True Life: I Know I’m In Love When…

February 22, 2013  |  
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With all the messages we receive from the media about love and what it’s supposed to look and feel like, it can be hard to know what your own feelings are telling you or how they’re misleading you. If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you were in love with someone, see what some of our Facebook followers have to say about themselves and how they know when they’re in love.
Shena: When your pride doesn’t matter..

Christinas: As soon as I see him, all of the stress of my day instantly melts away like it never happened.


Becca: When I can be myself around him and actually feel good about it.


Vanise: You will wanna share everything with that person.


Rose: When you can make love without sex…

Jorian: When putting in work on your relationship doesn’t feel like working at all

Butrphly: When you do not fuss about the little irritating things that they do.

Jasmyn: When everyday he makes you want to be the best you possible.

Racquel: When you love that person like you love yourself and time, distance, or sacrifice to be with one another is not a chore or obligation…its rare but its true.


Kim: When he pisses you off and you still have the desire to be everything for him.

Lerona: When I consider the person my best friend. When he is gone for 2 mins and I miss him like crazy, when we read the Bible together and he acts like a kid wanting to know more about the stories lol …Just wanting to see his smile and know he is ok…And I know we are truly in love because sat we are going for our first marriage counseling session.

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Tiffany: When you question your sanity…lol

Alysia: When you think about the future or a future without them and you can’t picture happiness without your lover. When you can find joy in everyday moments just because your together…when his/her problems become our problems, when you can have a conversation with someone by just gazing into their eyes and not evening saying a word. When you never get tired of their flaws, when you can love and hate someone all at the same time, when you can talk about anything and not feel like your gonna be judged, when you always take up for each other, and when loving each other becomes natural instinct!


Khadiji: When your planning for things of the future and breaking your neck for that person. Every word you say you glimpse back thinking of him/her. You go above and beyond what you don’t normally do to keep them happy. You weather through little arguments still thinking how you will make up because that was the only person that can cheer you up lol



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