‘Before You Posted That Comment, Did You Pray?’ DeVon Franklin Strikes Back At Wife’s Critics

February 25, 2013  |  

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When news broke that sultry actress, Meagan Good would be marrying God-fearing minister and movie executive, DeVon Franklin, people almost instantly began to nitpick and imply that Meagan was somehow unfit to marry the preacher because of her spicy image. DeVon recently expressed how shocked he was at the  judgmental reactions of the public and warned that they should probably work on their own relationship with God before they begin questioning hers.

“Good or bad, someone sees a public person and they don’t know you. They only know about you. Based upon what they know about you, they make a judgment on what is good for you, but they don’t know you. The whole idea of he’s a preacher and she’s this, it blew my mind how many people had an opinion when God is the only one who directs our story. So, he knows where our story is going to go,” he expressed to Touré Roberts of One Church International.

“They didn’t see how she fit or how I fit in her script, but I’m saying, ‘Wait a minute. When the last time you went before God? Before you gave me this note, before you posted that comment, did you pray?” he went on.

Meagan also expressed how she felt about people who were quick to assume that she only began to develop a relationship with God as a result of meeting DeVon.

“People think that I just got saved when I met DeVon or the year before, but I’ve been saved since I was 12. I’ve been loving the Lord since I was a little girl. The woman that God already made me—flaws and all—is the woman that DeVon fell in love with, not the woman I became after I met him.”

Both Meagan and DeVon make great points. It has to be frustrating when people you don’t even know are trying to discredit how committed you are to your faith.

What do you think of Meagan and DeVon’s response to their critics? Are Christian entertainers responsible for maintaining a wholesome image or should their walk be separate from their careers?


Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.

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  • dee

    .all people know is how she was in her movies. hello? she’s acting and getting paid to act. They are a beautiful couple and what GOD has brought together needs no explanation. I wish you both the best of luck and as far as critics go dont respond. worry when they arent talking about you because you are no longer interesting.. love yall good luck

  • Guest

    If she was one of the note passers, he probably wouldn’t be interested. He picked who he liked, end of story.

  • Kahekili

    Look how divisive you all are from discussing Christianity. SMH!

  • Tagirl

    I’ve followed Meagan’s career and I read several interviews 3-4 years ago where she talked about committing her life back to God. Meagan’s beautiful so she’s stereotyped in roles. That’s nothing new. I’ve liked most of her work. Being a Christian is not about appearances but a personal relationship with God. And just because Devon’s a minister doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have issues. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  • ME

    That judgmental tone is going to change is they end up getting left behind. #ThatisAll

  • What The Hell Ever

    Can someone enlighten me? Why are people judging/criticizing Megan? I dont feel like “googling.” I only know her from her acting roles, which were just that, acting roles. I’ve never heard anything bad about her. Thanks in advance.

    • SheBe

      Because she is attractive. She has a nice body and isn’t afraid to show it. She has been seen hanging out with her friends at clubs and other random events with a smile on her face; having fun at a young age with money in the bank. You don’t hear anything about her so she must be an undercover freak right? (*sarcasm turned all the way up*)

  • Tasha

    They were right learn your own religion 1st b4 u judge others.

  • Sagittarius81

    This is why I stayed out of the church because church folks are the most judgmental people ever! They think they’re above you when they committed sins in their lives too. They have no right to judge Meagan because how she appears on the outside, she deserves to be with a good man, like every other woman in this world. Good thing he loves his wife that much that he’ll tell off her haters. No one in this world is perfect and God is the only judge in this world.

    • Sepulveda

      But Wait sweetheart…Megan and Devon are advocates of a church life…where did they advocate staying away from the church due to judgment??? Everyone judges unfortunately (EVEN PEOPLE WHO DONT BELIEVE IN A GOD) they never said it was just Christians or church folk. Please dont take that from his statement.

