Ex-NBA Player Stephon Marbury Ordered to Pay Former Mistress $300K in Hush Money

February 19, 2013  |  

Stephon Marbury in uniform for the Beijing Ducks in December. Imaginechina via AP Images

Thurayyah Mitchell, the former jump off of married and retired NBA player Stephon Marbury, is waiting for him to cut her check. You see, this chef-turned-side piece had a romance with the basketball star back in 2006. In an effort to keep her mouth shut and not expose the relationship to his wife, Marbury agreed to pay her $900,000.

TMZ reports that after paying over $600,000, Mr. Marbury decided to stop making payments back in 2010. Oh, but the best part is he not only verbally agreed to the hush money. She actually got him to put it in writing. So when the money stopped coming, it left Ms. Mitchell to legally enforce her contract. Marbury refused, alleging that filing her claim was a breach of the confidentially deal. Nice try.

On February 1st a judge sided with Mitchell and ordered Marbury to pay the remaining $331,584.50 he owes plus interest. Now he has to pay and the whole world knows his business. Kind of defeated the whole purpose in making the deal in the first place, right?

So the lesson here is if you sign on the dotted line, even in these sorts of private affairs, you’re going to be responsible to whatever you agreed to. Of course, there’s also the question of whether Mitchell should really benefit from being half of an adulterous affair. Thoughts on that one?

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  • Songbird

    She need to pay taxes on it!!!! Services rendered!!!

  • Dee

    hmmm but the original agreement kind of sounds like extortion to me….

  • a contract is a contract..lol

  • G’Dyss

    LMAO all his wife needs to due is sue HER a.z.z. for alienation of affection for the sum plus interest down to the penny that he had to pay her, then divorce him. dummy

  • Kenedy

    It never ceases to amaze me how dumb professional male athletes are…so basically the value of the chef’s vagina is $900,000, plus tax

    • Kahekili

      No, the value of her silence is/was $900,000+.

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  • JoAnna

    The lesson learned is people refused to learn the lesson. People need to stop cheating and sit down somewhere. It will save them a ton of money, child support payments, hush money. These althetes need to learn to keep their money in their pocket, which is a waste of time writing this.

    • They just need to weigh the risks and stop deluding themselves that these women actually want them aside from their dough and status. Since they get use to people kissing their azz that gives them a false sense of entitlement and that they can do whatever whenever they want to. Delusions of grandeur if you will.

  • kierah

    Remember when his crazy azz was eating Vaseline? He should have said he was insane when he signed and not legally liable (but that probably would mess up a lot of other contracts)

    • he is insane forreal, look at his career and how he left the nba..

  • sammi_lu

    If I were his wife, I’d be more pissed at him for actually paying this woman over $600k than being a philandering dummy.

    • Nikki

      Right! “You gave her HOW MUCH MONEY??? I better get more than that in the damn divorce!!” lol

  • MLS2698

    Wait……isn’t this kind of like, legal blackmail? Fool doesn’t think he has to pay because this info is out now. Tsk, tsk.

    • Dee

      That’s what I’m saying. If she said she’ll tell his biz if he doesn’t pay her to stay quiet, that’s extortion which is illegal. He should have gotten himself a better lawyer LMAO

  • Hush money? Is that why it’s in the news?

    • He fronted on paying all the money so she went to the courts. Its only hush/hush if you pay up.

  • lol one day these fools will learn that ain’t nothing free in this world. There are strings attached to EVERYTHING! If you don’t pay on the front end you paying on the back.