In Case You Missed It: Alicia Keys Wines And Does Reggae Version Of “Girl On Fire” For 10-Minute NBA All-Star Halftime Show

February 18, 2013  |  

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Were you checking out the NBA All-Star Game last night? If you were, then you know that aside from the game, everybody was talking about Alicia Keys and her performance during the halftime show. Of course, it didn’t have all the hype behind it as a Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, but she was crunk nonetheless. The 10-minute show was something we hadn’t seen from her before, as Keys left from behind her piano to dance around with her background dancers in leather pants and a crop top. Though in Houston, she opened her performance with “Empire State of Mind,” and no one in the crowd had any problem with that, jamming to the beloved song and singing the chorus as though she was saying, “Baby I’m from H-toooooooown!” Loved it!

And then things got a bit interesting…I guess you could say. Keys of course pulled out “Girl on Fire,” but flipped the script on everybody by trying to make it into a reggae version (check the dance moves and all the colors). It definitely was a bit easier to sing for her (as the usual high notes in that song can be a struggle), and a bit easier to groove to, but the dance moves by everyone involved we could have lived without, especially those by Keys herself. But she eventually got back behind the computer to do “No One,” another crowd favorite. There were some vocal struggles with that one in the beginning, as I think her voice was getting tired after five minutes of jumping around and singing. But she pulled it together to do one final song, “New Day” off of her Girl on Fire album, which was actually a lot of fun to watch. The song is growing on me more and more and it definitely helped to close out the performance with some energy, because let’s be honest, this wasn’t the most amped halftime show, but then again, neither was the actual game itself (snore fest).

In the end, I don’t think it was all that bad. There were just some moments when you could tell her voice was really straining, and that made things a little awkward. And you know how we already feel about “Girl on Fire.” But what do you think? Were you feeling last night’s halftime performance? Check it out and let us know below!

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  • IAJS

    This was so awful, what in thee world happened to Alicia? She should exit like a lady or compose original piano music only (no voice at all)

  • Kahekili

    I like Alicia and eveything, but that performance was awful!

  • She has no rhythms whatsoever, watching her dance is EXTREMELY painful.

  • mac

    I just wanna know how she really and truly concluded that it would be a good idea to sing an anthem about NY in Texas. *scratches head*

  • Alicia sucks, I’m sorry. Just good PR and a pretty face that helped propel her to fame. Her live performances always seem to be a strain. She can’t dance- she should talk to Beyonce about voice and body control.

  • I don’t know what has happened to her voice but, it sounds very strained. I noticed that she has difficulty hitting high notes in most of her performances lately. I’m concerned because that performance wasn’t up to her high standards.

  • Marguerite

    I really liked it.

    • jjac401

      I like her performance too. I like the raspiness of her voice.

  • GAgurl123

    She is a pretty good actress. Maybe she needs to choose acting as her primary career and close the lid on her piano.

  • It’s not to bad.. I love Girl on Fire.. I don’t like this version.. I do like the fact she tried to dance..

  • She is barely a mediocre singer, let’s just be honest. I’m not impressed.

  • Suchalady

    I wish she would let this song die in a fiery inferno once and for all. No one likes the song Alicia, it sounds terrible. Stop trying to recreate it and let it go.

    • ++

      this isn’t true. She keeps performing the song because people keep buying it. Log into iTunes. That song repeatedly keeps get pushed into the Top 20 or even Top 10 & it’s been out since September-ish, 2012. She’ll stop performing the song as soon as people stop buying it.

    • Kahekili

      I disagree. Artists know when their music isn’t doing well. If this song wasn’t doing well, I doubt she would keep singing it.

  • zena

    That was just horrible. It matches her short arms and cankles. I still don’t care for her music.

  • apapssionata

    She has not sounded well lately (her Super Bowl performance was shaky as well). Don’t be surprised to hear about surgery and/or vocal rest in the near future…

  • MLS2698

    Well, Alicia, um………Oh, hell! I just don’t know what to say. I knew you couldn’t sing (not a diss, just fact), but you had stage presence. Many stars have that ” It ” factor, and I think you need to look under the couch and flip the cushions over to find it.

    • I feel the opposite, before I felt she had no stage presence but sang awesome, now her music is like she’s yelling so I think both factors are lacking now. I think after “no one” came out my appreciation for her went down.

  • I don’t know what happened to Alicia’s voice, but ever since she married Swizz and had a baby, it hasn’t been right! And I hate that for her, because I used to love watching her perform! Guess that Karma really is a mutha!

    • Pseudonym

      When women have babies, often their voices drop two octaves and she already had a deep voice to begin with. Maybe that’s it? I never was a fan of her singing, but if you notice a difference, that could be why.

      • Me

        Two octaves? Really? Lol do you know what an octave is?