From Snorting Baby Powder To Eating Deodorant: The Black Women Of “My Strange Addiction”

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Source: TLC

If you’ve never seen TLC’s “My Strange Addiction,” then you’ve been missing out. We all have our vices and obsessions but these people, mostly women, take their behaviors to a level that is more about psychology than it is about their strange behavior. While the show profiles individuals from various backgrounds, we’ve noticed that there have been quite a few black women who’ve appeared throughout the show’s four seasons. Check out some of their outrageous addictions.

Source: TLC

Nothing like that new baby smell

Personally, I used to love the smell of new toys. I guess the toy companies tried to emulate the smell of real babies by spraying them with baby powder and other little cherub goodness. It was certainly a pleasant smell. But Lacey took this way too far. She carried an old severed baby doll head around in her purse so she’d have easy access to it throughout the day. She even admitted that when she and her fiance are having sex, she reaches behind her pillow and grabs the doll head and smells it in the middle of the activity. She says it makes the sex better. Needless to say it presented a bit of an issue with her fiance.

Source: TLC

Dem A Bleach

If you thought colorism was a thing of the past, think again. Women who desire a lighter skin tone are still around and we saw that with 19 year old Candice. In her younger years she went to a predominately white high school where she noticed that the children with darker skin were made fun of. So she started bleaching her skin. It had gotten so bad that she would be applying skin lightening creams four times a day and shielding her skin from the sun when she’d leave the house.

Source: TLC

The Black Rapunzel

Asha, this 47 year old woman has grown her dreadlocks to an astonishing 21 feet long. And while this is certainly one of the milder addictions on this list, Asha still suffers health risks, like back, neck and shoulder pain from supporting all this weight on her head. When wet, her hair weighs more than 250 pounds.  Then there are the financial costs. She used 24 bottles of shampoo a month. Asha is so attached to her hair, she buckles it up in a seat belt when she drives and has nicknamed the collection of her locks “cobra.”

Source: TLC

Eating Deodorant

Have you ever accidentally gotten just a bit of deodorant on your finger and then later put that same finger in your mouth? If that’s ever happened to you, then you know that deodorant tastes terrible. And it dries your mouth out. But that hasn’t stopped 19 year old Nicole from literally eating chunks of deodorant…often. She goes through a half a stick every day.

Source: TLC

Nails Did

Apparently, Jazz never got the memo that the SWV nails have long since gone out of style. In fact, she took the obnoxiously long nail trend a step further, nearly doubling the length of the songstresses. Her nails, which she has been growing for 24 years, are 19 feet long. As you might suspect, Jazz had problems performing ordinary tasks and taking care of her personal hygiene needs. If you’re wondering how she wipes herself, she shows you how she manages in the video below.

Source: TLC

Gone But Not Forgotten

Grief and mourning will cause folks to do some pretty outrageous things. It’s not uncommon to see or hear about women and (sometimes men) trying to jump in the casket with their deceased loved ones. But 26 year old Casie never buried her husband. Instead she had him cremated; and since she hadn’t completely adjusted to his death, she carried his urn around with her everywhere. One day, she spilled some of his ashes on  her finger. She didn’t want to feel like she was throwing her husband away, so she just licked it. And that’s how her addiction began.

Source: TLC

Who wants a SANDwich?

Who doesn’t love the crunch of a good potato chip?! Hearing and feeling the crunch can be just as good as the taste. But chips just won’t cut it for Brea. The 19 year old prefers to eat sand from the playground and beaches, making sure she sifts through to get rid of rocks and other debris first. She’s so addicted to it, she puts sand in the back of her mouth, between her teeth, at night so she can nosh on it before she goes to sleep. When Brea can’t get to the type of sand she wants, she substitutes chewing sand with gnawing on emery boards.

Hanging out in Grandma’s closet

Alicia has been smelling mothballs for the past 15 years. In case you were wondering, there are some extremely potent chemicals in mothballs. Chemicals that can cause all types of defects, including liver cancer and kidney failure.

Source: TLC

Got her toes done up with her fingernails matching

Like Jazz a couple of pages ago, Ayanna, 54, is addicted to growing both her finger and toenails. Also like Jazz, she considers her toenails, “her babies.” Ayanna’s addiction and toenails are affecting her health as well. Ayanna has diabetes and because of her toenails she’s not as physically active as she could be. I mean, she can’t even wear real shoes…

Source: TLC

She Got a Donk…

…but not naturally. Karmello,  is something like a black girl lost. For the past three years she’s been getting butt injections on the black market. Though she admittedly doesn’t know what’s in the substance, that hasn’t stopped her from getting 34 injections at the time of the show. Maybe Karmello hasn’t heard about the butt injection horror stories and deaths or maybe having a donkey booty is more important to her.

Source: TLC

To the windows to the wall

Nicole, who’s 26, has destroyed her home because she’s addicted to eating dry wall. She’s been doing so for the past seven years after she originally began with a piece of chalk. She switched to dry wall though because she said it tasted better. She eats dry wall wherever she can find it. At friends’ houses, her own home and even her grandmother’s home.