  • Maggie SaintJohn

    If you don’t want the public in your panties then stop broadcasting the news from your bed. No one needed to know they were abstaining until marriage. They opened the panties drawer, so deal with it.

    • JRoc85

      So what!! They’re supposed to hide why their relationship is sacred to them. DeVon and Meagan are just saying how they want to be a good example for other couples, & THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! DeVon is a decent man,and he’s defending his wife, and THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!!!!!!

  • Cha Cha

    I don’t know why he’s surprised… religious people are some the MOST judgmental people around… They seemed to have forgotten that only God can decide if someone enters heaven or hell… Everyone sins, just because they don’t sin like you, doesn’t mean their sin is worse then yours…

    • Yvette


  • Stop telling all your business to the magazines and the media, and you won’t find yourself on the defensive when people make their comments on the information YOU just supplied. I mean what do you care what we think anyways?

  • DeVon clearly chose love over image. I commend him for that. To be honest, Meagan doesn’t “look” like the wife of a minister but how many ministers are actually happy with their wives?

    I always believed that you should marry who you love not who you should love. This is why a lot of marriages fail. People get hung up on the image of their spouses.

  • guest

    Meagan just have A LOT of women haters…that’s all. People these days are so judgmental. Some of those who claim to be saved and Christians can be some the worst judgmental people there are. SMH. Their statements are so point on. I wish them the best and many years together.

  • People Fail to see its a process with Christ, how they don’t know he make her better or made her fall in love with Christ again, we suppose be helping each other not shredding each down….sigh smh

  • Megan is a beautiful woman, however her drawn on cartoon eyebrows be killing me softly. She needs to stop that it makes her look like a Disney villain.

    • SheBe

      Dr. Fancilier (The Princess and the Frog) is who she reminds me of. She is none the less gorgeous in my opinion.

      • LMAO! you wrong for that. I was gonna say Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

  • who cares if she was saved by him, before him or after him. they are happy and dont have any public issues other than people going out of their way to attack them. who cares what her image is or what his is, they at least got married and made things legitimate which im sure most of the people who have something negative to say havent done lol

  • Nikkita Michelle

    I am the wife of a minister and my life has changed significantly out of my husband’s role. Is she still going to continue to have love scenes and extreme make out sessions on television now that she’s married? If he’s understanding of that aspect of her job he’s better than most ministers I know.

  • YeahISaidIt

    Umm, I heard Devon dropped a few women due to their past before getting with Meagan who would of course be an exception. He needs to look at his own flaws before pointing out the flaws of others. May their marriage be blessed but what goes around comes around.


      thats called DATING the last time I checked….should he have Married every woman he previously DATED…or should he have married the one HE FELL IN LOVE WITH??…I fail to understand your point in bringing up his past relationships. He didnt have to marry them…and who are you to say it was “Because of their past” unless u ARE ONE OF SAID WOMEN..bitter.com. Who someone was previously with really doesnt come into play when they find the one they want to be with. UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR MAN TO GO BACK TO HIS EX BEFORE HE MARRIES YOU…SIT.

      • YeahISaidIt

        Your argument is not that strong. Kudos for him defending his wife. Thats what husbands are supposed to do. However, if you are not feeling a chick you are dating, just say so. Don’t use her past life as an excuse, because look who he ended up marrying. He was judging those women, now the public is judging his wife.


          Do you personally know these women he previously dated???? How do you know that the mind set and the PRESENT CHARACTER of those women NOT JUST THE PAST…is what turned him off. At the end of the day a man knows what he wants. Devon never said he was perfect, and ALL men may lead a few on before he settles down and stops playing. HE HAS SAID THIS…he was like any other man. But wanting to do right by God was more important to him in the end and he saw that in Meagan and they both we not PERFECT…why are we acting like this was some PERFECT man that married and IMPERFECT woman??? no one is squeaky clean.

  • bluekissess

    Good for them. I want a God fearing man.

