The Big Little Things Men Do That Show They Really Love You

February 21, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin
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You’ve probably heard of the 5 love languages. As a refresher they are: words of affirmation, quality time, gift giving, acts of service and physical touch. According to some schools of thought, these are the 5 ways a person can show love. It’s believed most people speak in three out of the five languages. But, we think this view can be a little limiting. Plus we want to give credit to the men out there who don’t necessarily speak any of these languages fluently, but show love in other very tangible ways.

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  • Just saying!!

    I don’t like PDA. What does that say about me as a woman? Not embarrassed or ashamed by it, I just think there’s a time and place lol

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  • Los

    Sorry but nine and ten are bull. If you say something wrong, he should reply. You can’t cross the line with an off the wall comment because you are in pain. If I am in pain I am not going to insult the woman I love just to let some steam out. I should except the same for her. Second I am not a mind reader. If your are suffering and I can tell I gonna be there for you but if i am trying to console you and you are just pushing away I am going to give you space.

    • Just saying!!

      I don’t think the author means you insult your partner, but just that you say things you wouldn’t ordinarily say. Like if you have an argument with a friend and say you would beat her up or call her a derogatory name he doesn’t need to correct you–you’re just venting. That’s the type of thing I think she was referring to, not disrespecting your partner.

  • CookieMama90210

    Everyone who is right-handed is left-brained, not just men.

  • L-Boogie

    This is very sweet. Some people are just fortunate in this area.

  • Kelli

    I have lupus and my guy sometimes makes me cry with his humility. He has been through everything with me. We dont have much money, but he cares for me like God would.

  • Kim

    but PDA sometimes is just men showing their dominance to other males. he sometimes does it to show everyone that they’re not allowed to touch his lady. however, i know this and still love pda lol

  • Nope

    In short, his world should orbit around your sun. Not a bad list, I just hope a woman receiving all of this is regularly squeezing in a few sets of sit ups and head service.

  • Reese

    I agree with everything but the part about a man giving up his job for me and PDA. I’m not big on PDA even if I do deeply care about you.