Lisa Lampanelli And Her ‘N****’ Lena Dunham Need To Have A Seat

February 20, 2013  |  

You know how some argue that people who swear lack the vocabulary necessary to have an intelligent conversation? I’m starting to think comedians who rely solely on racial epithets to cause controversy lack the comedic talent to garner that same attention otherwise.

Lisa Lampanelli the same comic — term used loosely — who famously — term used loosely again — commented on Larry the Cable Guy’s catch phrase “Git R Done, during a 2009 roast,” saying “You’ve beaten that concept so hard it’s now dating Chris Brown,” again has people’s PC panties all in a bunch, and for good reason in my opinion. Two days ago, she tweeted the above photo with the caption:


Me with my n*gg* @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls – I love this beyotch!!

(Oh and FYI, the asterisks are ours, she shamelessly spelled the n-word out)

I don’t know much about Lampanelli outside of her routine comedic controversies that always seem to involve black people for some reason and, truthfully, I don’t have much desire to. I honestly wouldn’t care if Lampanelli really did look at all black people like n*gg*rs, in fact I’d probably prefer that she was a 51-year-old Connecticut-bred racist. See racists, I can deal with. What bothers me here is Lampanelli isn’t talking about black people at all, she’s referring to a white girl of all people, and asserting her white privilege to refuse to be banned from using the n-word like all those other n-words, I mean black people do. You mean we’re back on the rules of the n-word debate again? Yup, I’m taking it back there.

Firstly, though, I should explain that I’m sure all that didn’t go through Lampanelli’s head when she captioned this pic two days ago — evidence of white privilege itself — I’m quite certain, disappointingly so, that at 50-plus she still thought being able to type the n-word and post it on social media was cool like a 13-year-old smoking a cigarette for the first time. But her refusal to take the caption down and the boastful nature of her Twitter timeline as it relates to the controversy that has erupted as a result screams, “now I’m even more cool because black people and socially conscious whites who otherwise wouldn’t care that I was breathing are now googling my name, go me!”

I guess — not. The only thing funny about Lampanelli’s move is that she thinks she’s winning, when in reality her name will soon fall to the bottom of Google’s analytics very shortly and once again no one will care about her or her n*gg* whom she enthralled in this mess with her. And considering the drama that has already plagued “Girls” and their lack of diversity, Dunham might want to reconsider who she associates herself with. But then again maybe not, after all in the infamous words of Jen the Pen, she’s white and it will get done — it possibly being the Golden Globe she won just a few weeks ago.

You could say why even dignify Lampanelli with a response, and I would half agree with you there. Except I feel it’s only right to spread the message of just how much her antics prove she’s really losing, that is before she fades into obscurity once again and another white person who wants to be down — or try to come up — goes the “lets offend an entire race of people to gain fame route again.” Honestly guys — and gals — it’s played out.

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  • thoughtsfrommycorneroftheworld

    I see where you are coming from, and am pretty indifferent towards lisa lampenelli anyway, at the same time … the premise of your webpage – “madamenoir” caters to black women, which is all well and good… I’m always curious how the reverse would be received. I really don’t think I would “dare” make a page like this for white women.. This is not to say that you shouldn’t either, and I hope this doesn’t come across as accusatory, it’s not meant to – And whenever I see that dating site, “where black people meet..” I think, what if it was blah, blah, blah, where white people meet… could that fly? And there are catholic and jewish dating sites too – I guess I never get that either.. I think it’s more important to love a person – why pigeon hole yourself into meeting, “A *FILL IN THE BLANK* (white, black, jewish, catholic) guy/girl. You could potentially miss out on someone really great that way. I stumbled across your commentary in hearing on TV about lisa’s use of the n word but from the title I wonder if I would have ever seen it otherwise.. Almost like the page isn’t meant for me? hope that makes sense – and this isn’t meant to start an arguent, but rather a conversation. Take Care!

  • notagoodtime

    And white people smell like day old mayonnaise so I guess we’re even.

  • Kahekili

    I am not surprised by this. I’ve seen with my own eyes other Black people and non-Black people argue that the word ‘nigg*’ is just another term for ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’.

