Stinking Huck, Fitz Lurking & Olivia’s New Boo: Memorable Moments From Scandal’s “Boom” Episode

February 22, 2013  |  
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Compared to the last couple of episodes, it would seem that last night was a snoozer. Well if that was your assessment you are wrong, my friend. The “Boom Goes The Dynamite” episode wasn’t a thriller but a lot went down. Here were some of the more memorable moments.

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Poor Huck

I was wondering how Huck was going to deal with being so viciously tortured. There’s no way he could have gone through all of that without suffering some serious side effects. Though Huck has seen and created some of the most heinous scenes, the water boarding has left him traumatized. So much so that he can’t step out in the rain and he can’t seem to make himself take a shower. So he’s walking around on funk mode.

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Fitz is creeping

Man, I’m going to need Fitz to get his life back together. I can hardly stand to see him come on screen these days. That liquor has him on some other thangs. Since he has to exercise control when it comes to Olivia, he’s had one of his cronies spying on her. And here we thought Jake was the shady one. The whole time, it’s been Fitz. How the mighty have fallen. When Jake asked him why they were spying on Olivia, he said it was “Nothing personal…” Ooookkk Fitz.

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Olivia’s New Look

Has anyone else noticed that Olivia is rocking a sleeker look these days? Her bouncy Farrah Fawcett curls were nice while they lasted but we’re happy to see the bob. In addition to her new, sleek hair. Olivia also wore a black and white dress that was to die for.

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Back to solving cases

I personally was happy to see that Olivia and the gang are back to solving cases. Fitz’ alcoholic struggles have me sick of his storyline. Anyway, their most recent client is trying to advance his political career and Olivia wonders if he has a girlfriend, wife or partner. When he tells her he doesn’t Olivia asks if he’s gay and that if he is, he should let that fact be known. I figured he wouldn’t be gay since we’d already dealt with a similar issue in season 1. The man had me thinking he was asexual though. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t pick up on it but my sister, who was watching with me, noticed that there was an exchange between he and his brother’s wife.  We would later find out that they had been screwing for years. And in an attempt to prevent someone from following in her shoes, Olivia told him to end it because it could never go anywhere. We’re sure he’s going to take that advice as much as Olivia is going to apply it to her own life.

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The Mole?

Now, I’m a little confused on this part; but from what I gathered, the director of the CIA has been sleeping with Wendy, the woman who was killed in David’s bed, and she knows that he, the director, was involved in the capture of American soldiers. So he’s the one that had her killed. Now, her friend—the one who was foolishly click clacking down that hallway after David—knows the director is looking to kill her. Is that how you understood it?

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The Fake Wife

In an attempt to make the governor more appealing as a candidate, Olivia and her team go on a hunt to find a wife for the governor. It finally seemed like they’d found someone. She’d passed the vetting. She looked like a decent type of woman. They were all ready to move forward until Abby got to her. As she was leaving Pope and associates, she asked her if she was certain about her decision: “They bought you and they’re going to want what they paid for.”  Abby was right that was too much for that woman. Abby always has good intentions but she’s proven time and time again that she’s the least loyal of the gladiators. Though when the chips are truly down, i.e. when she needed to plant that bug in David’s apartment, she showed and proved.

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Abby and David

I don’t know why these two keep pretending like they don’t want to be with each other. Honestly, when was the last time they were alone in a room together when they didn’t have sex? Work can make your personal life hell, but it’s no need to throw away your shot at love. Stop the madness and just be together already.

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Fitz is mad

Though Fitz has claimed that smashing Olivia in the random closet was a mistake, as soon as she walked into the room, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was a bit captivated by him too, until Jake called and she found herself smiling and giggling. That’s when Fitz lost it. He might claim he doesn’t want Olivia but he certainly doesn’t want anyone else to have her. He’s determined to get to the bottom of this.

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Jake Looking like a better option

When we were first introduced to Jake last week, he seemed like a creep. And the way Fitz was acting, it was very clear that Olivia didn’t need any more crazy in her life. The fact that Jake was spying on her was just too weird to stomach. Well, yesterday we found out that Jake is spying on Olivia under the orders of his friend, the president. Suddenly, he’s starting to look more and more like a viable option for Olivia’s next romantic interest, especially since he turned the cameras off when she was undressing. Such a gentleman.

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Quinn Proves She’s A True Friend

In one of my favorite moments from the episode, Quinn proved that she really does ride for Huck. While everyone else was plugging their nose and talking about him behind his back, Quinn was the only one who had the balls to tell Huck that he had an issue with b.o. (body odor).  That’s a true friend.

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