‘I Didn’t Like It, So It’s Off:’ 50 Cent Brags About Pulling The Plug On ‘Starter Wives Confidential’

February 19, 2013  |  

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Yesterday, we told you that  TLC mysteriously decided to snatch reality show, Starter Wives Confidential off of the air, after releasing only three episodes. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that one of the famous exes of the women on the show probably had something to do with it, but the ex that came forward was a bit surprising. In case you haven’t been keeping up with Starter Wives Confidential, the mother of 50 Cent’s son, Shaniqua Tompkins was cut from the show during the first episode, after being caught up in some legal red tape. The way it was portrayed on the show, she signed a book deal with 50 a few years back, which prohibited her from divulging any information about him or their relationship on the show. This is why when it came to possible exes who could’ve had something to do with pulling the plug on the show, 50 was the last person to come to people’s minds. But, he shocked us all when he took to his Twitter page to taunt the ladies from the show and take credit for having a hand in its cancelation.

Cast member and ex of Floyd Mayweather, Josie Harris, clearly flustered with 50 chose to fight back, claiming that the actual cause of the cancelation was that the show’s ratings were too low.


Who’s story are you buying?


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  • Maile00

    There are enough reality shows as it is…this one wasn’t needed. There are other ways to make money….

  • DoinMe

    Contrary to what 50s big ego believes, he doesn’t have that much power to shut down a whole show. Nobody was watching it.

  • anonymouse

    i said the same thing about his rap career..’i didn’t like it, so it’s off’

  • sabrina

    50 also claimed to have shut down Worldstar a few years ago…remember that? And he was lying about that too! I don’t believe that man one bit.

  • ibdw2

    I was sorry to see the show cancelled because I do believe that both sides should be heard in any situation. What does 50 have to hide? Its interesting that he went so far.. shady for sure. I wish the women well and, hope they all can get closure and, move forward in their lives successfully.

  • realadulttalk

    The show was stupid and boring…it’s not like it was gonna last anyway. I only feel sorry for DMX’s wife–she really did need that money. Since you’re doing so much 50…why don’t you help her out?

    • Nikki

      Please explain why you feel sorry for her, because I disagree.

      I have no sympathy for a woman who stayed with a verbally abusive, hot-tempered, drug abusing, adulterer who also claims that he NEVER wanted to get married. He has fathered 7 other children while with her. On top of that, the only thing I hear DMX barking about how trashy the younger generation of hip-hop/rap artists. Now, he’s broke…

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Fif tweets funny ish though!
    Oh well that show was boring anyways