  • Chey

    I have a question…and I am seriously looking for an answer because I do not understand. I am curious as to why some people think black people need to stop saying the n word so that white people will stop saying it? I don’t think anyone should use it considering the pain it caused so many people. I do not accept my black friends calling me that, and I damn sure won’t accept white “friends” calling me that either. It feels like the annoying little sibling who wants whatever you have. White people know what it is…they be ackin.

    • Kahekili

      “I am curious as to why some people think black people need to stop saying the n word so that white people will stop saying it?” – My personal belief is that White people feel that if Black women and men are willing to degrade themselves so effortlessly, then why should they try not to?

    • anonymouse

      White people’s only problem with the word is that they CAN’T say it, so in their mind…NOBODY can say it. I suppose that they don’t like being told what to do by Black people.

    • Roz

      It is just a word that only has power if you give it power. Words cannot hurt you or make you the person you are today.

      • Chey


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  • CLV

    Black folk are so hypersensitive these days. It’s just not that real. It’s a word that no longer holds the same heavy connotation it once did. Big girl panties now. Now onto something relevant like health reform.

    • Yes it does and they mean it !!!! It carries the same stigma!!

    • Roz

      Amen! Like I said before it just a word that cannot hurt you unless you let it. There are bigger more important issues to get upset about.


    I think she’s funny. Lighten up folks.

  • Coco black

    Oh please….I think she’s funny!! If she wants to use the N Word I’m not going to say a thing. When ‘we’ stop using it then we can stop crying about them using the ‘special’ word in jest!

    • Wow I have never use that word and if I did use it no white person have the right to use it. I am sorry that you are of the opinion that give them a pass to use the word. I have friends that date black men they refer to their men and children as that. As long as they don’t do it around me. I am not down with that type of disrespect!!! Literally they feel as though their kids and man is that below the scum of the earth how pathetic.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I mean, this is what we’ve turned the word into, or at least a connotation of it at least. I’m trying to find an effort to be upset but I can’t. I can’t be a hypocrite to a word I use it the same way . . .

  • Alot of white women ive seen lately if they are dating black guys (especially young black guys from the hood) use the word like its nothing. What can you say to them when they hear it all day everyday from their men and the people she may be hanging around? Some of the 30 and under club of white folks use it in the same manor as some of us do.

    • SheBe

      I was just about to chime in with the very same thing. I’ve seen a guy respond by referring to a white woman as a cracker and the woman got mad. Really? You just said “Damn ni$$a” and you get mad when someone says “my fault cracker”? Two wrongs don’t make a right but her feelings were definitely checked.

  • You screws black men, so another white chick who thinks she’s black and “down” by osmosis.

    • OSHH

      That just goes to show some black men will screw anything!

      • They need to get that acceptance and validation somehow. . . .

  • Megbabe

    After watching her bully Miss Universe on the apprentice I see how insecure and attention starved she is!! To old for this foolishness!

  • rzakia

    This Lisa chick has been on my wtf list for awhile now. She was on the Flava Flav roast (don’t judge me I only watched about 10 minutes I swear) and all they kept talking about was the white girl who banged a bunch of black guys. They of course were talking about her. Fast forward I saw her on another show, I can’t remember what it was I think maybe a Bethany Frankel show, anyway she was sitting having lunch talking about recently getting marries. The girl she was talking to asked her if she married a black guy and she was like hell no. I only f black guys. They all have too many baby mamas and all that. When I decided to get married I married a white man with good credit and no baby mamas. Those were her words. I say this to say that the only thing I would be surprised to hear come out of this chick’s mouth is something intelligent.

    • Me

      Yeah she’s absolutely disgusting to me!

    • Kahekili

      She said that because she is an insult comic, but deep down inside, I doubt she is joking.

  • IllyPhilly

    Didn’t know and still don’t know who that female is, but since we’re beating a dead horse. Tell these n!66as to stop making songs, shirts, tampons and whatever else with the word splayed proudly everywhere then getting mad when the trash is tossed back in your yard.

    • SheBe

      *FLATLINE* @ tampons.

    • Coco black

      Tooo true!! Lol

  • Nikki

    I’m not surprised or offended. This is just how she is. I have seen some of her stand up and I thought it was funny.