  • LC

    I don’t think judging is the answer, but Christians have to realize there’s still a standard of living. People throwing around the “You can’t just because you don’t know them like that” is how you get ratchet shows like Mary Mary and Sister Wives (Preacher’s Wives…Real Housewives of ….whatever)

    I agree, we will only know people by the fruits they bear off-screen. And if the paps keep snapping shots of you kicking it like everybody else in the club what are folks supposed to think? The whole “thou shall not judge” is out the window. Look up 1 Timothy 4:2 and keep it moving saints….


      You have never been to a club??…should u be deems a stripper, a ratchet and a ho just because you have been seen in a club. I want to understand why some of you deem these celebrities lives different or their sins greater than yours because they have a job on TV…help me understand that sweetheart. you quoting scriptures…but obviously left out the one that NO SIN IS GREATER THAN ANOTHER. I have never seen Meagan busin it open in the club…on a pole ETC. So where are you getting your info from? you have not personally seen any ratchet behavior from her, I have seen her out PERSONALLY and she appears to be a normal girl (just like you) enjoying a night with her friends. whats the problem?

      • Nikki

        I think some sins are worse than others. Mortal sins (breaking a commandment or intentionally sinning) are worse than venial sins (unintentional sins). However, you probably weren’t raised Catholic like I was…

  • JRoc85

    People mistake Christianity with perfection. Everyone makes mistakes, it is our responsibility (with God’s help) to learn from our mistakes so we can help others!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I admire the relationship that Meagan & DeVon have.

    • And help each other as well from our mistake…. I bet u its are suppose be perfect Christian who criticizing them…smh

      • JRoc85

        that’s what I meant when I said “so we can help others.”

    • guest

      100% Agree! Many think as a Christian…you can’t do ANYTHING…can’t have ANY fun. You go to work…be kind to everybody and go to church..that’s it. SMH. Your faith is always a growing process.

  • kay

    Truth is, Megan is human like many of us. She has made mistakes in her life, exposed herself to people who were not the healtiest for her but she has choosen to follow Gods path and purpose. We should be celbrating someone coming to know God for themslves and not criticizing her past. We as christian women know how hard it is to find a man who values us as women of God. Sometimes we stray and choose to do things our way and not Gods. She is happy found a man who is encouraging her to be better person. Regardless of what she has done seems like she is really trying to live a life that is pleasing to God. Lets stop as women (ecspecially black women) putting eachother down or judging for past choices and mistakes.Im sure iwe looked in some of yall closets we may not find it sqeaky clean……just saying.

  • Reese

    Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. I applaud DeVon for being able to look past Megan’s perceived history and see her heart and spirit and love her and cherish her for the woman she is.

  • Annette

    Honestly, some people are haters. Meagan already a pretty girl. Add to that how people love to be extra critical of christians. They need to take the plank out of their own eye.

  • Cocolicious

    Dear Devon,

    Not everyone is a Christian, nor does everyone subscribe to white-washed religion like you do.

    Have several seats you pseudo-missionary.

    • Sepulveda

      Did some of you even READ THE ARTICLE….This interview was done at a church during a church service. Blogs are just now posting the interview. He was not sending this to random blogs where any non believer would read and be offended. Most of the people, if not all who attended that interview are regulars at this CHURCH. SO have a dam seat….He is speaking religiously 1. Because he is a pastor (how do you expect him to speak) 2. THE AUDIENCE HE WAS SPEAKING TO WAS EXPECTING THAT…now you have several seats in them gasoline drawers you are wearing. Need a match.

      • Cocolicious

        Well, it was posted on a site that caters to a broader audience. Hold your mule!

  • SheBe

    At the end of the day they are husband and wife. There really wasn’t a need for him to address this. They will receive scrutiny of all kinds because they are both public figures. His response applies to all relationships too. It’s no one’s business. He will have to understand that he chose an attractive actress as his wife and negative comments from jealous, disgruntled, bitter, or overly opinionated people will come with the territory. When your a “pastor”, that microscope is on full power as well.

