‘JET’ Will Not Be Intimidated By Fantasia’s Social Media Rant, Editor In Chief Says The Magazine Is ‘Standing By Its Decision’

February 22, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Yesterday we told you about the intense tongue-lashing that singer Fantasia Barrino offered to JET magazine via her Instagram page. Fantasia, clearly upset by the dated photograph that the publication used of her for the cover of its March 18th issue, demanded a public apology.

“This saddens Me!!! It is clear that this picture is 10 Years Old and JET Magazine puts it on the Cover!! After I send them the NEW LOOK AND DIRECTION. . SAD!!! I WANT A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM JET. Now im not sure if the interview is correct. SEE!! America they and use me as they crash Dummy BUT NO MORE. IF I DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING ILL FALL FOR ANYTHING,” she wrote.

Her public chastisement of the publication sparked a heated debate, as some felt that the singer was justified in publicly voicing her concerns about JET, while others felt her decision to blast the magazine was unwise and unprofessional. JET‘s Editor in Chief, Mitzi Miller has just released a statement regarding the matter, but it isn’t exactly the public apology that Tasia may have been hoping for.

JET magazine is honored to have Fantasia grace the cover of its March issue.

It is unfortunate that Fantasia is displeased with the cover selection, however JET stands by its decision. As standard editorial practice, JET consulted with Fantasia’s team, but reserves the right to select the image we deem as most appropriate for JET‘s brand and reflective of the cover story sentiment.

JET continues to root for Fantasia’s success and encourages her fans to pick up the new issue.”

Click to the next page if you want to see the photos that Fanny sent to JET. Did the magazine’s issued statement alter your opinion at all? 

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  • guest

    The new pics make her look like an old woman on a soap opera. Not a great look.

  • Ann R. Key

    Ok! I have now seen the pictures. Jet Magazine did Fantasia a favor. Fantasia will realize this in another 10 years.

  • cnj

    why didn’t Jet have their own photo shoot? That’s sad that they had to choose between photos submitted by someone else or old photos. Fantasia looked bad in her photos but if Jet wanted a certain look they should have had a photo shoot. I think Jet was in the wrong.

  • Queenesq

    Fanny, during photo shoot and interview discussions, you should have had YOUR people add a stipulation requiring JET to use the recent photos. Dont get mad at JET, get mad at your people. Next time (if there is a next time) you should hire a graduate from the Beyonce School of Management to handle your affairs. Better yet, call Beyonce yourself and get management advice.

  • RealTalk

    First and last and Final, they chose what was best for the readers eyes and trust me, this pix makes you want to pick up the mag, she should be happy afterall they are giving her a chance to clear the air of a lot of stuff, Relationship with a married man etc, hummmm i wonder

  • Thatgirl2003

    I can’t help but wonder if Jet would have done this to Ang other female singer. (Beyonce, Rhianna, Alicia Keys?) Just seems to me that they were saying “just shut up and be glad you’re on the cover of ‘any’ mag these days. A ten year old picture is a bit ridiculous, no matter how horrid the picture was that she submitted.

  • lovelyberry

    My problem is this:why did she have to go on social media to voice her disapproval. Why didn’t see just act like the woman she claims to be and contact the magazine directly? JET wasn’t trying to disrespect in any manner, in fact they were trying to show her in the best light possible. But, yet she disrespects them by going on this childlike tirade? Its not like there are tons of magazines asking her to be on their covers. This is a not a good look, especially since her image is already tarnished. She needs to get it together.


    Jet understood why….I wish Fanny sees the error of her way

  • dz

    Hopefully those weren’t the only photos she sent, because if so, I can see why they chose an old pic. Those are terrible, looks like a man in drag! Hopefully these are the only photos the blogs have…

    • Cinnamon71

      That 2nd pic sort of reminded me of a scene from Lady Sings the Blues when she was coming off of a heroin high…right before she was going to overdose. She looks more like she’s 48 instead of 28…SMH. JET made the right decision, plain and simple!!!

