Ooooh Possible Jumpoff Of Dwayne Wade Pens Open Letter

February 19, 2013  |  
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From HelloBeautiful

Another day another jumpoff coming out of the woodwork. One of Dwyane Wade’s jump-offs just put spilled the tea and wiped it up one with of Gabrielle Union‘s panties. In a letter sent to MediaTakeOut, one of the NBA baller’s alleged jumpoffs wrote a letter to Gabby and based on the facts, I think it’s safe to say she was definitely in Wade’s house.


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  • hollyw

    Good lawd, I wasn’t even gone click the link and just advise these two to keep it moving, prob was a liar, anyway (not that he ain’t slipping out), but OMG, this side piece crossed the WHOLE line! Seriously?? Dropping names?? She snitching! If she think she’s valid b/c she was around b/f Gabby, please below she won’t have to be worried about sticking around after, unless Wade is a super-dummy in addition to a cheater! Just wow!

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    I dont believe this… I hate when people try to fvck up a good thing

  • mac

    you lose em how you got em as they say…

  • mac

    “FYI your man likes fat a**es you might need to get you one.”

    *cringes* ouch!! I felt that one all the way over here ._.

  • Nikki

    I think it’s safe to say that Wade will be out with an injury for the rest of the season…

  • JaneDoe

    I am waiting for D.Wades boy toy to come out the wood works bc his flaming behind ain’t all the way straight.. His lip gloss stays popping and his skinnies are far from fashionable. Just sayin

  • Lioness domain

    Why are so many people assuming that this is true? First how do we know when the pictures were taken and if that stuff is really his. Futhermore I sick of thirst chicks thinking it cute to sleep with someone else’s man and brag. Your a great representation of a class act…NOT! Also we don’t know that Gabby started out a his mistress, I mean clearly his ex-wife lied about other things. Why is it not possible that she lied about that? Some women are quick to say a man cheated but sometimes his not. This girl has written this letter to prove what..that she’s tacky and a snitch! Basic chicks enjoy stuff like that…if he did sleep with her there is a reason she remained just a jump off ….she’s basic!

    • mac

      Lol come on. To go out on a limb like that and name this guy’s chef, and describe his bedroom in that much detail, I doubt she’s lying. Him being a NBA player doesnt exactly make it all too far fetched either.

      These kind of women know they’ll never measure up to the “main woman” if you will, so these kind of tactics are their only consolation. You’ve got to feel sorry for them.

      • JaneDoe

        Exactly she made it a point to be a distinctive as possible. And by Gabby’s response she knows its damn true..

  • Kahekili

    Why is it that when a man cheats, the woman is the one who is left being called all of the derogatory names?

    • Guest360

      Well….when the woman is this chick airing out dirty laundry just to get a hand out and make a name for herself, she should be called derogatory names. Anyone who sleeps with a taken man and then BRAGS about it, I’m sorry but you deserve what people have to say about you. That in no way excuses the man who cheats but this chick knows what she’s doing and it’s not cool.

      • Kahekili

        Did you know that there are more derogatory names for women than men?

        • Guest360

          Really? Cause I can come up with quite a few that are men specific. Cheater, deadbeat, low-life, dirtbag, douchebag, a-hole, jerk, scum/scumbag, d*ck, and my favorite from Diddy “b*tch-a$$” and many of its derivatives (b*tch-a$$ mofo/n***a, broke-a$$, etc.) And that’s just the list I can come up with off the top of my head. There are plenty of derogatory names for men if you’re creative enough lol.

          • Kahekili

            Yes, really. Google it.

            • Guest360

              Because google has every derogatory name known to man? Lol. Ok….Like I said, it’s all in how creative you are. I’m not limited by gender in the names I choose to call low-lives.

              • Kahekili

                No, I was not asking you to Google every derogatory name known to HUMANS. Google “Why are there more derogatory names for women than men?”

          • hollyw

            I think one distinction is that female derogatory names are are usually more linked to our sexual objectification…just sayin lol. Carry on…

  • Gabby is a homewrecker, so I really feel like she’s gotten what she deserves.

    • Kelsey

      She doesn’t believe that she is so deny deny deny she will to save face

    • Nikki

      She’s not a home wrecker at all. As a SINGLE woman, she dated a man that made himself available to her.

      • He was married. Wrong is wrong.

        • Kahekili

          He was married, but yet he chose to entertain her.

          • Nikki

            Right. People want to blame the woman and call her names, but the HE was the one in a relationship. He was the one that made the commitment to someone and didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. I’m not saying that she is blameless, but she was single with no kids. Single people have the luxury of being selfish. Married people are supposed to think about their families first.

        • Nikki

          Right. HE was married. HE was wrong.

  • YES gAWDs

    I laughed at this letter on MTO…what do this woman want a prize??? A cookie??? Wade clearly is with the woman he wants to be SEEN with, so this woman has some pictures and some artifacts O OK…Gabby should discuss the situation with Wade, come to a conclusion, and leave it at that, dont even address this ignorant letter. these jumps want fame and a role on BBW for sexin these ball players, because as we all see they make “jumpoffs” apart of the cast. She not going to get the man for doin this…so what else she want??? I thought so. The game has become so grimy with all these stupid reality shows, these women have nothing to they name but who they have sex with…this wont end well.

    • Laine

      Gabby should leave it at that..?? I would not be okay with my bf/ husband cheating on me…But then again,.. that’s how their relationship started, so maybe she should leave it at that… haha

      • Nikki

        That’s what she is saying. Gabby needs to address the situation with him and decided whether she is going to leave or stay. She doesn’t need to even address this letter or the person that wrote it.

  • Reese

    No surprises here. Gabby might as well go ahead and pop out his baby, get a decent child support check. I mean her career really ain’t doing much right now.

    • Why would she want to subjugate an innocent child to a broken home? She got her own money she isn’t hard up for a come up. Come on black women we need to think better than this.

      • Kahekili

        “Gabby might as well go ahead and pop out his baby, get a decent child support check.” <—- Dysfunctional thinking at its finest.

        • Reese

          LOL I was being sarcastic. Seesh!

          • Kahekili

            Sure you were.

    • Nikki

      Well, she has a new movie out. It look interesting.

  • Duke

    Younger and prettier will never go out of style.

    • Kelsey

      Say it again.. I am pushing 30 and clutching my pearls

    • jeanebug

      but we all have to get old one day. and know karma never get old either!!!

  • CP

    Gabrielle, please be classy about your response, if you decide to say something.

  • kierah

    Looks like DWade didn’t leave enough the money on the table because this chick is putting bizness on Front Street with a neon sign.
    The Heat Big 3 ain’t winning this week the Love Department – Bron Bron w/o Savannah at the White House and All Star Wkend, Chris Bosh’s wife being outed as a gold-digging thief by Lil Wayne and now Dwayne Wade draws are showing!

    • tudbee

      ‘Dwayne Wade draws are showing’…..lmao. Almost choked on my lunch.

    • Tamaya

      Lil Wayne is an idiot!

  • Wow. . . . a NBA player that cheats? I’m shocked and in disbelief.

    But one day these dumb azzes are gonna learn ain’t nothing FREE or EASY in this world.

  • This made me sad…