Source: TLC

That White

The white substance on her face and hands is not coke. It’s baby powder. Jaye’s addiction is so bad that virtually every surface of her house is covered in baby powder. Her addiction started when she accidentally inhaled powder when she was a child.


No plastic on these couches

Remember your grandmother used to protect her precious living room furniture with that plastic cover? Well, maybe that was because she didn’t want anybody to eat her cushions, like this 30 year old Floridan. Her cousin was the first person who introduced her to cushion. Since her addiction began she’s eaten over 200 pounds of cushion. At least she has enough sense to do it in private.

Source: TLC

Eating Cigarette Ashes 

It’s bad enough to smoke cigarettes, but to ingest the ashes is even worse. But Bianca wasn’t always like this. She used to eat pottery but eventually the texture wasn’t satisfying her anymore. Bianca doesn’t smoke but eats the ashes from her sister’s cigarettes.

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  • Ifuaskme2

    And they say alcohol is bad. Pour me another rum and coke. I’m NORMAL

  • Cindie

    So sad and so sick….as for the young lady who eats playground sand……cats use sand as their litterboxes……EWWW…….UGH…….All these women need professional help, though…not judgement and condemnation. I hope that by airing their “strange addictions” to the world, they get the help they need, and are not merely relegated to being “sideshow attractions.”

  • me

    OH I saw the cushion episode. Sheesh. This and that show about the strange phobias are SO … strange. As odd as they are I must admit they are fascinating. One woman on the phobia show was afraid of her own damn tattoos … I was like WTH?

  • nolimit_soldier

    Eating deodorant? What the heck??! Deodorant is kind of hard getting off your hands and skin I can imagine what its doing to her body

  • $tunner

    the bleach girl needs to lay off them pies ASAP

    • Yea because bleaching her skin is the least of her worries -_-

  • vanessa

    OMG so sad and crazy and disturbing wow!

  • dddooonnnttt

    Oh lord no! Not that first picture with those white hands. Im CTFU!

  • yes It is getting just boring now seeing another black girl/woman eating weird stuff

    • SheBe

      Yea, girl I know what you mean. If I see another white person go on a killing spree and eat/have sex with their victims bodies again I will scream! *eye roll* SMH

    • truthrevield.

      Amber, you are one VILE human being. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you criticise someone else. The more I read your past comments, the uglier you get. Absolutely hideous!

  • Trisha_B

    I didnt click thru the list, but I saw the episode of the girl who ate her dead husbands ashes smh. That was wayyyyyyyyy over the top & the one who bathed in bleach smh

  • MLS2698

    And I thought my struggle with fowl language was bad. Well, it is, but…….

  • Shaybaby

    I love this show! This show is pure comedy!

  • shame on you

    I have seen all of those…there sad and unhealth but they are things that they do to make them feel good and safe…get help before it’s to late

  • Cee

    Natural selection is on pause for real.

  • Candacey Doris

    These women don’t need to be on television, they need to be in a therapist’s office. Please help them get help. Some of these women could end up getting killed for their addiction (those butt injections especially!).

    • shame on you

      TRUE THAT…

  • HoneyDipp

    These are all pretty bad, but for some reason the nails disgust me the most. Makes me cringe…. Ughhhh!

    • @br225finest

      cigarette ashes. EWWWWW, pure nonsense.

  • sabrina

    I mean…I used to lick [Avon] deodorant and taste lotion…when I was little. But I grew out of that! Lord help these folks.

  • kierah

    As if we don’t have enough genetic predispositions weighing us down, these folks have to willfully poison themselves. Eating sand – do you know how many stray cats, dogs, and birds have peed all over that?! Straight nastiness!

    • shame on you

      YUCK…..something happend in there childhood come’s out in there adult life and that’s there safe place it’s make’s it go away….

  • DeepThinker

    Some probably have pica which is caused by a mineral deficiency or mental health issues or both. I hope they get proper clinical help and are not just being exploited.

    • L-Boogie

      I was just about to say that. Yet scientist have yet to figure out what causes this ailment.

      • @br225finest

        Low iron, they shld take iron pills… DAILY…. IMMEDIATELY

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      I had pica syndrome. I used to crave emery boards and they had to be a certain brand (Revlon) and crushed ice. Thankfully, I put an end to it before it destroyed my teeth. Drinking coffee for some reason helped to ease that craving until I found out it was a Iron deficiency and now I take vitamins. No more pica

      • dgrrl

        I too have/had pica syndrome, I used to eat Johnson’s Baby Powder for years-about 5. It started after my son was born, the smell of it…I couldn’t help it! I wish I would have stopped before it ruined my teeth, I think if I knew I would have “meth mouth” I would have stopped earlier lol.

        I hate to admit it but I also craved comet-the scrub cleaner-because again, the smell was soo enticing but I knew I couldn’t eat that without dying lol! I’ve never watched the show but I completely understand the addiction. As a kid, I remember seeing my grandmother eat starch out “the blue box” and thinking that is the most gross thing ever lol.

        • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

          Omg my aunt did almost the exact same thing when I was little except she ate baking powder/soda out of a can with a spoon. Come to think of it my cousin also ate paper when she was little. Must run in the family….