Meagan Good Says Don’t Settle For Mr. Right Now, Mr. Right Will Be Worth The Wait

February 27, 2013  |  

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Deception star and newly wed Meagan Good has lived out much of her fairytale-esque love story with hubby DeVon Franklin in the public eye. She has shared it all, from expressing that God informed her that the next man to seriously enter her life would be her mate, to DeVon’s shocking proposal and even the couple’s decision to practice celibacy until they were officially husband and wife. In a recent post on her WhoSay page, the actress blogged about what she’s learned about marriage so far and why it’s important to hold out for Mr. Right, as opposed to settling for Mr. Right Now. Her post reads:

“Marriage.. It’s very interesting.. I’ve come to a lot of revelation in the last couple months… One thing amazing that I learned is: sometimes the things that we want God to do in our lives -he won’t do- until we committed to The life partner that he has for us. (I’m not saying that everyone is intended to be married or that this is a fact for everybody) But I’m saying in my case and I believe in many others- Marriage truly makes you a better person and truly improves your walk with God. I actually believe that overall marriage is intended to build your character-And as a result if you choose it -your relationship with God.

Since my marriage- blessings have overflowed in my life and peace of mind has increased in the way I never could’ve perceived.. And the things that are happening now -I realize needed to happen, and maybe ‘only’ could’ve happened correctly with positive results, with my life partner and husband. It’s true: blessings do rain down when you’re Obedient.. And when you allow the ‘right’ person to be the person that you spend your life with..

Don’t settle people for less than God’s best. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve gone through- God has a purpose for your life … Seek him in all you do and you will come to realize that you will not be disappointed .. And remember that his timing and his plan is more perfect and better than timing or plan you ever had.”

Are you digging Meagan’s advice?

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  • Brownkutie

    I’m definitely feeling her advice! So many of us as women are so quick to have a man’s baby, sleep with him, or move in with him without the commitment of marriage. We don’t have the patience to first learn what’s in his heart or his intentions toward us, only to end up with more drama or relationship issues. Then we wonder why cannot get a good man to commit to us. This website has so many articles in the love section on how to tell if the man isn’t being faithful to us, isn’t ready to commit to us, just wants us for sex etc. When we decide to wait on God and be obedient to Him as Goode says, we will then see the best He has for us!

    • You don’t need to “wait” for God. You just need to keep hold of your damn mind and stop opening the “Y” for every cute guy that hollas. Use some discernment, protect yourself, and axe his azz if he ain’t the one and you too can find a man worth marrying.

  • L-Boogie

    Happy for her.

  • dorian

    That Is deep and real…… it!

  • JaneDoe

    Aye I am so over it.. I like ppl for their craft and not their personal, personally.. Either way I will never take love advice from anyone in hollywood. But it sounds good

  • Jud Jud

    Amen Meagan !!!! I am sooo happy for you

  • sabrina

    Meagan is like my sistah from another mistah in my head haha love her!! And she looks stunning in that pic!!

  • Carmen

    She is stunning!One of the prettiest actresses around!

    • Amija James

      I love Meagen, but them brows throw me off!

      • Yes! Why Meagan why? who told her that looked cute?

      • Carmen

        Her brows aren’t that bad to me….looks better that most of these painted on/prom day brows i see on a daily basis.

    • GalaxyEmpress


  • realadulttalk

    How long has she been married??? Please don’t take advice from someone married for 15 minutes.

    • Candacey Doris

      She can give advice on not settling. Lord knows many people fool
      themselves into settling for the one they’re with because they think
      they won’t ever find Mr/Ms Right. Then you do find the right one and
      you’re stuck.

      • DeepThinker

        So true! It appears that she made a great choice! A man that respects and admires her.

      • Guest

        But how many knuckleheads did she involve herself with before finding Mr. Right? I am happy for her, but I find people who happen to finally get it right, who climb up on their soapbox to tell everyone else what they’re doing wrong, just annoying!! Each person will find their own way in time as most people do!!! Let’s see if she feels the same way in 10 years and then maybe she can give advice!!!

