‘Shut That Ni–er Baby Up!’: Man Arrested After Slapping A Crying Baby In The Face

February 16, 2013  |  


A crying baby on a flight en route to Atlanta caused a man to lose his mind and ultimately, find himself the focus of an FBI investigation.

Joe Rickey Hundley of Idaho was charged with assaulting a minor after he slapped a two year old baby who wouldn’t stop crying.

According to CNN, the baby began crying because of the change in altitude as the plane was preparing to descent to Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport.  Jessica Bennett, the child’s mother, said she began trying to soothe him but was unsuccessful.

At that point, Hundley, who was seated next to her, turned to her and said, “Shut that n***er baby up,” according to the FBI agent’s filed affidavit.

When that didn’t immediately happened, Hundley took an open hand and slapped the baby right in the face.  Of course, the baby started crying even louder.  As a result, the baby suffered a scratch under his right eye.

Many passengers were able to tell the story to the FBI agent once the plane landed.

Delta Airlines released a statement saying they were fully cooperating with authorities and apologized to passengers for the inconvenience.

Hundley isn’t answering any questions; instead, he referred questions to his lawyer who, as of Friday, had not returned CNN’s phone calls.

Lord, Lord, LORD, hold my mule while I run this race! I assume Miss Bennett must either have been in shock or she was more professional about it than anyone else I know would have ever been.  I’ve literally thought about this all night and I am pretty sure that had this been me, this would have had a slightly different ending.

I’m pretty sure I would have made a quick phone call to make sure someone could come pick my baby from the airport. Then, I’d have spoken to the flight attendant to make sure my baby got to said person meeting us at the airport. At that point, I would have beat the you-know-what out of that old man for laying hands on my child. See, someone would have to pick my kid up because clearly we both would have been hauled off to jail. I just don’t see how it’s possible that I would not have laid hands on the man.

Here’s the thing: there’s not one person who likes being on a flight with a crying baby. But hey, things happen and you have to deal with it.  This man was mad because the plane was landing and the baby’s ears were popping and it hurt.  Not only did he hit the baby but he called him a “n***er baby.”  Being old and annoyed doesn’t mean you get a pass for being a crazy racist.

I’m still floored.

I need to know: How do you think you would have reacted? Let’s talk.

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  • chanela

    the mother was white….. nuff said.lol

  • Tamz

    I am in agreement with the masses, that headline would have read differently because there wouldn’t have been enough cops in Georgia to get me off that man for one and for two, I would have been in federal custody for mollywhopping the hell out of that man. Wait, I called him a man, he doesn’t deserve to be called that either. Apparently, his job didn’t approve of his conduct either and fired him. Karma surely works quick……

  • Shay189

    For a minute I had to check the date that this was written because there was a lot of commotion on my flight to ATL with a crying baby, but I agree with you. Had someone not only insulted me and my child, but proceeded to put his hands on my child, he wouldn’t have made it off the flight.

  • LD Henriquez

    Let’s just say the old man would have seen the white light and the LAST thing he would have worried about was a crying baby. The racism THEN the assault?And please don’t even THINK of allowing him to get off on insanity (the non ethnic get out of jail free card), the ignorant son of a banshee would have been permanently ailed for the rest of his worthless life. I am still in disbelief at the audacity and straight f_ckey of the situation. Smh.

  • For once a blog on MN dosen`t put blame on the blackman.I`m impressed.

  • FromUR2UB

    Ohhhh…I hope I would have taken time to set my baby down before lighting into old man. I wouldn’t have cared if he was 90 years old, I would have tried to break his arm off and beat him with it. I feel certain though, that if a man had been with this woman, that wouldn’t have happened. This guy just thought he could bully this woman because she was by herself.

  • Jane Doe

    That old white man got dementia. They are the best to take advantage of. The mama should have flirted with him and made him hand over his bank card and pin number.

