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What’s better than watching a long, drawn out courtship and budding romance between two characters? Whether they’ve flirted with each other but never gave in to temptation, or briefly hooked up for a moment, here are 15 television pairs we wished would make it last.

Who wouldn’t root for childhood sweethearts finding true love with each other as adults? After almost 20 years apart, “Revenge’s”Amanda/Emily VanCamp and Jack Porter still harbor feelings for each other. Unfortunately, Amanda/Emily is on a quest for revenge and not love. We secretly hope she’ll forget the whole “My Dad is dead thing” and ride off into the sunset towards a happy and violent-free life with Jack.

We’ve seen “Castle’s” crime-solving duo Richard Castle and Kate Beckett working side-by-side together for four years. Although the sparks have been flying, albeit slowly, these two are still playing hard to get. They did hook up in one episode. Too bad it was an alternative reality set in 1947 but here’s to hoping these two will fall into each other’s arms in this decade.

We watched Jeff Winger and Britta Perry of NBC’s “Community” flirt and briefly hook up but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as watching the do-gooder Annie Edison finally let her guard down with Jeff. Sure, on the surface Jeff is vain and self-centered but we’ve seen him mature over the last three seasons. Hopefully, the two will finally enter into a deep and meaningful relationship with each other before NBC pulls the plug for good.

There’s nothing wrong with a little May-December romance, especially when it comes to Laurie Keller and Travis Cobb on “Cougar Town.” Sure, she’s a bit older than him but the show is called “Cougar Town,” operative word here being “Cougar.” These two have flirted with each other in the past and now that TBS has picked up the show ABC cancelled, let’s hope these two can pick up where they left off.

PBS’s “Downton Abbey” is all the rage right now. As filming for the fourth season gets underway, we are rooting for Mary Crawley to leave her fiancé for Matthew Crawley. After all he did propose to her in the first season. Just because a girl said no the first time doesn’t mean she won’t change her mind. They are still madly in love with each other and if they do tie the knot, she’d already have his last name.

Maybe the old saying “Third time’s the charm” will apply to “How I Met Your Mother’s” Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky. They already gave it a try. Twice.  Yes, Barney suffers from serious abandonment issues and concocts elaborate schemes to bed one woman after the next. But we know he still loves Robin. And she loves him. When will these two drop the act and make it work for real this time?

Who can forget spending hours doodling and daydreaming about your high school crush in class? “Glee’s” Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans should stay high school sweethearts. After all, they are in love with each other (puppy love still counts). Unfortunately things had to end when Sam moved out of town. What’s a girl to do? The fashionista in training moved on and is currently dating boyfriend Shane but guess who’s back in town???

Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler worked together solving sex crimes on NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” for 12 seasons.  Although he was married to his high school sweetheart and she was married to her job, once it was revealed that Stabler and his wife were headed to divorce court, who didn’t want to see these two partners become one? Unfortunately Stabler’s Christopher Meloni left the show before they could he and Benson could hook up.

Sure “True Blood’s” Sookie Stackhouse has a thing for vampires. She swings back and forth between Bill Compton and Eric Northman like a pendulum. And who could blame her for lusting after Alcide Herveaux?  But what about her boss, shapeshifter Sam Merlotte? Yes, her bff Tara Thorton and Sam were friends with benefits for a while but now she’s a vampire, that’s over with. Deep down inside Sam is a big teddy bear and has always been there for Sookie. Hopefully she can get over this bad boy vampire phase and settle down with a keeper.

Nancy Botwin just couldn’t keep a husband alive. Over the course of eight seasons on Showtime’s “Weeds,” the marijuana dealer and mother of three buried four husbands. Through it all, the one man that was there for her and didn’t die was her brother-in-law, Andy Botwin. Although he was an irresponsible slacker, Andy’s devotion to Nancy was obvious. He followed her all across the country. Yes, he didn’t have a job or a place of his own or anything to anchor him, down but still. Had they hooked up and gotten married, Nancy could’ve went back to her first married name.

Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy shared a mentor/mentee relationship but throughout the eight seasons of “30 Rock,” we secretly wished they would get together.  Whenever one had a problem, the other one was always Johnny on the spot. Too bad there was never any sexual chemistry whatsoever between the two. Their playful banter and witty comebacks remained strictly platonic.  Sadly, “30 Rock” ended with the Lemon and Donagy married to other people.

Outside of the intriguing cases on “Criminal Minds,” what keeps fans coming back for more is the budding romance between Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan. The two shared a special bond made stronger after Garcia was shot and Morgan insisted on staying with her until the killer was caught. Hearts across America fluttered when Morgan said to her, “You know I love you, right?” Already in its eighth season, let’s hope the two finally get together before the show runs its course.

Yes, “The Mindy Project” is still in its first season but the love-hate relationship fellows doctors Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano share will no doubt turn to just love. Danny’s feelings for his co-worker are pretty obvious. Too bad he doesn’t know it yet but hopefully he will come to the realization soon because Mindy is on a quest to land a man. You snooze you lose…

Michael Scott managed the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin for seven seasons on “The Office.” No one in the workplace understood him more than Pam Halpert. Even though Pam married her co-worker Jim, her bond with Michael was unbreakable. She even gave up her cushy job as receptionist to join Michael’s short-lived paper company when no one else believed in him. Sadly, Michael fell madly in love with human resources manager Holly Flax and followed her to Colorado. If things don’t’ work out between Pam and Jim, hopefully Pam can take the next flight out to Denver.

Fox’s “New Girl” is full of laughs but it should also be full of romance. Nick Miller and Jessica Day are perfect for each other in a not so obvious way but those are the type of relationships that work out best. Jess is a bubbly young optimist sharing an apartment with Nick, Winston Bishop and Schmidt. Being the only woman in the apartment, Jess’ kooky personality fits right in but we’d much rather see Jess and Nick give in to the sexual tension and share a bed.

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