Can You Believe These Women Were Cheated On… And By These Men?

February 18, 2013 ‐ By Meghan Williams

Apparently being in a relationship with a beautiful and successful woman just isn’t enough for some men, perhaps even a lot of men depending on who you ask. Why can’t they be content with what they’ve got? We have no clue, but it’ quite strange considering many of these men cheat on women who they should probably be thanking their lucky stars ever even gave them the time of day to begin with. That’s certainly the case with these starlets below. Check out the women most entertainment stans were shocked to find were cheated on — and especially by these men.


"Halle Berry and Eric Benet PF"

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Halle Berry

Eric Benet had to have been all the way out his mind when he decided to cheat on ex-wife Halle Berry. She’s gorgeous, wealthy and talented – something you don’t find in just anybody. And considering Eric hadn’t recorded a hit in… forever, he probably should’ve thought twice before fudging up a relationship that seemingly benefited him more than her.

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  • Kahekili

    Yes, I can believe it.

  • Mikkalotious

    Just because a man is attractive or a woman is very pleasing to the average eye doesn’t exempt them from heartache. Beautiful people experience the same things the other type of beautiful people experience.

  • Actually I can believe it… Alot of beautiful women have “issues” just like anyone else.Yall see Hally can’t keep a man to save her life.

  • bigdawgman

    From the movie Perfect Stranger there is a great line that goes “Show me a beautiful woman , and I’ll show you a dude that’s tired of f***ing her.” Some dudes just don’t get it….

  • saintsinno

    The only men that messed up were Jermaine Dupri and the Dream…the rest were totally believable.

  • Classic battle of the sexes, men are from Mars & women truly are from Venus, we don’t understand each other on an intimate level, and neither should we, thts the natural order of things,constantly thru this article, “she had money beauty and talent” like these are the most important things to a man, a female value system, who is she as a person is paramount if she can cook and sex good are only fringe benefits, not the main deal breakers sex and good cooking gets old, show me the most beautiful woman in the world and I ll show you a man tired to f*** her, who is she to me ? doe’s she make me feel like a man or a little boy ? these basic feelings very primal to men, and psychologically manifest negatively on a relationship often in the ways described. tip treat your men like men ladies, even if you have more money than a small still like to feel like men just like women like Oprah, still need to be occasionally reminded she is only a woman therefore she buys Steadman but she can’t buy love or life.

  • Laila

    Some men cheat because they feel it is expected and accepted. I had 2 cheaters in my lifetime and dumped them both and did not look back. I don’t forgive cheating and since I don’t have kids, there is no reason to keep a cheater around.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    People don’t cheat because of looks. They cheat because they lack self-control.

  • What is it that some people don’t understand? It goes beyond looks. If you are with a person for just their looks, the relationship will not work. Personality has a lot to do with being with someone. People believe that because a person is beautiful, cute or attractive they automatically have a great personality. The majority of attractive people are so hooked on themselves they can’t keep someone in their lives. They are always being told how beautiful they are and it goes to their head. If you notice a beautiful person who has multiple partners, it has to do with her also, not just the man. I hate it when a couple is judged by how good they look together, it goes beyond the looks. Now on the other hand, some people get with attractive people for status and could give two hoots about them, Its just for show.

  • adanie12

    I think Eric Benet is an exception ONLY because he really was a sex addict. Halle Berry was trying to help him and he went to therapy on and off for years. She finally couldn’t deal with it and left him, which I agreed with completely, but he did FINALLY go to couseling consistently and got help. He remarried and has been happily married since. I actually thought it worked out well for both. He got the help he needed and was able to remarry and have a successful marriage, and Halle got the beautiful baby girl! 🙂 God Bless!

  • Honestly..

    Women cheat just as much as men (we are only better at hiding it). Believe it or not, looks are not everything. I have cheated a few times and for me, it was about chemistry and being with someone that I “click” with. I could care less if my man is considered “hot” I would still step out if I was unhappy. If I’m dating a man and there is a disconnect, I tend to look elsewhere. Everyone has their own personal reasons but women are just as guilty.

    • Nope

      Men tend to be more promiscuous physically, and women tend to be more promiscuous emotionally and when it comes to attention. Men stick their peen into other women, women stick their heart into other men. Attention is to a woman what sex is to a man. The physically cheating just seems more worse because it’s more apparent.

      • CC

        I totally agree with this!!! Yes Nelson, you’re right, emotional cheating is bad if not worse (emotions keep the relationship “bond”)!!! Women are more emotional and men are wired to be physical creatures. Of course there are always exceptions to every rule……

  • mac

    I’ll say it again. People don’t cheat because of looks. If that was the case, there wouldn’t be one faithful relationship on this planet. There’s always someone better looking. Always.

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t need to click these pages b/c Miss Crazy Berry appears first… Lol

  • realadulttalk

    I don’t need to click these pages b/c Miss Crazy Berry appears first… Lol

  • Sagittarius81

    Just cuz someone is pretty in the face and have a nice body don’t mean they’re immune to get cheated on. Men cheat for s3xual reasons and women cheat for emotional (and s3xual) reasons.


    Vagina$ has no face!!!

    • Nope

      lmao, great point.

    • MLS2698

      Well, what have I been using my hand mirror to look at it for? All this time it didn’t matter……

  • autumn

    Beauty can only take you so far. I consider myself to be very attractive ,but my real beauty comes from within. It’s my intellect, ambition, love, fearlessness of what’s to come in this world, it’s the loving mother and loyal wife I will be to my man one day. He knows that one day this size four figure will succumb to stretch marks, and thighs that are not quite as tight as they will be on our honey moon, but that heart of mine will always be the same. No more two mile a day runs, more like running after the two kids. The love you have for your partner has to be able to endure the test of time and outer beauty will not.