  • NeaJ

    Wow! If I was that baby’s mother I woulda told the person across from me: here, hold this (baby) while I kick his a**!!!!!

  • Meyaka

    These kind of people know who to target,I hope she sues the tart of his teeth and leave him broke,then after the trial whup his a$$,and bail yourself out with his money.

  • get real

    I’m surprised that you black women on MN have a problem with this. Because most of you don’t seem to have a problem with anything else that these white folks do. Especially white men.

  • Kahekili

    SMH. Listen to all of you talking about how you would have violently reacted.

    • ItsMe

      Well HE reacted violently to a 2 year old. It’s not like the story was he stepped on the lady’s foot. He HIT A 2 YEAR OLD.

      • Kahekili

        I did not miss that part of the story. What good would it do you to start fighting with someone on a plane? Likewise, the same people who are saying that they would have hit the man back are probably the same people who hit their children and call it discipline.

        • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

          So protecting your child from harm means that you hit them behind closed doors? Love your logic…

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      Let someone slap your baby and call it a jigger. Please stop with the ill rise above it mess. Even it comes to my children I well fight to the death

      • Kahekili

        You and I are two different people. You do what you would do, and I’ll do what I would do.

        • Trollolol

          I totally believe she wouldn’t react violently. She’d sit back and think of the most snarky thing she can say, as she does on here.

          • Kahekili

            Please do not talk about me as if you know me. Thanks.

            • Trollolol

              you mean what you do to everyone on here? Oh.

              • Kahekili

                No, that is not what I mean, because I rarely make personal attacks against people. Thanks.

    • kierah

      I would always act in self-defense and in defense of my child. There is no apology for either of those actions.

  • katherinemurry

    That old son of a bit** would be a dead son of a bit** I wish a c******would put their MF hands on my child they would have to bury his jazz in a hurry

  • mac

    I’ve always said if someone lays hands on my family members, I’m catching a case, off top. Now if it was MY child? Godspeed.

  • I would f@!: that man up, no qusestions asked!!

  • MissRealuminatti

    The funny thing is if the black woman hit him back, she would’ve had more severe charges and the baby would have ended up with CPS. Studies have shown that blacks receive harsher punishments than whites for the same crimes. Just saying!

    • della petties

      The mother is white. the baby is adopted, we need to hold a class for interracial adoptions “when and how to act a monkey fool!”

      • Meyaka

        Speak on it.

      • FromUR2UB

        Yeah, I agree that Diversity Training or a course on racial/cultural sensitivity should be required for people who adopt children of other races, because often they allow people to say offensive things to or in front of those children, without defending the child. If it’s a matter of simply not having a backbone, then that’s another matter. But, I think many times, they just don’t recognize an offense because it’s of a nature they’ve never experienced. A parent has a duty to guard a child’s self-esteem.

        • kierah

          My friend is white and she had a baby with a Puerto Rican dude. Why did her grandpa tell her 3 month old baby, “Don’t you go stealing my hubcaps!” The family laughed. I told her that mess wasn’t funny. When it comes to your child, you can’t allow those little “jokes.” If you don’t stop it now, Grandpa will still be cracking jokes when your kid can understand what’s going on.

      • kierah

        Lesson one: There is a reason to scream like Sophia “Get my chillen outa here! Get my chillen outa here!”

  • notagoodtime

    Lord knows I am tired of these white animals. Can’t.we just kill these b@stars? Whites are truly sub human. It’s obvious that out of all of the races On this planet, blacks (mostly African Americans) have the most human decency. IM not saying we are angels but let’s compare. Ever notice when whites commit.crime it’s usually for hurting children or some sick stuff? With blacks it typically can range from selling to robbery. Petty stuff. IM telling you whites are sick…it’s obvious by this mans name what he is.

    • LD Henriquez


  • bigdawgman

    Even if it wasn’t my child, I would have helped his @ss to the nearest emergency exit!! Then I would have told the FBI, “He jumped! I tried to stop him!!”

