The Yeezy Chronicles: Kanye West Rants About The “Suit & Tie,” The Grammys & The President!

February 24, 2013  |  

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Here we go again. By now, we should know that we’re never too far away from a Kanye West “episode.”

On Saturday night, he kicked off his back-to-back shows at London’s Hammerstein Apollo. After performing the G.O.O.D Music single, “Clique,” Yeezy decided that it was time to get some things off his chest.

He first discussed how he hates business people and the corporate world because they are wiling to stifle an artist’s creativity just to make a few million dollars.  “Remind me again why we in this s**t? Since when was making music about getting rich,” he added.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

In what could be used as a double-edged sword, Kanye said:

“Remind me why we in this Isht? And I got love for Hov but I ain’t f**king with that Suit & Tie.”

As we all know, Jay-Z is featured on Justin Timberlake’s new single “Suit & Tie.” In the context of his rant, it is likely that he made the “suit and tie” comment in reference to his sudden disdain of corporations. However, Kanye is not a stupid man so he’s undoubtedly aware that this also comes across as an open “attack” of his friend’s new song.

Apparently, he also hates the foundation that has given him 21 awards: The Grammys.  Kanye told the crowd that the Grammys can “suck my d**k” and that he’s “never won a Grammy against a white person.”  Now unless he’s talking about winning an award in a non rap category (he would be right in that case), he is wrong because he’s beat both Eminem and The Beastie Boys in the past.

Oh, he’s also not over Taylor Swift beating Beyonce at the MTV Awards years ago. He still believes it is “bulls**t” and that a six year who’s working on their musical craft will be discouraged because someone like Swift (who he is saying is less talented) will always come out on top.

Finally, in response to President Obama calling him a jackass, Kanye replied, “I don’t give a f**k what none of the presidents got to say!”

At some point during the first video, he starts yelling uncontrollably, saying:

“Real [n-word] don’t live too long in this Shyte. They say you coming on too strong in this Isht. They always talking about I’m doing wrong in this Isht. I could give a f**k about…! Remind me why we in this Isht! I lost my muthaf**king mama! So I could a Fawk about your comments, I promise!”

On Twitter, fans who attended the concert tweeted that the rant brought down the energy of what was otherwise a great show.  His rant just never seemed to end.

People have been saying that Kanye has not been the same since his mother, Dr. Donda West, passed in 2007. Many feel that he has just let his emotions simmer and his music – and personality – has greatly suffered.

One can only wonder how Nike feels about his hatred of corporations and big businesses since they’ve given him a deal to design the Air Yeezy sneakers.  There aren’t many major businesses that need any artists to do anything for them so if this continues, Kanye could find himself on the outside looking in trying to figure out where he went wrong.

Check out the videos below for the rants (in the first video, it starts at about 4:10).

What do you think?

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  • sammi_lu

    He coulda saved all that for twitter.

  • kierah

    Dear Kanye,

    God loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay that way.

  • Shanice

    I swear that whole “please can I sell your drink and you help me put on a better show” line was directed towards Beyonce. But this idiot forgets he was a spokesperson for Pepsi his darn self. And what the heck did he think he was doing when he JOINED forces with LV to create shoes? Working for a corporation, you moron! I think he’s jealous, maybe the Kardashians are getting to him, he wanted that $50 million deal with Pepsi himself, I don’t know. The man needs help and Jesus.

  • I kinda sorta understand what’s he saying. Suit and tie meaning corporations. But I’m confused isn’t that what Kim stands for, money grubbing, business women? Or maybe he’s trying to change her. idk

  • Nikkita Michelle

    His comments are very similar to comments I’ve had to check my own brother about. You want to go hard on white Americans, yet they frequent your bedroom every night. If whites are so bad why are you having romantic relationships with them and starting families with them? Kim must be on some self hate crap or maybe she’s considering herself Armenian despite the fact her mother is white. Either way you wouldn’t be my man bad mouthing my race every chance you got!

  • Just saying!!

    I hate to bring this up because I know it bothers people…but the closer we got to the end of his rant the more I thought he was referring to the illuminati somewhere in there…

    • sj

      go home.

  • yannii

    But wait, the assertion that he’ s trying to make about Swift is the same reason why Kim K is famous.

  • Keisha Samoht

    Kanye needs to have a spiritual conversation with his momma. He is clearly still in mourning and has yet to finally come to terms with it. Thats my opinion but, his rants and tirades ever since his momma past away really took off after that.

  • lorna

    Kanye **sighs** jealous that Jay is collaborating (showing love) someone other than his koon azz. well guess what Koonye Jay ain’t your father but Blue Ivy’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hates Bey and Blue on the low cos they’re taking all the love Jay could be giving him. Not the first time he throws a fit when Jay works with someone else

    • Shanice

      He threw shots at Beyonce with that “i’ll sell your drink if you make my show better” line.

