Who Does That?! K Michelle Hits Mimi With Flowers At One Of Her Concerts

February 21, 2013  |  

There was a time when it seemed that Mimi was one of the few Love and Hip Hop castmates K Michelle could actually get along with. Well, those days are over. According to a representative from Mimi Faust’s camp, the two got into a physical altercation last week after one of K Michelle shows. It didn’t come to blows though, K Michelle just hit her costar with some flowers. Yes, you read that correctly she hit her with some flowers.

The Jasmine Brand released a statement from Mimi’s people:

 We have been working closely with our client, Mimi Faust, since the incident occurred hours ago.  Although we do not yet understand the full scope of the incident, we do know that false allegations and rumors has been projected across media air waves concerning last night’s incident between Love & Hip Hop ATL cast members, K. Michelle and Mimi Faust.

Ms. Faust is currently unharmed and never went to the hospital to be treated for a busted eardrum. The incident started in the dressing room where K. Michelle simply hit Ms. Faust with flowers after seeming a little irritated with questions about earlier statements made in a prior interview. However, there were no damages done. In actuality, Ms. Faust left the venue and continued her night by visiting and enjoying herself in other New York City prestigious venues.

So this sounds like this had something to do with K Michelle going to the Breakfast Club talking about how she thought Mimi’s new boyfriend was on the down low. Messy, indeed. Here’s what Mimi had to say about the altercation.

“Recalling all of the past incidents with K. Michelle and other cast members, she never seems to wants to talk things out; the end results are always violent. That’s not the type of person I am and to continue to fight with K. Michelle would have been pointless.”

There’s no telling how all of this foolery got started; but we’re hoping the “Love and Hip Hop” producers caught this on camera. As tacky as it sounds like it was, I would love to see K Michelle hit Mimi with some flowers. It all just sounds like a bad SNL sketch. Who does that? But then again, K Michelle was the same chick who picked up a fork and aimed it at Karlie Redd.

Has anyone else noticed that even during their off season, the ATL cast is still far more entertaining than what’s currently going on with the New York branch?

But really, ratchetness aside, I see why K Michelle has said that this will probably be her last season on “Love and Hip Hop.” In her interview with the Breakfast Club, she said she can’t continue to be blessed by God only to spit in His face by continuing to act a fool out here in these streets. Sure, Mimi should have left her alone backstage. That was not the time to address her comments, or any other situation, but K Michelle should have never hit the airwaves talking about someone else’s man. As long as she’s not sleeping with someone she thinks might be gay, why does it matter to her? And furthermore, why was it her place to tell a New York radio station? She’s gotta do better. She just can’t seem to stay away from the madness, whether it’s fabricated and instigated by the producers or not, she always falls for it.

What do you make of this flower beating incident?

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  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Let’s see what happen if you put Toya, Memphitz, and Erica Mena on a show together. I wonder what’ll happen then . . .

  • Sagittarius81

    All I gonna say is that these 2 need to grow the heck up! Grown women fighting like they ain’t got no sense in the world.

  • dlwilson04


  • KJ23

    For some reason, every time I saw the phrases “hit with flowers” my mind immediately went back to Flavor of Love 2 when Saaphyri got into a fight with that girl over that bed and she kept yelling: “Don’t be hitting me with flowers!” Ah, memories.

  • Trisha_B

    Are k.Michelle & keyshia cole friends or related in anyway? I swear they act so much a like. Straight hoodrats! If Mimi’s man is gay, thats her business. What was the point of airing it on the radio? Shes the type of girl who gets high on putting people business out there & just sit in the back watching it all unfold. Reason JR played her & reason shes not at the level of success she wants to be at.

  • KlassyRN

    This behavior is the very reason why I believe Memphitz did not harm her…. her anger issues are all over to the place to anyone who does not agree with her…she has some deep seated issues and needs to see a therapist…. I would even say in my professional opinion that is admissible in a court of law…. this person is bipolar and should be on meds….K Michelle has some real anger issues and will probably end up dead if she continues… this is so not cute… #CommonSenseAintSoCommon!

    • MissRealuminatti

      Right! She’s full of hate and wickedness. I never beleived that Memphitz beat her up, some women make up lies when the man doesn’t want them anymore. If he did hit her, I’m sure it was self-defense. She’s wild!

  • IllyPhilly

    K. Michelle seems like one of those, I need the spotlight chicks. I’m sure she’s gonna show her a$$ all next season to the point of annoyance.