From Snorting Baby Powder To Eating Deodorant: The Black Women Of “My Strange Addiction”

February 27, 2013 ‐ By
Source: TLC

Source: TLC

If you’ve never seen TLC’s “My Strange Addiction,” then you’ve been missing out. We all have our vices and obsessions but these people, mostly women, take their behaviors to a level that is more about psychology than it is about their strange behavior. While the show profiles individuals from various backgrounds, we’ve noticed that there have been quite a few black women who’ve appeared throughout the show’s four seasons. Check out some of their outrageous addictions.

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  • Ifuaskme2

    And they say alcohol is bad. Pour me another rum and coke. I’m NORMAL

  • Cindie

    So sad and so sick….as for the young lady who eats playground sand……cats use sand as their litterboxes……EWWW…….UGH…….All these women need professional help, though…not judgement and condemnation. I hope that by airing their “strange addictions” to the world, they get the help they need, and are not merely relegated to being “sideshow attractions.”

  • me

    OH I saw the cushion episode. Sheesh. This and that show about the strange phobias are SO … strange. As odd as they are I must admit they are fascinating. One woman on the phobia show was afraid of her own damn tattoos … I was like WTH?

  • nolimit_soldier

    Eating deodorant? What the heck??! Deodorant is kind of hard getting off your hands and skin I can imagine what its doing to her body

  • $tunner

    the bleach girl needs to lay off them pies ASAP

    • Yea because bleaching her skin is the least of her worries -_-

  • vanessa

    OMG so sad and crazy and disturbing wow!

  • dddooonnnttt

    Oh lord no! Not that first picture with those white hands. Im CTFU!

  • yes It is getting just boring now seeing another black girl/woman eating weird stuff

    • SheBe

      Yea, girl I know what you mean. If I see another white person go on a killing spree and eat/have sex with their victims bodies again I will scream! *eye roll* SMH

    • truthrevield.

      Amber, you are one VILE human being. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you criticise someone else. The more I read your past comments, the uglier you get. Absolutely hideous!

  • Trisha_B

    I didnt click thru the list, but I saw the episode of the girl who ate her dead husbands ashes smh. That was wayyyyyyyyy over the top & the one who bathed in bleach smh

  • MLS2698

    And I thought my struggle with fowl language was bad. Well, it is, but…….

  • Shaybaby

    I love this show! This show is pure comedy!

  • shame on you

    I have seen all of those…there sad and unhealth but they are things that they do to make them feel good and safe…get help before it’s to late

  • Cee

    Natural selection is on pause for real.

  • Candacey Doris

    These women don’t need to be on television, they need to be in a therapist’s office. Please help them get help. Some of these women could end up getting killed for their addiction (those butt injections especially!).

    • shame on you

      TRUE THAT…

  • HoneyDipp

    These are all pretty bad, but for some reason the nails disgust me the most. Makes me cringe…. Ughhhh!

    • @br225finest

      cigarette ashes. EWWWWW, pure nonsense.

  • sabrina

    I mean…I used to lick [Avon] deodorant and taste lotion…when I was little. But I grew out of that! Lord help these folks.

  • kierah

    As if we don’t have enough genetic predispositions weighing us down, these folks have to willfully poison themselves. Eating sand – do you know how many stray cats, dogs, and birds have peed all over that?! Straight nastiness!

    • shame on you

      YUCK…..something happend in there childhood come’s out in there adult life and that’s there safe place it’s make’s it go away….

  • DeepThinker

    Some probably have pica which is caused by a mineral deficiency or mental health issues or both. I hope they get proper clinical help and are not just being exploited.

    • L-Boogie

      I was just about to say that. Yet scientist have yet to figure out what causes this ailment.

      • @br225finest

        Low iron, they shld take iron pills… DAILY…. IMMEDIATELY

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      I had pica syndrome. I used to crave emery boards and they had to be a certain brand (Revlon) and crushed ice. Thankfully, I put an end to it before it destroyed my teeth. Drinking coffee for some reason helped to ease that craving until I found out it was a Iron deficiency and now I take vitamins. No more pica

      • dgrrl

        I too have/had pica syndrome, I used to eat Johnson’s Baby Powder for years-about 5. It started after my son was born, the smell of it…I couldn’t help it! I wish I would have stopped before it ruined my teeth, I think if I knew I would have “meth mouth” I would have stopped earlier lol.

        I hate to admit it but I also craved comet-the scrub cleaner-because again, the smell was soo enticing but I knew I couldn’t eat that without dying lol! I’ve never watched the show but I completely understand the addiction. As a kid, I remember seeing my grandmother eat starch out “the blue box” and thinking that is the most gross thing ever lol.

        • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

          Omg my aunt did almost the exact same thing when I was little except she ate baking powder/soda out of a can with a spoon. Come to think of it my cousin also ate paper when she was little. Must run in the family….