And So It Begins: Passengers Aboard That Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship Start Suing

February 20, 2013  |  

A passenger boarding a bus to New Orleans after landing in Mobile, AL. AP Photo/, Mike Brantley

You knew it had to happen. Passengers who were stranded for days aboard the sewage ship, also known as the Triumph, have started suing Carnival.

Lisa Williams, a 42-year-old passenger from Houston, is suing because she says she’s had to make trips for emergency care for IV drips after the ordeal. She claims she became dehydrated on the ship. Williams is suing for $75,000, says GMA and ABC News.

“Plaintiff had been exposed to extremely toxic and debilitating conditions resulting in severe and permanent injuries,” the complaint says.

On Friday, a 25-year-old passenger, Cassie Terry, filed her lawsuit due to the conditions on the boat, including the human feces that was all over the place and the long lines for “spoiled food” that she alleges she had to endure.

“Plaintiff was forced to subsist for days in a floating toilet, a floating Petri dish, a floating hell,” the lawsuit says. Terry says she’s also receiving medical attention. Other passengers are considering their own lawsuits.

It’s been determined that a fuel leak caused the fire that ultimately made the ship stall mid-cruise. In fact, it seems like the aftermath of the fire was worse than the fire itself. TIME asks whether the $500 compensation that Carnival offered is enough for what the passengers endured. While I’m admittedly giggling a bit every time I come across this story (Poop Cruise!), the fact is these folks were stuck in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico with limited food and water, no electricity, and a sanitation crisis that legitimately can cause serious illness.

TIME makes the point that many do think the $500 is way too low, with other travel industries offering more for damaged items, let alone people who have to seek medical attention. In the case of the Costa Concordia, on which there were actual fatalities, passengers were offered as much as $13,000.

According to ABC News, the fine print on the Carnival Triumph ticket says the company is “not liable” for emotional or mental distress. But they’re likely going to have to pay up for this incident. The company has made no comment about the lawsuits yet.

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  • I wouldve been scared out my mind.. Stuck in the middle of the gulf of mexico, no lights, food, just floating, my biggest fear!!

  • SMHgurl24

    Shouldn’t you be aware of the risks with walking out of your own house?? No matter how safe something is its never foolproof, how do people do things like this and not look at the potential risks.. I’d like to say that they deserve to sue but in good conscience I can’t.

  • sabrina

    i can’t fathom being on that ship in such conditions. My heart goes out to each and every person that had to endure those atrocities for days on end. They have every right to sue, and I hope they get compensated greatly.

  • Reese

    What happened to them is sad? I’m pretty sure it was an uncomfortable and distressing situation, but I wonder do they really have a good reason to sue.

    • afroveda

      I’m on the fence. Some people are always looking for a quick dollar by suing someone else…just look at Judge Joe Brown (and other shows like it). I can understand their plight but it seems like one of those scenarios where a person goes to the movie theater, absolutely hates the movie, and then demands a refund for their movie ticket.

    • Kenedy

      If they can get away with it, they should….companies are so selfish & do anything to obtain the almighty dollar that Americans worship…Sure they released a statement apologizing…but do they really care about how these people felt? Nope, top level executives still sleep in their plush beds and cash out on their stock dividends….so hit em where it hurts the most…in their pockets

      • Reese

        I really think the only way they can sue is if they can find proof that the engine fire was caused by negligence on the part of the company.