  • Kahekili

    “Before you gave me this note, before you posted that comment, did you pray?”

    What does one have to do with the other and why is she assuming the person has the same beliefs as she does?

    • winchells

      The interview was done at the church i attend with my pastor, Devon is also a pastor…therefore the crowd is generally there to hear a sermon and a word of God… He does not tailor his message to non believers as that is not his crowd, his job is to bring people to Christ by the word. So theres your answer….Blogs are now picking up this interview and reporting on it…they have no way of knowing that people who dont believe in God are going to click on the articles.

      • Me

        What? How do you know Kahekili or anyone else doesn’t beleive in God? I beleive in God, but that comment still makes no sense. And if I was a betting woman, I’d bet that the majority of the women talking mess about him and Megan are the ones in your congregation!

        • winchells

          what!? Obviously Kahekili was referring to Devon speaking of Prayer as if he believes everyone prays AND I WAS ADVISING HIM THAT WHEN SPEAKING TO OUR CHURCH DEVONS MESSAGE WAS TO PEOPLE THAT PRAY OR HOPEFULLY THAT PRAY…..are you actually reading the comments are just coming at what you dont agree with?? and If you were betting on that FOOLISHNESS then you would be stupid, because you dont know anyone in our congregation to know who is TALKING MESS…SO HAVE SEVERAL SEATS. WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE>>

          • Me

            Why so upset? I still have my opinion and I’d still bet money that it’s women in your congregation hating on Meagan, mad that he didn’t pick one of them. I really think you need to pray before you post.

        • SheBe

          Kahekili doesn’t believe in God. She has mentioned it before.

      • Kahekili

        Okay, but one thing.

        “They have no way of knowing that people who dont believe in God are going to click on the articles.” – They do have a way. That way is by not assuming that their readers only consist of certain people.

        • winchells

          Well sweetheart….TAKE THAT UP WITH Madame N. THEN….This interview was done WEEKS ago not even involving this site. If you dont like that MN posts articles referring to GOD then you know what to do, Send them an email (or however you contact them). I doubt they are going to stop posting articles where the subject is religion. He is a pastor, that is what he does, and apparently this is a BIG part of him and Megan’s life…If these sites are interested I dont know what else you can do. Sorry…not sorry.

          • Kahekili

            I don’t understand how you got any of that from my comment, little Miss.

            • Me

              Yeah, I think somebody needs to take their meds.

      • Mija

        So if he was talking to your church, isn’t he talking about the folks who attend the church? So those are the folks he’s telling not to judge her, right?

    • Me

      That is kind of weird. I go to church and I pray, but I don’t pray before posting comments or writing notes. LOL

      • Kahekili

        Yeah. It’s such a weird question.

      • Right! It makes no sense. A blog is basically a forum for gossip, (something Christians are not to do anyways right?) so who prays before commenting on gossip?? come on now people!!

    • sabrina

      I always watch the Live Stream from this church since I can’t physically attend this church, and I saw this interview as well. When DeVon was speaking about this, he was mostly directing it at fellow Christians who like to criticize Meagan because, for one reason or another, she doesn’t fit their “Christian mold” (which actually doesn’t really exist). So he’s basically trying to say…are these critical comments coming from what God instructed you to say, or are you saying those things because of how you personally feel? And most likely, it’s the latter.

    • Babydoll 70

      It has to do with the fact of if you pray before you speak, you have time to meditate and think over your words before you say or type them, instead of just blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. Basically, whatever religion you practice, you should think before you speak; it keeps you from putting your foot in your mouth and sounding foolish.

      • Kahekili

        Whether or not one takes the time to reflect on their thoughts has nothing to do with one practicing a religion. I don’t practice religion, but I am good at examining my thoughts before I speak, simply because it is a natural part of my personality.

  • Me

    I know Meagan Good wasn’t an angel, but I never heard about her doing anything that bad. I remember her saying she was celibate a little before she got married and talking about her relationship with the Lord.

