Kandi Burruss Spills The Tea On Festering Xscape Drama

February 26, 2013  |  

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Jermaine Durpri’s So So Def 20th anniversary celebration has come and gone, yet the drama surrounding it appears to linger on. A few weeks ago Bow Wow called out “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss for refusing to attend the reunion. Then, it came out that Kandi’s refusal had a lot to do with unresolved issues with certain members of her former group, Xscape. In a recent interview with Egypt Sherrod, LaTocha Scott expressed that she was unaware of the unfinished Xscape business that Kandi was referring to but urged her former group mate to put her pride aside because she was insulting the fans by refusing to reunite with the group. Now, in an interview with Big Tigger, for those who appear to have selective memory, Kandi is sharing exactly what her plight with Xscape is and why she would rather not revisit it.

“I’m just going to be honest and tell you, when it comes to my group, I don’t feel like all the members of my group, they don’t really have love for me like that. Tiny has love for me, but over the years people have told flat-out lies about me in public, dogged me, blamed me for everything that done went wrong in their life. To me, it’s just a situation where I feel like I don’t want to go back to that,” she said.

She also went on to express that one of her group members spread a foul rumor that she had some sort of sexual relationship with Jermaine Dupri’s father.

“At one point in my I felt like I would’ve been able to get past certain things, but to this day now, I have to see people try to say that I had sex with Jermaine’s father. That’s a flat out lie because one of the girls made it up. She knows she made it up. She said that just to make me look bad to people. She came back to apologize to me, but she never apologized in public. It’s not true. So people to this day still put that in blogs and say that about me and it’s not true. She purposely wanted me to look bad, for whatever reason. I don’t know why she was upset. When people do stuff to try to damage you or bring you down to the public, that’s hateful and I’m like, I don’t want to be around that. And then, just last year, some of them was still doing interviews saying that I did stupid stuff that I didn’t even do… I’m not that powerful. I cannot make people not play your record.”

Many presume that Kandi was mostly referring to LaTocha, as the majority of tension appears to exist between those two, but she never actually mentioned names. The “Prayed Up” singer also humorously pointed out that Bow Wow called her out for not attending the reunion, but never said anything about Tiny’s absence.

“I feel like he’s just focusing on me, and not saying nothing about her because he doesn’t want to get the smack down from Tip. That’s my first thought.”


Check out Kandi’s full interview with Big Tigger on the next page. What are your thoughts on Kandi’s response?

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  • What a shame. Kandi, I get that you have beef but you are only hurting yourself. People are sick of the housewife gig and nobody even knows about the album unfortunately because you have some talent. You are cutting off your nose to spite your face in this instance because your POCKETBOOK would benefit from this reunion. Honestly I give it 2 years or so of no work after RHOA…

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  • M28

    How can you have a gospel record and still wont forgive people. Seriously 20 years later and you still harboring over the past. Get over it!

    • Beejcee

      You are right Kandi needs to get over it, I hear her talk about it more than anyone else! And Kandi please, get some diction classes.

    • kierah

      Since when does forgiving mean that she has to resume a friendship or association with them? You are confusing forgiveness for foolishness.

      • Nikki

        Exactly ! I can forgive but that doesn’t mean I have to still deal with u

    • Nikki

      You can put out a gospel album with no problem but when you are done with something you can still forgive but remain at a distance !! Bible says : come out from among them and be separated …

  • Guest

    The past is better left in the past. That’s why it’s called the past and sometimes people need to be left there as well!!! Telling someone how they should feel about their past is just ridiculous!!! It is for each of us to judge if we want to drag our past into our present or future and obviously she doesn’t want to be bothered with it. Perhaps some people can’t, don’t or won’t let go of the past because they feel it was their best days, which says a lot about where your life stands today!!!

  • Keisha Samoht

    They mad cause they can’t get they songs played, and because Kandi had a proven to be very successful outside of the music industry. they need to abide by the 5 G’s: Good God Girl Get a Grip

  • kierah

    The simple fact that Kandi has to address this lets me know she needs to stay far away from these people. Why can’t they keep her name and her business out of their mouths? Maybe then she’d be able to hang. When they keep running her down (out of sheer jealousy of her success), is it any wonder she don’t feel like cheesing it up with you? This also reinforces the impression I get from RHOA that Kandi is real. If you are wrong, she won’t pretend that you’re right.

  • Ree

    Bow Wow just straight punk*zz for not calling out Tiny as well for not attending. I hear what Kandi is saying, but it was very disrespectful for them not to show up not only for the fans, but Jermaine Dupree as well. Without JD there would be no RHOA or husband TI etc. They could have showed up & did their own thing if they aint wanna be w/them. You’re like 40 something get over it!!!!! Talkn bout you don’t like drama, but you’re on RHOA BYE GIRL!!!! 😛

  • AJ389

    A shame that pure talent can have such childish undertones. I’m not a celeb or anything but have been stabbed in the back and lied on by ppl I thought were my friends. Jealousy can bring out such ugliness, stay strong Khandi. Success hurts more than efforts of revenge.

    • MonicaT

      I so agree with you people will do and say anything to hurt you out of jealousy and envy! I honestly think this is the case with Khandi. When you mature you forgive and let go and this doesn’t mean going back and keeping company with those who dislike you. Misery loves company and miserable people hate to see others HAPPY when their not! I don’t think it would have benefited Khandi to do this concert maybe JD and the other girls but not her she’s putting out music, has a successful business and is on a successful TV show. Also when they were doing these interviews and putting out these rumors on Khandi the only person who had her back was Tiny! She spoke out I don’t recall JD ever making a statement because they also said she slept with JD.

      • shalayla

        But she did sleep with JD. Kandi admitted that herself. There was a LOT of stuff that went on behind the scenes that Kandi is not forthcoming about… there are 2 (well in this case, 4) sides to every story, especially when it’s about lies, envy and jealousy.

  • guest5

    Let the Xscape issue go ALREADY! If Kandi doesn’t want to make up…then so be it! This topic is past OLD. I can understand Kandi’s hesitation and not wanting to revisit the issue or get back together b/c the topic of Xscape was long dead until one of the sisters (Latocha Scott) started
    back doing music a couple years ago and giving interview after interview about the Xscape issue. Latocha..Opportunist? I would be a little suspicious if someone talked about me like a dog and all of a sudden after all these years they want to “fix” the issue but they so happen to be back in music.

    Kandi is on RHWOA and a very successful business woman and songwriter. She now has the #1 gospel record! GOSPEL! Again i ask…Latocha…Opportunist? Maybe the sisters are genuine but even if they are doesn’t mean the group has to get back together. Everybody just needs to forgive and move on. Some people are only meant to be in your life for a season. Maybe their relationship was meant for a season and not a lifetime.

    • shalayla

      But it wasn’t LaTocha that gave that interview to Miss Jones… it was her sister Tamika. And there are two (or in this case 4) sides to a story…

  • Jay Trevy

    UGH! Whatever to Bow Wow’s little comment. If she doesn’t want to attend whatever. I wouldn’t attend either if I was her

    • me

      He needs to shut up because he wasn’t even a star when those girls hit it big. What was he like 5 then? Ugh.

      • Yvette

        Bow Wow’s star has faded badly. He needs to STFU and pay his child support!