  • bluekissess

    Dear Fanny,
    Shut the hell up and be thankful jet gave you a cover.

  • FromUR2UB

    Yeah, they made the right decision. That wig is not flattering on. She looks like she’s in costume for a madame or femme fatale role. And all that gilded gold around her? Absolutely tacky. The ten year old pic is nice. Fantasia should have thanked them for saving her from herself.

    • Cinnamon71

      Ikr??? Maybe if she was posing for King or Juicy magazine, that mess would fly. As long as I can remember, JET magazine has always kept things simple concerning the cover. The photos she chose looked like promo pics from a bad 70’s blacksploitation movie. Is she serious? If she’s trying revamp her “career”, she sure is not starting out on the right foot. She should be grateful that any magazine would want to still want an interview, let alone the cover shot…Please have a seat and enjoy the last few minutes of fame you have left.

  • clove8canela

    All that she got going on in that shoot doesn’t fit with JET and the covers they distribute. 98% of the time, it’s just a simple photo with a simple background. Not all that gaudiness she got going on. Perhaps she could have done a similar pose with her new ‘do. And really, she should be glad she’s the feature on anyone’s cover.

  • The pictures she picked make her look like a drag queen. No disrespect but it does. She has no idea that Jet Magazine was looking out for her best interest.

  • I like the original “Jet Choice”. The one shesubmitted is HORRIBLE. She looks a Madam on bad times or a Drag Queen that needs a clue. SO SAD, she thought those pics were “at all’ fattering.

  • Guest

    The pictures she submitted are hideous!!!! She should thank Jet for not putting them out there for all to see!!!!

    • Honeybee703

      that second picture in the mirror is so awkward, looks like she’s sniffing herself lol

  • MLS2698

    What they meant is: they would rather have a more appropriate picture depicting a black woman’s true physical beauty without her wearing a five foot long piece of YAK on her head! Get a clue, Fanny. Oh, and learn to read the fine print ( or allow someone else to read it to you). THEY RESERVE THE RIGHT…….

  • ibdw2

    I like both sets of photos. i think the ones she submitted were nicer however, the magazine does have the final say. I think she should have handled this situation more professionally and, behind closed doors. Now, she has burned bridges.. no other magazine has ever placed her on a cover that I know of and, at the end of the day no one will if they feel they will be treated in the same manner. She has a manager which should have addressed this situation. People need to learn to think before they speak. There are consequences to every action and, she already isn’t the most popular as far people are concerned.

  • SheBe

    Seeing the photos that she submitted to Jet confirms how I felt about this yesterday. The pics provided are not cover worthy. The one they chose is simple and shows a more regal Fantasia. That Ike Turner wig is a no go and I think that Jet did what’s best for their magazine and her image.

    MN can we get the old mobile version back please… pretty please.

    • MLS2698

      I didn’t see the pics she submitted, but guessed from some of her recent instagram sessions.

    • Chevonne22


      • bullheadedtaurus


    • kierah

      As much as I dislike the updated photos that Fantasia submitted, Jet was wrong to pull a switcheroo at the last minute. Artists agree to covers to promote a certain project or image. It’s not the magazine’s decision what that image should be. If they want to control that, then they should hold a photo shoot with their own photogs and stylists.

      • SheBe

        I’m pretty sure that below the dotted line where she signed, there was a clause that allowed them to “make changes without notice”. A lot of contracts have that statement written at the bottom. This gives the mag, and other entities that use that statement, full control even if you believe that one particular thing may occur.

        • kierah

          Any professional organization would have run that past the cover person’s management. It’s disrespectful. The only reason people are running to Jet’s defense is because Fantasia doesn’t have the best reputation. No artist would be okay with a magazine requesting photos, declining to use ANY of them, and adding insult to injury, declining to inform the artist. You may have the clause, but there is discretion in how things are handled. Bottom line: they wouldn’t treat a two toed cat this way.

  • Sagittarius81

    What is up with your website?

    • Kenedy

      Thats what id like to know…& i usually come here on my cell phone……so im not sure what all this jumbled mess is on my phone