‘A Good Husband Will Challenge His Wife To Try:’ Sherri Shepherd On Jay-Z And Beyonce’s Relationship

February 21, 2013  |  

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Almost anyone who has been married for a substantial amount of time will tell you that marriage is work, which is why relationships such as the one shared between Jay-Z and Beyonce are admired and appreciated. The View host, Sherri Shepherd recently took to her Twitter page to praise Bey for giving her husband due credit during her Oprah’s Next Chapter interview. She acknowledges that she is in no way a marriage expert, but goes on to provide her opinion, while celebrating the singing sensation and the Hip Hop mogul for their beautiful relationship. 

“I don’t take advice about marriage from anyone who’s been married less than 5 years…& I don’t give it. I’m not qualified.#noideawhatimdoing,” Sherri tweeted. 

“Beyonce told Oprah that she wouldn’t be who she was if she didn’t have Jay-Z to go home to … that’s pretty awesome#folksthrowinshade”

She went on to stress the importance of a husband being supportive of his wife. 

“When a man does well or is powerful, we tend to say “he must’ve had a good woman behind him” but it also goes the other way.”

“When a woman’s career is great no one says “she must’ve had a good man”, but when it goes south everyone blames “that damn husband” #why”

“A good husband WILL challenge his wife to try… he will be her biggest cheerleader, the shoulder she cries on when it doesn’t work#husbands”

“W/o my hubby I wouldn’t have been able 2compete on #DWTS… I wouldn’t have gotten back into standup comedy… sometimes a hubby helps U w fear”

“Heck even though I am divorced, my 1st hub was very instrumental in my success. He grounded me & though it ended…badly he still gets credit”

“I just loved that Beyonce gave praises to her husband Jay-Z for helping strengthen her… for challenging her to go higher#noshameinhergame”

Sherri also discussed the concept of a woman “needing” her husband and how it can sometimes be misused and misconstrued. 

“Now women can’t make the mistake and say their very existence is due to a man… that’s really unhealthy and dangerous.”

“I hear men say all the time “I need my wife”… but if a woman says “I need my husband”, we get the side-eye.”

What do you think of Sherri’s comments? Would you agree that there’s a double standard when it comes to men and women expressing that they need their spouses? 


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  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    Men and women were created to compliment each other. A man thinks logically and clear-cut (mind), while a woman tends to reason with compassion (heart). We need each other to keep balance.

  • Dawson

    I definitely need my husband and he needs me too! No shame in my game!

  • There is indeed a double standard. Some women want the man to basically worship the ground they walk on, but not willing to do the same for him in fear of what her home girl might say. I have been married 10 yrs and I love and need my husband.That is not to say that if something happens and we part ways that I cannot make it on my own…just means I don’t want to be without him.

    • pretty1908

      i agree , we have to move past with others think or what they may say, I almost destroyed my relationship because I was too caught up in what people thought

  • I agree with her. My husband always encourages me even when I doubt myself. I need my husband.

  • I need my husband.

  • pretty1908

    But why use them as examples….. we have other couples both black and non black who aren’t celebrities who have been together for years, go to your church, look in your community, establish the type of commimtment you want, and most of all consult God. People want to be like celebrities so bad mainly because they have money and fame.

    • Calikush

      Right! I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years now! And I always looked up to both sets of my GrandParents for successful for their successful relationships! The love and respect they had for one another and putting God first above all was something I always admired! Too be honest I never look up to celebrities as people I would strive to be, it’s like u said everyday people in our family and communities are people that inspires us and others!

    • I think she used those two because of the interview that she (Beyonce) did with Oprah. Sherry was just impressed with what she said, and she wasn’t afraid to say she needed her husband.