Rising And Shining Less Than You Used To? Signs You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

February 27, 2013  |  
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Forget how many hours of sleep a medical journal says you should get, or your friend who is so healthy she’s like a super human. Every person functions on a different amount of sleep. And if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you’re not getting enough!


People think you have smeared mascara

You keep getting that “you’ve got a little something” gesture at your under eye. People try to wipe off what they think is smeared mascara or eye shadow. But nope, those are just your dark circles!


You have to be woken up by an alarm clock

A scary truth is that whenever your body naturally wakes up, that’s when it needed to wake up. So if you have to be woken up by an alarm every morning, you’re not sleeping enough. Consider going to bed earlier so you can wake up all on your own.


You’re clumsy when you wake up

Waking up prematurely sends a shock to your limbs. If you fall over just trying to put your slippers on in the morning, spill your coffee and need to periodically sit down in the shower, you’re not resting those limbs enough.


You’re mishearing people

You’re so tired that even your ears are tired! You think your boyfriend asked you to take the frog for a walk. You just missed the entire second half of your boss’s sentence. Your brain isn’t processing other people’s speech.


Your memory is slipping

You need to think really hard to remember what you ate for lunch today. You think something that happened last week just happened yesterday. Entire time periods are lapsing in your mind.

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You often feel cold

Sleep deprivation messes with your internal thermometer. It’s common to feel the chills when you’re tired, but the kind that’s deep down in your bones, that no giant sweater or hot bath can send away is a sign something else is going on.


You can’t stop being hungry

Sleep deprivation also plays tricks on your metabolism. Not getting enough sleep can greatly slow down your metabolism, plus you just have to eat more to fuel those extra hours you’re awake. It’s no surprise a link between sleep deprivation and weight gain has been identified.


You look pale

Blood doesn’t circulate quite right when you’re missing out on Zzz’s. That’s a part of why you feel cold but also why you may notice color leaving your face.


You always remember your dreams

Research has shown that if you complete a dream in your sleep, you don’t remember it. The only dreams we remember are the ones that are interrupted midway through, and they’re usually interrupted because we’re woken up. If you remember plenty of your dreams, you’re probably waking up throughout the night.


You type something you overhear

You’re supposed to be typing up a report for your boss, but somehow, “And then he asked me out for a drink” ends up in there. Your brain is so tired, it can’t handle too much stimuli at once, and you can’t filter out distractions.


You have weird theories on sleep

You’ve started preaching about the fact that before there was electricity, people would sleep in 4 hour increments, or how certain cultures only sleep five hours every night. You’re trying to make excuses for your clearly unhealthy sleep habits.


You’re easily upset

Sleep deprivation can make everything feel ten times worse. A small problem feels like the end of the world. It can promote feelings of depression and make one very moody. If you’ve noticed yourself extra sensitive lately, you might want to clock in some extra sleep before defaulting to anti depressants.


Your vision is blurry

If your eyes weren’t ready to open when you got up, they may not fully function throughout the day. Eyes need to experience a certain time period of darkness to be able to process light properly.



You have dreams about trying to wake up

You regularly have dreams in which you need wake up for something, but cannot. Every time you actually do get up within your dream, a few minutes later you’re asleep again. You’re stressing that you’re built up exhaustion will make you late for something important.

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