Put Up Or Shut Up: IRS Seeking Over Half A Million Dollars From Snoop For Unpaid Taxes

February 16, 2013  |  

Judy Eddy/WENN.com

There is no reason on earth why the IRS needs to come after a person twice for unpaid taxes.

But when you’re Snoop Dogg, apparently there is a reason. For the second time in the last five years, the government is after Snoop (or Snoop Lion or real name Calvin Broadus) for trying to evade them.

This time, the IRS is looking for a payment of $101,952.44 from 2009 and $444,317.85 from 2011, for a grand total of $546,270.29.  They’ve put a federal lien against him for said taxes.

Back in 2008, the IRS was after him for more than $400,000 in back taxes. As soon as Snoop was made aware, he paid them off and cleared his debt.

Now, while I’m sure Snoop has an accountant or two on his payroll, it seems like it would make sense for him to either seek entirely new employees or hire someone to watch them so things like this won’t happen more than once.He’s got to be pretty high way too often for allowing this to keep happening.

TMZ reach out to Snoop’s reps but haven’t received any comments.

It is amazing that, for the most part, it seems like average working people do the very best we can to pay our taxes on time so that Uncle Sam isn’t sending us letters about owing something like $500. Meanwhile, celebrities always find a way to go years without paying only to owe hundreds of thousands of dollars and not give it a second thought.

Are we, the working class, doing something wrong by trying to so hard to do things the right way? If so, I’ll be that because I’m not trying to have the IRS come after me for even five dollars of unpaid taxes!

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  • Goober

    This n*%%a needs to pay up his taxes too. What makes all of these guys think they are above the law? Oh I know. They are all CRIMINALS!!

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  • Natasha T

    Why do celebs think just because they’re rich they don’t have to pay taxes like the rest of us working class people?

    • IllyPhilly

      Because that is how the world treats them.

  • FromUR2UB

    It’s getting ridiculous the number of celebrities who are ignoring this. They know that when you have an income, you’re supposed to pay taxes on it. It doesn’t make sense that some of them simply don’t take care of their business.

  • Kahekili

    The money he was supposed to allocate to his taxes was used to purchase weed.

  • Jamie

    At some point, these celebrities need to learn how to take some kind of responsibility of their finances. Yes, you do need accountant, but you cannot put all the responsibility on the accountant and assume that they will do what they suppose to do. I don’t care if the accountant or who handles their money is white. These people need to understand that they need to meet with whoever handles their finances a couple times of month to go over the state of their finances and make sure their taxes are being paid on a timely basis. I understand that they are busy, but there is no excuse. You cannot totally depend on accountants, personal assistants, business manager, family member, lawyers, etc to handle their money. They need to know what they are bring in and going out. Snoop needs to quit smoking so much weed and have some kind of responsibility over his money to ensure that taxes and other bills are paid in a timely maner. The same for athletes, entertainers, business people, etc that make or has a boat load of money. Who is next?

    • Kahekili

      “I don’t care if the accountant or who handles their money is white.” – What made you say this?

      • Rina

        I think what “Jamie” was trying to say, is that it doesn’t matter if those individuals are “professionals”… (at least I hope that’s what they were trying to say. lol).. Nevertheless, I too, had to cringe and re-read that statement.

      • jameccia

        My understanding of her comment is the myth that blacks with money usually trust white business people to handle it as opposed to blacks who will steal it. I could be wrong but I’m black and I’ve heard other blacks say this. As far as the tax situation, these wealthy people cry about paying more tax $ when some of them aren’t paying any. I just don’t get….

        • Patricia

          I have to agree with Jamie. The individual made it plain. There are black people out there believe that they trust whites in handling their money verses someone black. I know sadly there are people out there for some reason believe it doesn’t exist, or take it as a racist statement, but it happens all the time. Just like a previous person says, you have crooked people in every race. Unfortunately, it is true. It does not matter what race of a person is who they get to do their books, you still have to watch them as well and make sure they do what they suppose to do. Celebrities and athletes need to make it a point to meet with whoever keeps their books to track their money.

      • Goober

        being racist

      • Jamie

        The reason I mention that is because you have some blacks for some reason to believe going with somebody white that means they will do their finances right. You have crooked people in every race.

    • Goober

      They need to take responsibility for EVERYTHING they do.