    • YES gAWDs

      She is quite inspirational. I was there for this interview, and we were all moved. meagan is really like Most young girls dating, going out, meeting the WRONG GUYS…thats why i cant understand the hate for someone finding positivity in their life…She never has said she was a bad girl, eff all yall blah blah, she really was living a normal life, and making bad dating decisions. I would hope that we all find the man of our dreams like she did one day, and not feel like we are not worthy of it like most people on these boards act like she is not. I dont know a single woman who hasnt going thru what she has in the dating world….

    • Mia

      I’ve never heard a bad thing about her either! Lol I guess people are just hating because she’s WINNING!!! Her man is Kah-yewt!

      • Lola

        LOL, aint he fine??? And heterosexual and sucessful and seems to adore her. Yes, Lord please send me one of him and I will endure any shade folks want to throw!!

    • anon

      it’s been rumored that she was ran through, a prostitute and even ran an underground, elite, brothel.


    Did you pray for her soul and pray your marriage lasts?? Meagan has faults….and she doesnt behave like some first wife in some church….sounding pusse whipped

    • YES gAWD

      You are a fool….what is behaving like a wife in someones church? Is there a manual to read in order to know how to do that?? Megan is an actress PERIOD. she never prescribed or asked to be someones first wife in a church. She met a man who LOVED her, he didnt ask that she be a FIRST LADY in order for him to love her. HE TOOK HER FOR WHO SHE WAS/IS and didnt ask her to change. Wow. you obviously DONT know what love is, if you need to be put inside of a box or asked to change who you are in order to find love. Thats sad…Everyone goes thru things and has to change in order to see clearly. Are you a FIRST LADY IN A DAM CHURCH??? then why does Megan need to be in order to receive a good man.

      • TRUTH IS

        Count from 1 to 100 ma…you think your opinion matters most than the next person?!? Want a trophy for it? I stated my opinion, I thot I have a right to even if folks doesnt agree with it. Meagan Good the smoker and once had relations with SOULJAH BOY….I rest my case! If he makes her a better person…kudos!

        • YES gAWDs

          Another foolish statement…are all smokers going to hell??? Are all the people who dated solja boy going to hell?? Well what does that have to do with Meagan and her salvation..Ill wait. You dont know HER to know what kind of person she was and needed to be better…so try that for your opinion.

          • TRUTH IS

            Who ever talked about hell?!? Theres no hell…theres KARMA….minister wife up in the clubs?!? My mother is a devout christian (not me) and i’ve by e.g. so I know and seen what its all about!!

      • MLS2698

        I believe that manual is called the Bible.

        • NO MAM…

          and you need to read it Word for word…Cus u missed quite a few parts on here tellin somebody else on here who they NOT. Shes obviously more blessed and highly favored than you. God doesnt make mistakes, so apparently her and Devon belong together…Be happy.

  • Janee

    I don’t know about their walk being separate from their careers. I mean, look at Lecrae….
    They’re right, no one can judge per se, but “you will know them by the fruits they bear”. Any persons opinion based off of the fruits they see are totally valid.

    • yeppers

      the FRUITS??? Acting on a TV show or a movie are the FRUITS of someone??…So you are telling me that the hundreds of actors/actresses in Hollywood who play villains or dirty characters dont deserve happiness and blessed lives in REAL LIFE??? Because you dont know MEgan personally to know what her actual FRUITS are, so are you basing someones fruits off of fictional characters?? Yawl KILL ME!! Base your opinion on actually knowing someone…

      • LC

        I don’t think it’s basing it off of her fictional characters…that would be dumb. But how you see her outside of those movies (i.e. the comment above about her kicking it in the club) doesn’t exactly scream preacher’s wife – not that there needs to be some sort of cookie cutter image.

        Since the marriage we don’t see her out nearly as much, but most people’s opinions were based off of how she carried herself just days even before getting married. Sure they are our opinions, but how the public portrays her “fruits”, or lack thereof, they’re valid nonetheless.