  • Guest

    Men cheat because they can!!! There’s always some woman out there who is willing to be a side chick!! Since the beginning of time until the return of Jesus, it will be that way!!!

  • Nope

    Why do men cheat? The same reason women have so many shoes.

  • MsTwix

    I remember discussing this with my mother a few years back. I mean, Halle? Really Eric, you’re gonna cheat with one of the THEE most beautiful women in the world? My mom, said, you never know what happens in people’s relationships or in their bedroom. She may have been boring in bed, unwilling to be intimate (not just sexually, but real intimacy), she has been used to men treating her badly, thus not experienced in dealing with what she’ll settle for and what she won’t. Maybe he was just in it for the fame. And let’s not forget the old saying…”Somewhere, someone is sick of her (or his – to be honest), sh*t”. I have to wonder if all these women brought to the table was beauty and fame… this is pretty true of all the pretty people. I’ve heard of gorgeous men not even trying to work it in the bedroom, since he’s soooooo attractive. Sad but true…Happy Monday all. On to bigger and better, anyone here watch the “The Walking Dead” ?? 🙂

    • Drew Smith

      Love you comment. Very “eh… f*ck it.” That’s my speed.

      • Is It 5:00 Yet?

        It’s “your”. “Love your comment”. It’s okay. We all make mistakes. 🙂

        • Drew Smith

          Excellent. I’ve been acting up for a few days, and deserved this one. Love it! Have a productive week.

        • Drew Smith

          “Corrected.” Your turn.

    • Richard Douglas

      The congregations says…..amen.

  • ieshapatterson

    trying to figure out WHY this is soo surprising?? truth be told,it could be several different reasons,as to why it happens.but the reality is,it can happen to anyone.who you are,what you do and how you look are sometimes only the tip of the iceberg.

  • IJS

    Why do women always seem so baffled that men cheat on “beautiful” women?!! Ladies, men typically get with beautiful women because of the status they bring (women get with dudes with money or power for the same reason). But if you notice, they generally cheat on them with less-attractive women because: 1. the dude is just a dog to begin with; 2. the woman has an overblown ego because of her looks and is a full-scale b*&ch; or 3. the woman is extremely insecure because her self-worth is wrapped up solely in her looks, and she really has nothing else to offer to a man. Less-attractive women typically are not so wrapped up in their looks and are not such a headache to deal with. And that’s why men cheat on “beautiful” women.

    • Drew Smith

      I’m pretty sure you’re a woman. You simply can’t weigh in on why men cheat. I’ll give you a killer list that’s spot on, and will also make no sense to you. You’ll never be able to get into a man’s mind.

      • Nope

        I’m a man, and actually agree with IJS’s comments. Although I don’t think it shouldn’t be viewed as an indictment on prettier women, which is how I think a lot of women will probably read it, in other words they’ll say to themselves ‘see, prettier women aren’t all that’.

        BUT if they view themselves as being the prettier women, it becomes they got cheated on by a ‘lesser’ woman. Basically a woman is going to position herself in the most favorable light regardless.

        • Nope

          Meant to say I don’t think it should be an indictment….

        • Drew Smith

          Fair enough. Good talk.

      • MLS2698

        True, most men cheat because they hate their mothers. Or, simply because they have never had a real male figure in their lives to direct their journey to manhood. Then, there is the straight *ussy hunter/slayer; he prefers quantity over quality. Anyway, I could be wrong too. I just wanna know for a day what it’s like to have a phallus; somehow I feel I won’t be controlled by it. However, I may have trouble picking a leg for it to rest upon. Oh, and the testicles too. * shrug *

        • Nope

          A whole lot of women didn’t have a daddy either to guide their interactions with the opposite sex and/or were also influenced by their mother’s own p*ss poor personal relationships with men. It amazes me how ghosts (absent fathers) always get all of the blame for past, current, and future issues in the household.

          • MLS2698

            Did you know that young girls actually enter puberty faster when they are NOT in the house with a biological father? Yes, some of these women only have the teachings of their mother who lives with whatever man can pay the bills, and her view of womanhood is blurred too. But she most often stays with her children; she doesn’t abandon them. If you don’t think absent fathers make a difference, then you should try taking child psychology, for starters.

          • Kahekili

            “It amazes me how ghosts (absent fathers) always get all of the blame for past, current, and future issues in the household.”

            You have a lot to learn.

    • i am a man and i approve of this message.

    • dingo_egret

      While I agree with most of what you’ve said and as a man, not all men cheat or are they dogs. Beauty doesn’t guarantee a lasting relationship.Women who are beautiful tend to have more self esteem issues and that over time can drive any man crazy. I would rather have a cute girl any day of the week than a girl who is considered by most standards drop dead gorgeous.

      I can’t speak for all the women on this list, but Halle has had some very high profile boyfriends who at some point and time decided to dog her out. Not that any of these men are right, but she needs to look at herself as to why men constantly want to cheat on her or beat the hell out of her (i.e. Dave Justice and Wesley Snipes). Any women that makes you want to raise a hand to her isn’t the one and you should leave quickly. The ordeal in which she had her boxer boyfriend beat up her baby daddy Aubrey tell it all. She’s nothing but drama.

  • IllyPhilly

    Cheating is universal. Rich, Black, Pretty- still gets cheated on.