Is It Ever Wise To Address The (Alleged) Other Woman?

February 21, 2013  |  

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From Hello Beautiful

If you’ve been keeping up with your daily HelloBeautiful dish then you know that Gabrielle Union recently made headlines for her response to an open letter written by an alleged jumpoff. It was cold, I had to layer up after reading the tweets I really did. I can’t lie I was secretly having a “yes girl tell em” moment in my head but then I snapped back to reality. If the open letter was from a “crazy batShyte loon” who tried this stunt a year before then why not let crazy be crazy and continue living good?

Whether you are Chocolate Hollywood fabulous like Gabrielle Union or the best braider on your block, the moment you announce the word relationship there will be folks who will try your patience and put your love to the test.  Unfortunately it’s what you sign up for. Jealously and folks who live in the past are like cancers and they thrive in all neighborhoods across the world. There will always be someone who doesn’t like the way you walk or dress. There will be someone who has a problem with the type of man you choose to be with or the career path you take. I don’t want to use the word hater because in my universe those who work against me are invisible.

Whether or not the open letter is legit I feel that Gabby (in my mind we are friends) should’ve used the best weapon possible…silence.


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  • JB

    This chick is dumb to me, stupid

  • anonymouse

    the other woman’s deal is with the guy, so why harass the wife/gf?? If she’s big and bad enough to come after the wife/gf, then she needs to get dealt with.

  • Meyaka

    I wold never address the other woman. Whatever tricks she has,I got her beat because I actually have my own man. My husband is done with however,since he broke our vows .

  • Shaybaby

    Gabby shoulda never responded to that jumpoff whether what she was saying was true or not. The fact that she responded makes it look like this chick got in her feelings some kinda way. The only person she should have addressed is Dwayne Wade.

    • Kahekili

      “The fact that she responded makes it look like this chick got in her feelings some kinda way.”

      I’ve noticed over the last year and a half that Black people seem to be against one showing their feelings or having something affect them. What is up with that?

      • Shaybaby

        I’m not against anyone showing their feelings at all. All I was saying was that the letter must have made Gabby feel some kinda way that she felt the need to respond to this chick.

        • Kahekili

          Who wouldn’t ‘feel some kinda way’ if someone wrote a letter like that?

      • She’s a public figure, an actress; if people know more about your personal life and drama than your next movie project it becomes a problem and can affect your career. Some of the most successful actors are the ones that keep a tight lid on their personal business. Peep Denzel, Peep Samuel L.

      • lady31

        We are groomed to not show our emotions. We shut down and show insecurities instead assuming its emotions. When we are all human we all feel and its Ok to feel. I do hate that as well that’s why were all messed up we as black people speak about keeping it real when in reality we are the only race that concentrates on not keeping it real (stunting like we have money, rapping about cars clothes and anything else, jumping in and out of bed with anyone saying were players, saying we don’t love them hoes etc). Its embarrassing as a culture that we don’t express ourselves and our self worth appropriately. I would have felt hurt but I would have addressed Dwayne Wade and went from there.

    • Kahekili

      “The fact that she responded makes it look like this chick got in her feelings some kinda way.”

      I’ve noticed over the last year and a half that Black people seem to be against one showing their feelings or having something affect them. What is up with that?

  • juju

    i delicately confronted 2 woman that i found left their #’s in my mans wallet. I couldnt not know. I did learn alot from doing so. And they were both gracious in letting me know, my man (at the time) was lying and cheating about our relationship. Made me a smarter woman in the end !!

  • MLS2698

    I think Gabby’s ‘Loon’ ratio is a bit off. Seriously, if you even have this type of drama swirling around your relationship, there may be some truth to it.

  • I think she was addressing it bc this same person KEEPS doing this to her every year. I don’t think she said anything awful i.e. calling her a hoe etc. just stated the facts. She’s a human and I can’t say I wouldn’t at least stand up for myself or my relationship. IJS Why is Gabby the bad person instead of the crazy?

    • SheBe

      I agree. And why hasn’t he been called out for this? Gabby made a statement but her approaching the issue is being questioned & not the possible foolery going on by him? No bueno…

    • She isn’t the ‘bad’ person, but responding brings you down to her level. She looks like the classy one by not responding and the idiot desperado continues to look like the attention starved loon that she is.

  • Dee


  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    It’s just best not to say any thing, especially when you’re in a public position. It only adds fuel to the fire and you just took the bait. . .

  • You check your partner you never check her. There’s a reason why some of these losers feel they can step to you like that and that’s because on some level HE allows it. Get his azz in line and the bimbos should fall by the way side. But if I was Gabby in her career and position I wouldn’t tarnish my prestige and my image by responding to hood ish from low lifes. Just from a career standpoint alone she should have left it alone.

    • lady31

      My thoughts exactly an outside person can only go as far as the person they are perusing allows them. I have never been angry at the other woman when I have experienced this I am angry at the man his loyalty is to me and not her. His responsibility is to our bond and she should not have room to take pictures or make allegations or write open letters. My soul anger would be towards him for bringing crazy into our lives. Men act up because we as women take it and are too insecure to see that the issue is always the man not her. He did this he put his thing in her, he gave his number, he entertained a false friendship etc whatever it was he allowed her thoughts about the situation to blossom and now she is here. I just leave and let him have her I refuse to fight over a man who evidently does not want to be with me.

      • You ain’t said nothing but the truth. The point of the matter is really if she had put her foot down and drew the line in the sand the very first time he disrespected her it would have never ever gotten to this point. Men don’t just wake up one day from treating you perfectly to bringing a chick home in one fall swoop there are little disrespects that you let slide, or don’t address.

        But I agree you always, always address HIM. He’s the one who owes you loyalty and respect.

      • #BOOM

      • DatsLife

        You are right. I don’t understand women these days if you have an issue say it to a person’s face. I am not going to be in my 30s responding online like a child in high school. This is ridiculous….and possibly karma.

  • JaneDoe

    Would never be me… Unless my child is in danger or my safety and even then the cops would be involved but to address the so called liar I would not do. Gabby doesn’t fool me. She seems insecure but disguises it well