Throw Out The Haterade: 10 Celebs Who Deserve A Break!

April 3, 2013 ‐ By Esi Mensah

Everyone loves to hate on celebrities! After all, how else are we going to feel better about ourselves when we make mistakes if we don’t see examples of others making mistakes that are ten times worse? Well, guess what? Sometimes it starts to get a little repetitive constantly ragging on the same celebrities, especially when the situation might not be as bad as it seems. Let’s have a look at some celebrities who deserve a break…not all the time, but at least sometimes…


"Bobby Brown PF"

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Bobby Brown

It seems like everyone always wants to blame Bobby Brown for introducing Whitney Houston to drugs, but now that it has officially been revealed that it was  Whitney’s brother who introduced her, it’s time to cut him some slack. Don’t take this the wrong way, yes he did do a lot to Whitney in their tumultuous 14-year marriage, but it’s time to acknowledge that he is not the one primarily responsible for her drug addiction. Bobby Brown was indeed telling the truth when he claimed he never introduced Whitney to drugs.

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  • I was with you until kanye. As for bobby i never hated on him. I watched being bobby brown,whitney was a trip all by herself! Poor bobby! But kanye though? He needs to crawl under a brick after hitting himself with it!

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    these celebrity need to give me a break……Beyonce Taylor Swift kanye & Kim…..all ways in your face same dumm azz thing all the time no filter just here i’m don’t forget me but your going to here me a see me until you get ”SICK OF ME” dam


    I think we need to eliminate the ‘Role model’ status being applied to celebs. How is Rihanna a ‘bad role model’ but NO ONE ever calls out Chris Brown for being a terrible role model to the mostly young girls who adore him?? I think it is a ridiculous term and is often only applied to female stars. So it’s sexist in a way to have these female stars behaviour dissected and pulled apart and when they falter or act human in some way, we then berate them and say they are ‘Bad role models’. MALE celebrities are NEVER called out in this way.

  • Igglerunner

    Why is it when you don’t like or disagree with somebody its hate. I don’t care for Rhianna because I saw a video of her chastising her band. This was coming from somebody who cannot sing. The hypocrisy.


      She ‘Can’t sing’ in accordance to you but that band owe their employment status to her. So, as far as she is the one paying their salary, if things don’t sound right or don’t go right, she is the one who will be criticized. As a result she can chastise all she wants. I would imagine if it were a male artist who, say for arguments sake happened to sing like crying cats, and he called out his band for whatever reason, doubt people would complain.

      • The problem is a lot of celebrities think they don’t have to respect the “little people” bc they are rich and famous. I have had plenty of jobs and never has a boss ever talked to new the way some of These celebs talk to there staff.

  • Ms. Bee

    besides Michelle Williams, everyone on this list deserves every bit of shade they get. Keri Hilson is about the only other celeb I can think of that gets unnecessary hate thrown her way.

    She shaded Beyonce, though. Yeah, I hate Keri. Nvm.

  • bigdede

    This list makes no sense. Bobbie Brown isn’t getting any hate. People have tried to be on Bobbie’s side but HE is the one who is still drunk driving. He is the one who is still not getting his life right. Everyone knows Bobbie didn’t put the crack pipe in Whitney’s mouth. As for Ri Ri, I really doubt anyone would say anything about her if SHE didn’t publish half naked photos of herself on twitter everyday. SHE is the one telling every magazine about her love with Chris Brown. She puts her business out there for people to react to. So if people react to it negatively, that’s her fault. Kanye always comes off as a spoiled brat when he does his rants. Just listen to his last one. He sounded jealous that Jay was doing business with JT. Stacy Dash. SHE is the one putting herself out there support Romney but yet couldn’t come up with one single real reason as to why. Why you start campaigning for someone, you should expect a backlash. No one is hating on these people. They put themselves and their business out their willingly. If people react to it negatively, that’s not hating, that’s having an opinion. Don’t put your business out there for people to say anything about!

    • scandalous7

      the doors of the church are open

    • Jacquiline Perkins

      that true about Bobby Brown but those are his demons…Whitney Houston demons were not cause by Bobby….but he took the blame like a real ”MAN” she was a hot mess he needs a break……

  • scandalous7

    thank God chris brown was not on this list. I thought yal were gunna tryyyyyyyy it.


      Lol. If anyone needs NOT be on that list it’s that dude.

      • scandalous7


        • Jacquiline Perkins

          Chis Brown ”DESERVE” a brake…..but you can’t ”FIX” stupid it’s like love you want it…..”BUT” you don’t want to do the ”WORK” at it….

          • scandalous7

            one only deserves what they work for

  • you call it hate i call it spilling the true tea.