Out & Proud: Gay/Bi/Lesbian African American Celebrities

February 27, 2013 ‐ By Nicole Akoukou Thompson

Frank Ocean

Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com


The talented up-and-coming musician Frank Ocean, best known for his association with hip hop collective OFWGKTA and his Grammy Award-winning album and collaboration, first addressed his sexuality in an open letter on his Tumblr in early 2012. He mentioned unrequited feeling that he’d had for another young man when he was 19 years old and has received a great deal of support from other musicians for his courage.

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  • eric carroll

    A whats up it’s the good guy i would like to know can i be a follower on your twitter account do you remember me ,you said you from texas. the last time we had a open discuction on the tia and tamera subjet here’s my e mail easyad2012@gmail .com

  • Rick Robinson


  • thenextgenius

    I just came here to figure who out NOT to support, as they are too far gone…

  • http://twitter.com/ETalicia talicia

    There is no gay or straight. It’s normal or abnormal. Same sex is abnormal and should not be condoned in our society. It’s ashame that so many blacks are following in lockstep with Obama.

    • brufanegra

      You know what else is abnormal? A black person with silky straight hair :)

      • Nicholas. X. W. Williams

        I’m a Dark- skinned black man with silky Straight hair, straight teeth, and completely Normal so please restate that statement. smh!

        • brufanegra

          If your hair is naturally straight, more power to you and I did not mean to offend. The point I was trying to make is that some people wanna pick and choose what’s normal/abnormal, natural/unnatural. My sexual orientation is more natural than some of these people praising the creamy crack gods, putting acrylic over their natural nails and stealing hair from some poor woman in India. lol

          • Nicholas. X. W. Williams

            Ok understand your point. However, what you may feel is natural may not be natural to the mind of the majority and you and I must accept that from both sides. Regardless of how I feel about the situation, I must accept your views and then move on, and it’ll be in your best interest to accept theirs. Furthermore, if you believe in an Almighty God above, then what you do is your conviction between Him and you. If you read the scripture, its says to deny self, and follow God. Which means to put away self desires and follow his ways. God is not White like the artist portray him to be and we should not think of a color when looking at him. In addition, If you watch the movie “Good Hair”, which is a good reference to the hair wars. IN it, you will see that these girls are actively volunteering away their hair as a religious sacrifice. So, nobody is stealing anything. Then the Hindu temples sells it.

      • kat

        lol thats not abnormal thats genetics. im black with soft hair.

    • grapecranberry

      Keep hating. Your neanderthal attitude is dying out.

      • johnmack

        thank goodness i cant wait to marry my child if only the world would be more progressive like you.

      • talicia

        that’s ok, the masses aren’t right. You’ll find out one day.

      • talicia

        Sin is sin, don’t pretend!

    • Drea

      What’s abnormal is to bring up Obama in every conversation concerning Black people just because he is half-black. Sounds like a mental disorder, “Obama Hysterium Repetitive Disorder”

  • http://twitter.com/MzChittick Racquel Chittick

    What about Unique from Glee!!!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Frank Ocean has talent but imo he’s waaaayyy overrated

  • Maldrie

    The way I see it: every person is bisexual not one every single one of them, famous or not! There is always those females who “experiment” with women then go back to men, those females that start off with men then go to women, those females that start with women then go to men or those men who are with women first then go to men, men first then women or both at the same time. It happens, sad but true. In today’s society people just don’t care because the way they see it is it is just another hole to them and it all feels the same. I love all my bisexuals in the world! Don’t be ashamed of what you are, own it and own it proudly!

  • Khaela Huey

    What about LZ Granderson?

  • shame on you

    ”HAHAHA”….Wanda Sykes was not suprise when she came out and she very funny…as for the rest nothing new

  • LeAnna

    Do you mean Sheryl Swoopes?

    • Jolene

      It’s proven that some writers can’t spell.

      • CW

        It was obviously an error, its not that deep

        • Jolene

          It’s not the only article with misspellings.

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