Is That What We Think It Is? “L&HH” Star Erica Mena Is Pregnant!

February 17, 2013  |  


Well, isn’t this surprising and pretty weird.

Love & Hip Hop: NY star Erica Mena was in D.C. Friday night for a hosting gig at Bar 7. She wore a very pretty green dress that showed off her body, including what appears to be a pregnancy bump. The above Instagram picture was captioned with her saying, “Any questions?”

Actually, boo, we do have some questions and concerns.

This is the same Erica Mena who was caught getting into a huge catfight last week at a nail salon. It is pretty clear in these pictures that she and her friends are focusing our attention towards her belly which means she new she was with child whilst engaging in yet another embarrassing moment of her “losing her cool.”

This will make the second child for Erica.  She has a son from a previous relationship and if you watch the show, her parenting skills have often come into question.

But here’s the really odd part: According to The YBF, her manager and onscreen boyfriend Rich Dollaz seemed to know nothing about it.  When they got in touch with him about it, Rich replied:

“I don’t know about all the pregnancy rumors.  Erica was posting pics on IG from Bar 7 in DC and I’m in Houston.  So I guess a convo is def in order when we are back in NY.”

He also added that their on again-off again relationship is “mostly off these days.”

Now, it certainly isn’t unheard of that a relationship would be forged simply for show purposes; however, if they’ve spent any intimate time together over the past few months, there’s a chance he could be the father of this child.

So far, this sounds quite messy but seeing as though Erica appears to live for drama, this is right up her alley.

Since the show is still filming, there’s a strong possibility that we’ll see this whole pregnancy situation unfold right on the show.

Oh Love & Hip Hop, how you do go on…

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  • Poor child!!

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie


  • yeppers

    SMH… you going to run around taking pics of a pregnant belly on social media and havent told the father??? Chiiiile this twitter thing is going to keep getting worse and worse….even if they are off shouldnt she have sat him down and shared the happy/sad news after she came from the doctor??? Wait I am starting not to believe this is real. Im going to wait until it is further confirmed…like i care. But i dont believe it.

  • nick

    well she’s either pregnant or she has the worst case of constipation in history. Both cases seem tragic smh.

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      *falls dead x_x*

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I guess she didn’t learn her lesson the first time when she had a baby out of wedlock.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Oh. My. Land!!! That little girl is having another kid!! Idk whos worse. Her or Draya! Daaammmnnnn

    • Chey

      Hey now, what’s wrong with Draya?

      • Aaliyah Noelle

        To me,it doesnt seem like shes with her son alot. Shes always tweeting about going to diff cities to party and stuff. Thats cool and all…i understand thats how she makes her $. But what about the kid? Doesnt seem like she spends alotta time with him. But hey, i could be wrong. Thats just my opinion though

        • mrs.rose

          But people have seen draya with her son I have heard Erica talk about her son since the kardashians and have yet to see her with him

          • Aaliyah Noelle

            True . It’s sad bc in the end,the child suffers

  • Lola

    I understand one baby out of wedlock but another one well you just a hood possum with two baby daddies.

  • I had to stop watching this show…Mona is like a pimp that preys on the damaged and her shows are evidence of that.

  • Ms_Mara

    God bless that baby.

  • tht is one messy beotch!!

  • Natasha T

    I’m sorry, but who is she and what is she famous for aside from being on a reality show? Congrats tho.

  • IllyPhilly

    How do you NOT know your girl is preggie and then you find out via a damn social site? WTF?

    • mrs. rose

      Right! Its all for TV but rich is a mess if he got her pregnant she is never with her son yet she has another one on the way!!! why is it women who shouldn’t procreate always can smh

      • SunshineBlossom

        I know, they should have the government put a padlock on some of these chicks, that way they can’t break in or out.

      • IllyPhilly

        I ask that all the time.