Are Oscar Pistorius And OJ Simpson One In The Same?

February 27, 2013  |  

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From The Grio

It was inevitable that parallels would be drawn between the ongoing Oscar Pistorius drama and the O.J. Simpson trial, which hogged headlines the world over in the mid-1990s.

But there is one fundamental differences between the two cases that is, in my opinion, even more significant than the admittedly numerous similarities.

Yes, O.J. Simpson, a legendary all-American footballer, was a record-breaking star athlete who acquired iconic status in his country and beyond.

And so is Pistorius, a double amputee and Olympian whose courageous triumph over tragedy and unique achievements as a disabled sprinter have earned him acclaim internationally as well as in his native South Africa.

Yes, O.J. Simpson had a penchant for va-va-voom blondes. And so does Pistorius. Yes, both men went from hero to zero in eyes of legions of former fans when they were accused of slaughtering, in cold blood, women who played key roles in their lives – Nicole Brown, the mother of his children in Simpson’s case, Reeva Steenkamp, a current girlfriend in Pistorius’s.

Yes, both dramas sent shockwaves across the globe and were closely monitored by millions (more than half of America’s population watched the Simpson verdict on TV; and I don’t know anyone who has not taken a keen and almost ghoulish interest in the blow-by-blow details of Pistorius’s travails).

Yes, when Simpson was acquitted of killing Brown despite the existence of hard evidence that he was an unrepentant and brutal wife-beater, many people angrily expressed the view that he had received special treatment because of his celebrity status.

Ditto Pistorius when he made bail last week, even though he had the money, means and motive to flee if released, and despite widespread skepticism about his claim that he shot Steenkamp by accident, assuming she had been a burglar.


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  • me

    I must admit I have been surprised by how easy the press is going on this guy. It just shows how selective they are. White folks are still chasing Chris Brown with torches … but with this guy they seem to be digging as hard as they can to find SOME excuse why he shot his chick through a door. SMH.

  • Reese

    The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that the justice system in South Africa is set up different than others. A judge decides the verdict instead of a jury. But I definitely thought about OJ Simpson.

  • FromUR2UB

    I was very much reminded of the OJ case by this one, because like OJ, I didn’t get a sense of genuine grief for the dead woman in Pistorius.

  • They’re not the same because OJ was found Not Guilty and says he didn’t do it. Bladerunner admits to doing it but offers a reason.

    • Kenedy

      Exactly! Oscar isn’t denying that he shot the girl…the burglary story is so weird though…like i don’t understand why anyone would shoot at anyone through a closed door, when they are not sure who is behind closes doors. To all those American gun rights supporters, this is a good example of a considerably normal person who legally owns a gun doing stupid ish….it does happen…something to think about