        • yeppers

          Oh so we cant kick it in a club now if we want to marry someone who believes in GOD?? Just let me get what you are saying straight now…people who go to clubs and party are all heathens who deserve nothing good in life??? Do you people realize the EXTREME to which yall judge people….who lives without ANY faults?? Do you?? and we cant wear tights now?? Why are these people not allowed to be regular…YOU DONT GO TO CLUBS???

          • MLS2698

            Exactly what part of God involves club culture? What kind of music do they play in the average club? Seriously, excluding places where jazz is played, the lyrics of most songs in clubs are R-rated, and extremely sexually suggestive in nature. And only guilty people go around using the word ” judge ” all day long. Christians don’t go to places and do things that will temp them; and this is how you keep your ” faults ” to a minimum.

            • SheBe

              Some very good points made here.

              • MLS2698

                I don’t think Yeppers realizes the ” extremes ” of the subject matter. Just two weeks ago, someone I know, who is a minister, drove to her hometown to go to a club for her birthday. She said, ” there is a whole other world out there.” This statement proves that the person is more concerned about the ” worlds ” pleasures, rather than God. This person is struggling spiritually, but wont ” take a seat ” from her role until she gets it together. Notice I said the person drove to HER hometown? That’s because she doesn’t want to get caught by others who work the clubs on Saturday, then turn up to church on Sunday.

            • yeppers

              Girl goodbye and goodnight…..You are JUDGING your dam self by sitting up here saying you know the hearts and minds of everyone that walks into a club…..who are you AN ANGEL OF GOD..to know the hearts of ALL Christians as a whole??? You worry about your walk and how to act amongst what TEMPTS you sweetheart, you dont know me or my temptations. WE cant be in places all day long that dont tempt us. WHERE IS THAT??? I dont like clubs because its not my type of crowd, But I go to the gym, the mall, all places where there are temptations of ALL KINDS. Dont be STUPID, you cant name a place thats pure and completely free from lust and temptation. GIRL ARE U SERIOUS?????

              • MLS2698

                Guilty much? GIRL, who mentioned the gym and mall? WE, as in ME, try not to go places that will temp myself. I don’t watch certain things on TV, and I won’t go to places that stir the natural nature, seeing that I am celibate, and have been for close to seven years ( I don’t have s e x outside of marriage). But it’s best you do you, GIRL. Oh, and I never said there were NO temptations but simply, that I am mindful of such places.

              • LC

                Not judging the heart, just the fruits. We’re to reflect the image of Christ if Christ truly lives inside of you. Now ask yourself: If I’m a Christian, and the character of Christ is to flow through me, how does that look when I’m in the club shaking it to 2-Chains, Drake, etc?

                Really though?

                Forget about worldly pleasures and your feelings or people judging you. Strive to look like Christ, otherwise don’t call yourself a Christian. Why do you think the world thinks we’re all a bunch of hypocrites?

          • LC

            No, I don’t. But what’s the point of calling yourself a Christian? Everything we do is supposed to bring glory to God and exactly how can one do that if you’re up in the club listening to music that in no way glories Him and furthermore makes a mockery of Him. No sin is worse than another, but there is a standard of living (check it out in Psalm 1:1-3). Like really, can people actually tell that you’re a Christian if you’re kicking it in the club. It’s not about a set of rules, it’s about reflecting the image of Christ….

      • People fail to see its a process to get closer to Christ, they will be certain roles/character she will deny as she get closer to Christ, I’m happy for her, Go Megan

    • kierah

      Exactly! Just a year before they announced their engagement we’re seeing Meagan coming out of clubs looking faded with some sheer leggings on, pardon us if we don’t scream “Now that sista looks like a preacher’s wife!” Yes, it is an opinion based on limited information, but we all have to be very careful about our images. Ask anyone who has been denied a job because of their FB photo tags.