Wait…What? Songs We Love But Have To Give An Extreme Side Eye!

February 23, 2013  |  

Jagged Edge – “Let’s Get Married”

Now, this is probably the tamest song on the list. It is an absolutely beautiful song but when you hear them say, “We ain’t getting no younger so we might as well do this,” it makes you wonder if he’s proposing for the right reasons. In the second verse, they sing about having slept with every Lisa, Ebony and Tasha but leaving with an empty feeling. But haven’t they been together for years? Was he doing all the throughout the relationship? Things that make you go hmmm…

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  • Jagged Edge’s Let’s Get Married the same goes for Bruno Mars- Marry You
    and all you see is people using them songs to propose to the
    girlfriends…. umm no just no lol

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  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul

  • Just saying!!

    One of the best hands down is “Mary Jane” by Rick James! I didn’t know what that song was about until I got older! In fact, I even had to tell my uncle what it was about! lol

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?

      Yeah, it’s not talking about a woman. “Mary likes to spread her love” lol.

  • Just saying!!

    Okay I haven’t even looked at this article, I just opened it to get off the home page. I visited the home page and EVERY TIME I x’ed out an advertisement, ANOTHER one popped back up. THAT IS RIDICULOUS! I couldn’t even click on an article for a minute because the advertisements kept popping up in my face. Lay off it just a little! 🙂 Okay I’m done

  • What about Xscape-“My Little Secret” and Mtume-“You, Me and He”

  • LadiesNight

    Nas- “Oochie Wally”. Good song,but it’s about sex.

  • Ms. South

    I used to give Benny Mardones (into the night)the side eye until he explain what the song was really about lol!

  • “Me and Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul. One of the best homewrecking songs.

  • kiki

    This was so funny! Lol. Thats how i felt about Shawty by plies….”even though I’m not your man you’re not my girl but ima call u my Shawty?” No boo boo i need the title what’s a shawty? But i can’t lie i turn the volume boop when it comes on lol.

  • Shayla

    No Pain No Gain
    Betty Wright
    “Having a piece of man is better than having no man at all.”
    I’ll pass.

    • Taj

      For the most part, I had like the song. However, that part I could have done without.

  • Kenedy

    I haven’t gone through the list…but “All this love” by Donell Jones….thats my jam, & one day i actually listened to the lyrics & i was like oh hell no,i know he is not advocating for cheating

    • thegoodluckpig

      the comments section has been helping me revisit all these songs. definitely thought the lyrics were “Do you mind if I take this seat right here and go blow for blow” i was wrong

  • IllyPhilly

    Songs for every moment of life.

  • Luther Vandross, If Only For One Night.

    • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

      actually read that this song was written by a gay man about another man, same with, if you love me by brownstone…

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    I haven’t had this conversation about these particular songs, but in every genre of music there are many songs we need to give the “side eye” to. There are many songs I have liked until I looked up the lyrics and then I was done.

  • Piece of My Love by Guy, “Baby you can’t have all of me ‘Cuz I’m not totally free I can’t tell you everything That’s goin’ on, baby”.
    I used to love this song until I really listened to the words.

    • I know, ha ha. I still love it. They made up for it though with “Let’s Chill.” 😉

  • Don’t forget:
    “Secret Lovers” by Atlantic Starr
    “If Loving You Is Wrong” by Luther Ingram

    • thegoodluckpig

      Whenever my mom listened to Kiss FM, If Loving You Is Wrong would inexplicably come on and I always loved it. As I got older I actually listened to the lyrics and realized how horrible it all was. “Am I wrong to fall so deeply in love with you, knowing I got a wife and two little children, depending on me too”– yes, yes you are.

  • CoCo Lee

    You make Me wanna by Usher???

  • Jess

    What about “creep” by TLC

  • RJA

    Lemme Get That and Breaking Dishes…. both by Little Miss Ratchet herself. Rihanna, of course

    • lina

      I’m sorry but ‘lemme get that’ was and still is my tune guilty as charged. SMH these people **spraying holy water**

  • AfricanBambi

    Confessions by destinys child too….i loved that song but the meaning was indeed trife.

  • Finally someone agrees with me about Jagged Edge’s Let’s Get Married the same goes for Bruno Mars- Marry You and all you see is people using them songs to propose to the girlfriends…. umm no just no lol

    • Dee

      I was at the dentist and that Bruno Mars song starts playing, the dental assistant goes “Did he just say he’s looking for something dumb to do”? Yes he did

      • Candacey Doris

        I just heard this song and had to rewind to listen to it agian. That man can make some foolish stuff sound nice.

  • Prissy

    “He’s Mine”- Mokenstef. “Creep In”- Ideal.