You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lay In It: Men Who Cheated & Had To Admit It…Publicly

February 25, 2013 ‐ By Renay Alize

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You know when Chris Rock says, men are only as faithful as their options. (Maybe Chris Rock was speaking from experience since he ended up cheating on his wife.) Well, these men not only cheated they had to admit their infidelity to their wives, the nation and in some very high profile cases, (looking at you, Bill), the world.

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  • mac

    No one disputed that. MY point is you’re convicting him of a crime he wasn’t found guilty of in a court of law.

    And please save your pity for Vanessa. He gave her a few million reasons to get over her “humiliation”.

  • Tiger better watch out because she might be back for more.
    Yeah she is probably back for more money. I heard she spends a lot of dough. She actually demolished like a 10 Million dollar home in Florida to rebuild one that cost 20 Million. I also heard she bought like an Island in Sweden to build another house. I mean she only got 100 Million so you can be she wants more.

    Look at Oscar De La Hoya he cheated on his wife Millie Corretjer and even wore lingerie and did drugs and she didn’t leave him or divorce him. She didn’t take anything from him and stayed with him through thick and thin.

    Now that is true love and a great wife. Of course there are so many women that want De La Hoya’s kid that the second she left him he probably be with another woman. I mean the guy already had 3 kids before he meet her and she still married him.

    Tiger lost 100 Million dollars and Kobe Bryant had to buy his wife 5 Million dollars and who knows what else. When they were suppose to get Divorced I think she got 80 Million deposited in her bank account and some property. It looks like they are back together again but who knows for how long. She probably draining him for more cash.

  • Patricia

    You know………………I cannot feel sorry for them or anybody that makes a conscienous choice to cheat. The ones I feel sorry for is the wives who are at the brunt of this. Now, I understand that these people were great fathers, they did a lot to help the community, and other great things that he has done blah, blah, blah, that is great and wonderful but these people made the clear choice to cheat believing that they are immuned and untouchable and will never be found out. They knew what they were doing the whole time and now you do these press conferences looking for symphathy and acknowledging that they “messed up” “made a mistake” and causing pain to their families. You didn’t care about ruining you family and your spouse at that time when you made the choice to cheat. Please, I don’t have an empathy for anyone who makes the decision to ruin your family. I can see if you learn from the first time you did it, but if you continue to do, to me you are not sincere in my opinion.

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  • Guest


  • iHeartMarijuana

    Lots of politicians. Just goes to show how a person who is willing to be crooked in their professional life will also be a crooked cheat in their personal life. I don’t feel sorry for ANY of these men… but I do feel sorry for all of their wives, even the ones who stayed in the marriage. Getting cheated on hurts no matter who you are.

  • maggie

    I don’t feel sorry for any of these cheaters. And I don’t think half of them were actually embarrassed.

    • ChilltownTV


  • tracy

    Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater. When most people get caught cheating, they make promises to never cheat again. Unfortunately, such promises often ring hollow. Players get played by better players!!

  • Royaltee

    why should we feel sorry for Kobe again? He forced someone to sleep with him while he was a married man….but MN couldn’t help but feel sorry him??? Puhleez!

    • mac

      “He forced someone to sleep with him while he was a married man”

      I didn’t know he was convicted. Oh that’s right, he wasn’t.

      She was bragging to other people about having sex with Kobe and they found s*men samples of three other men on that chick’s panties. She wasn’t raped by no damn body.