Rihanna’s River Island Fashion Line Is Getting A Merciless Thumbs Down

February 18, 2013  |  

The singer at the Rihanna for River Island show. Rex Features via AP Images

We heard earlier today about Rihanna’s run-in with a crazed fan after a night out at London hot spot The Box, in which the singer was celebrating London Fashion Week. Rihanna wasn’t just trying to party in honor of the fashion shows. She was actually a participant. We reported last month that her line, in partnership with UK brand River Island, would be making its debut during London Fashion Week.

Well, a review is in and it’s not pretty.

Tom Sykes, writing for The Daily Beast, called it a “horror show.”

“The clothes were hideous and without an ounce of panache or style between them,” writes Sykes. So how do you really feel? Sheesh.

Sykes’ criticism also extends to the lack of fabric involved in the clothing, with lots of exposed belly buttons and high slits, saying that if a guy walked up to a woman in a bar wearing one of these outfits, he could be “fair[ly] confident” that he’d “be getting lucky.”

“The only lingering uncertainty in your mind would be whether or not she would take a credit card,” he added, in case you didn’t get the picture.

Sykes is just as — if not a little more — upset that the organizers of London Fashion Week included Rihanna, saying the shows should be reserved for designers with more fashion skill and training.

The line will be available online and in stores starting March 5. People magazine gives us a few photos and, hmm, yeah, we probably wouldn’t wear these outfits to dinner with the parents. But do you think it’s as bad as Sykes reports?

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  • Insulted 90’s Teen

    Did ya’ll see the whole show in River Island’s FB page? Rhianna’s fashion show looked like a hood Home Ec version of the outfits from House Party. The overalls, spandex dresses and shirts and pants of the same print. And I don’t know why they agreed to use that print from grandma’s sewing kit….it was supposed to be a sofa cover.

  • Taj

    Those clothes are nothing more than a hot mess. I’ve seen prostitutes with better taste when it comes to clothing. I’m sorry, but these clothes look like they were made for crack addicts, b/c you would have to be out of your mind to be caught wearing mess that looks like that.

  • realadulttalk

    I almost missed the horrible clothing b/c of all the protruding hip bones (YUCK!!). Uh, yeah–I can’t design or sew very well…but I could have made that line–I wouldn’t have though b/c it would be an embarrassment!

    • Britt

      Green is not your color sweetie. Use that envy as determination to get on the treadmill to get a body that nice.

      • realadulttalk

        Idiot–I’m a size 5….next! Maybe you should digest your food instead of vomiting it back up. IJS

  • nick

    She might as well have done a collab with Rainbow…this line deserves thumbs, index, and middle fingers down!

  • bluekissess

    Celebrities remind me of that site Polyvor they put outfits together which is disrespectful to the real fashion designers who sketch, sew and are educated about fabrics. These clothes are hideous.

  • IllyPhilly

    Do celebrities ever wear their own brands?

  • LC

    The models look sickly and could make it seem as if I have a body like Beyonce. The clothes are tacky and cheap looking. The “fashion” is something I would have put together when I was 7 years old….if I had been a prostitute.

    • IllyPhilly


  • Beautiful Mic

    Consumers should stop allowing celebrities to applying expertise where they have none: singing, acting, fashion design…

  • Kenedy

    I clicked on that link….de fock is that sh*&? & those models mannn, they could use some horse meat beef patties with cheese

  • Londy

    I admit I like Rih’s fashion sense, but these clothes are just sad! Did she look at any of them before she endorsed them? This is your name, Rih! Tell me you know better than to red stamp these rejects from an old 702 video..!! The clothes are perfect….if you’re a teenager in 1993, or the first contestant to get kicked off Project Runway. Bad call, Rih. Better luck next time.

    • Taj

      Look, I remember many of the groups from the 90s and was even a teenager myself in that decade and I know for a FACT that members in 702 were covered up as well as many of the teenagers during that time. Now don’t get me wrong. There were those short skirts where if a person had bent down, they would be showing their drawers along with “daisy” dukes. Even some of the trifling students on my campus (during my undegraduate years) who went to class as if they were going to the club were more dressed than the models shown in the pictures. Let’s just call this what it is. The clothes showcased in Rih’s fashion line is just skank on another level.. and unfortunately, she epitomizes that.

  • sabrina

    Her clothes do look pretty skanky and tasteless. I’ll pass.