    • MissRealuminatti

      Yeah, there was another man that intervene. Which makes me wonder would this have been more severe if the good samaritan didn’t come to the rescue? But, anyway, I would have stepped in and curse him out or something if I witnessed that.

  • If it were my child, the maintenance people would have been picking him up with a sponge.

  • hollyw

    Um, how I’d react after he hit my kid..? I’m sorry, I’m just not getting pass the “n*gger baby” comment! I mean, i know most can relate to single passengers on board w/ that kid, but could you imagine the mother, helpless about your child’s discomfort AND the mounting anger frm passengers, and THEN a man calls said child a name absolutely NO one should experience at such an age??? Like, I’m talking OUT-OF-BODY experience. I’m not responsible. I cannot be held liable.

    Maybe, MAYBE he’d have gotten shock frm the epithet, but I would’ve been full force by the time he cocked his hand back…I’m just sayin. And I’m almost positive it wouldn’t result in a child welfare case. At least, not against me.

    • MissRealuminatti

      I agree! Racist people are so sad and pathetic! No matter how much hate you have in your heart for another race, is it hat serious to harm an innocent, helpless baby? WTF! I guess there are some things I will never understand. SMH

  • Rashida

    I would have went to jail because i would have choked the life out of him.

  • Andreia Solomon Burke

    Headlines SHOULD have read: Mother goes berserk, causing an emergency landing in the parking lot of a Seven Eleven.
    Reading about this incident has caused me to be angrier with the mother, moreso than the slap-happy racist for NOT at least trying to take his hand clear off! SLAP MY CHILD? WHAT? ARE YOU MAD?
    I do understand there are some instances when we can say, ” I don’t know how I’d react” but clearly this isn’t one of those times. All I know is..I’d be banned for life from every airline there is, and dude would be sipping ALL his meals from a straw.

  • I’m pretty sure I would’ve “overreacted.” I have yet to really snap and he would be the first to feel my wrath.

  • Señorita

    I just put myself in that situation and to keep from having my child taken away and placed in DCFS custody for a beat down in front of him/her OR having my child traumatized from seeing mom give the best down I would’ve remained calm, caught that MF off guard and grabbed his sac while squeezing, pulling and twisting and asked him to repeat himself. I’d do that until I got tired!!!!! Bastard!

    • LD Henriquez

      Deaaad at the intricacy of the payback. Genius! lol

  • That man would have been in the intensive care unit at the hospital if he even DARED to talk to my baby like that. Who does he think he is? This is the problem with racists; their minds are so infested and crazy with hatred that they don’t see an innocent baby, just another n*gger. She needs to sue for every last dime she can get, and I don’t mind if someone else went nuts on his racist behind.

  • Being a mother who flies quite often, I wish this would have happened to me… He(the racist) would have been sleep for a very long time! I agree with Runt321, I would have went hammer on him and his grandchildren’s grandchildren would have made sure my child and his children would never want for anything!

  • This pissed me off.. For multiple reasons..

  • kierah

    After I recovered from the shock, I would have fugged up a friendly skies.
    But I suppose this mom handled it best, because this bigot’s grandchildren will still be paying her bills.

  • He needs to be slapped just as hard This makes no sense!!

  • Runt321

    Yeah, definitely would have been a different headline. I would have tried to take dude’s head clean off his shoulders. “Mother goes ape s#=7+ crazy, after child assaulted, man in critical condition with multiple head injuries”

    • MysteriousKi

      He wouldve learned that day to not touch my child, im in shock that she didnt do what you just said man or not he wouldve got his behind handed to him.

      • chanela

        “he would have learned that day” :LMAOOOO

    • MLS2698

      I’d try to beat his *sshole out. Then he would need a colostomy bag. Sorry, but true.

    • Kenedy

      Man, we all have fantasies about shutting crying babies up, especially on planes….but this fool actually enacted his….smh, its the end of the world