  • Chassie

    Kanmye, I don’t even like you, but for the love of all things green, please shut up. You are only screwing yourself over at this point

  • Erin Corrine

    Although I am not a fan of Jay Z I would hope he opens his eyes and see that he need not worry about stalkers from the outside but notice the one right underneath his huge nostrils. Kanye is an obsessed deranged fool who is in love with Jay Z and can not handle Jay Z being in concert with another man so he throws a tantrum. SMH

  • It sounds like someone forgot to take his meds. He should have several seats and worry about having a baby with the skanky woman who is the prototype he wrote a hit song about without realizing it was her…Golddigger. What a tool.

  • Ay

    He’s bitter cause Jay-Z “dropped him from the team” lol

    • honest

      i knew it was coming he shouldve too…he dropped Rocfella so fast i dont even think they knew what was happening Kanye should’ve known to be on his toes since he was the only one left…i think jay just used him for beats and creativity…and last month Jay just added Timberland to the music division on Roc Nation…Kanye is useless to him now…HE lost his mother for some money and fame and i think he finally realized he got duped

  • Lynniemae

    I think he needs to haver several seats in the nearest therapists’s office. I personally know the pain of losing a mother but that doesn’t excuse nor condone his behavior.

  • bluekissess

    I think he needs therapy, Jesus and a retirement plan. Hollyweird is eating him alive

    • Keisha Samoht

      thats exactly what i said.

  • Shelala

    i think he needs psychological counseling to deal with the death of his mother and the internal conflict he has going on. Sometimes people experience PTSD when an individual close to them dies. Because he never got counseling, he lacks the coping skills when those memories of his mom come up. Because we are not in the public eye we grieve in private. Instead of grieving he jumped in to relationships with women (he knows his mother would not have approved of), medicated himself with that dark liquor, and started creating music that was outside of his norm. I am quite sure the fact that supposedly he found out he was having a girl with his girlfriend made him realize that “these people” are the only family she will have to influence her in her development of a person. SMH If Donda was alive none of this would have happened..

    • Señorita

      Not quite in the realm of PTSD. He didn’t suffer a traumatic experience due to the passing of his mom. I do think he’s been stuck in the anger stage of grief for quite some time. He need to grieve properly and once he accepts that she’s with God and he will see her again, he would be able to move forward and begin to be productive. He’s really going to drive himself crazy….literally!!! He’s falling apart right before our eyes. Sad..

  • Annette

    He has completely lost his mind… Poor that…

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    If he hurts HIS bottom line, so be it. Good riddance.


    Maybe he hate Kim K family lol….notice kim wants to distance herself from her fam since she met him. He is entitled to his opinion no matter how stupid it seem.

    • TRUTH IS


  • I think he’s a hypocrite! He’s screaming about corporations and ratings but yet who’s his baby mama again and that makes him come off as a jealous, egotistical person who always needs someone telling him all of his work is great. He’s faker than a 3 dollar bill. He’s so pro-black but worries so much about what white America says about him. You lost credibility with me when you impregnated the Kardashian corporation.

    • guest510

      Get out of my head! LOL Took the words right out of my mouth. I miss the old Kanye.

    • Reese

      Wildly ironic that he’s pro black and f*cked a white woman.

      • Keisha Samoht

        Who Amber Rose? I though she was bi-racial….

        • Nikkita Michelle

          Nope. Amber is white. That’s probably why she keeps that hair cut so short because you can definitely tell when her hair grows out. Kim is Armenian and white.

          • Potsy

            Ummmmm……Amber is bi-racial, she’s Cape Verdean and Italian! If u don’t know about Cape Verdean, it’s 10 islands off the coast of West Africa! Not that it matters but she’s not fully white, just sayin’!

            • honest

              well i live in a state that is cape Verden deep and most of them look like amber rose…back during slavery days the Portuguese went there and there was Africans there so most of them look Biracial…and the darker cape Verdens look Somalian or Indian and they all have curly or straight long hair with colored eyes or brown like the rest of us but yea Amber can be considered more white then black…and Most of the Capre Verdens dont even consider themselves as African because of the way they look and because they are on a different island i know its crazy…

    • jj

      when he first got with kim he was on that “love has no color” chit on twitter now its back with the white man is against him crap

      kanye mind been gone.

  • Nikki

    Oh, Kanye, shut the hell up! Don’t you have a baby momma and a future daughter to take care of?

    • Keisha Samoht

      Wait they announced the baby’s sex? Da*m I must REALLY be ignoring they behinds… lol