu

    This made me smile.

  • Tamz

    Chin checked by a preteen, yaaaaasss!!

  • bluekissess

    You go boy

  • minerva

    send this little one to Washington– they could stand a lesson in civility!!
    hell, some of the commenters should pay attention…..

  • Yea…

    This rude, and I am sorry, but his mom does not look like she is of the human race. She is not a very attractive creature.

    • Me, myself

      you are an imbecile, and im not sorry.

    • staccee

      Jackass, are you a human or a donkey disguised as a human

    • Robyn

      Ignorance at it’s best….you’re trash!!

    • Sagittarius81

      Wow, you’re an immature waste! This little boy deserved that respect and then to nit pick on his mother because of how she looks, dude, have several seats and grow up!

    • chanela


    • IllyPhilly

      Why does her looks matter? She raising a respectable man-child. That is the issue at hand. You probably have a face that belongs on the radio. You see how immature and possibly accurate that was?

    • York

      This is why reading is fundamental. Poor thing missed the message because he/she can only look at the pictures.

  • L-Boogie

    I am so proud of him. With his handsome little self.

  • Candacey Doris

    This reflects a very real problem. When meetings where politicians are supposed to be listening come around the politicians are obviously not even paying attention. If they’re not up for election then they’re not pretending to listen. I went to one meeting and noticed the mayor texting through the questions and another just talking to another.

  • JaneJane

    I am trying to send this to myself so I can show my middle schoolers! #videoworthspreading

  • SheBe

    I see why he is bullied. He is sharp, observant, intelligent. mannerable, confident, and just plain smart. Kids and parents alike find that to be a problem these days… You go boooooy!

    • IllyPhilly

      YES!!! You are so right about the parents finding intelligent children as a problem nowadays. I’ve seen my share.

      • SheBe

        I have just been introduced to this phenomenon of parents being ridiculous. Now I see where these kids get it from.

  • Sagittarius81

    I don’t blame the kid, this kid wanted to tale about a serious issue going on in our kids’ schools and these crooks, I mean, politicians ain’t paying him no mind just because he’s a kid.