        • Candacey Doris

          But she didn’t settle for those knuckleheads. That’s the point of her advice. Everyone makes a few dating mistakes. I bet you did. I know i have. The point is you learn from them, figure out what it is you need and want in a life partner and don’t settle for something else. Making it work after you find that one is a whole different ballgame though.

        • mac


          In what way did she get on a soapbox?? It was a statement of encouragement to females who are going through what she went through before she found her husband.

          It never ceases to amaze me how people can misconstrue the most innocent of statements.

          • mac

            A woman has found happiness in a Godly relationship and all some of you can think to say is “let’s see how you feel 10 years from now”.

            Stereotypical miserable black women. #SorryNotSorry

            • Guest

              Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not black or miserable. Save that for the women related to you!!!!!!!!!

    • i totally agree with you, my pastor always says “women mind whom you take advice from they might say one thing and they’re living a completely different life”! Personally I feel like Meagan you’ve only been married for a bit, come back in 10-15 years and then tell us whether you settled or not!

      • Eggy

        I tend to agree with this piece of advice. But (at least on the surface) she does seem to have improved her life overall. She appears (and again, I know appearances can be deceiving) to have changed her way…and if a good man can help her become a better person, why shouldn’t she share her good news? Or is it only worth listening to when it’s bad news and gossip?

        • guess

          Man looks on the outer and God looks at the Heart. What she is saying is from the Heart, be like God and except what she is say is from the Heart.

      • very true! i am always skeptical of people who give unsolicited advice. i’ve been married 10 yrs and would be very slow to advise anyone on anything because everyday is a new experience. i wish them all the best though.

      • realadulttalk

        Thank you!!! THAT is my point. Heck, if you had asked me 2 years into my marriage I’d have had all the advice in the world. Guess what–when I got divorced, that advice was not worth a darn thing. She doesn’t know if she found Mr. Right yet…she hasn’t put enough time in.

      • Guess

        I think if you go in a marriage with such defeat in the beginning then don’t get married. Marriage is a challenge and its what you make it. Since you feel defeated in the beginning of your marriage then DEFEAT is what you’re going to get stated by someone that’s been married 20 years and Yes there are up down and huge mountains, but it takes work and respect. You go Girl Meagan. Speak in to your marriage and the enemy will try you but you are more than a CONQUER with GODS Guidance.

  • _NicoLe

    pretty1908…. why you mad?? If you don’t like the topic of discussion, be upset with the interviewer because they asked her the questions. I don’t think she is going around with her soapbox preaching without cause.

    • pretty1908

      not mad sweetie, I am voicing the consensus of a lot readers who want to know what she doing career wise. i never said she didn’t have a cause…. be blessed

      • pretty1908


        • KIR12

          This don’t settle message should have an asterisk. lol Megan found her husband before she was 30, is drop dead georgeous, well spoken, friendly with a banging body oh…… and she makes six figures. If you meet all those criteria, then yeah don’t settle until you get exactly what you want. Everyone else needs a reality check. YOU AIN’T PERFECT. So why do you think a perfect guy….. attractive, built, fun, friendly, educated, compassionet, professional with a good job, ect…. would want you?

          • DeepThinker

            No person is ever perfect no matter how wonderful they appear on the outside. They could be gorgeous and rich, but have a mountain of psychological issues. To me that would make anybody a “terrible catch” if you look beyond the superfical. I think people need to find who is “perfect” for them.

          • Eggy

            What you don’t get is that no one is asking for the perfect man. Making 6 figures doesn’t make you perfect. Being tall, being cute…none of that makes you perfect. But not having those characteristics doesn’t mean that you should settle for nonsense. If more people raised their standards, there wouldn’t be so many single parent households and so many idle adults doing nothing with their lives.

  • pretty1908

    What projects are you working on ? Will there be a season two of deception? That’s what I want to know I am actually quite sick of hearing you and your handsome husband dishing out love and spiritual advice now I understand people ask for you input but geesssh you are an actress and i use that term loose. Tell us about upcoming roles , Megan. Where is your career going ?

    • Amija James

      I know. People put too much on what actors and actresses think.

    • MRich

      She actually has a lead role in NBC’s “Deception”….

      • pretty1908

        did you read my statement ? oh