Keep It Real! Things We Hope Are Revealed About Beyonce Tonight

February 16, 2013  |  
Source: Instagram

After months of waiting, Beyoncé’s documentary, Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream, is finally premiering tonight on HBO. Oh, and Oprah threw the fans and stans an even bigger bone when she revealed last weekend that she would be interviewing Bey and it would also air tonight, an hour before the documentary. That’s pretty much Bey overload, right? Well, here’s the thing: because we know that “Beyoncé” is a brand and a bit of a machine, there have been some things that she’s managed to avoid talking about. But tonight, we want answers! Even if you aren’t a big fan, you’ve probably heard some things about her that have piqued your interest and you’d like to hear what she has to say too. So check out some of the things we’re hoping Bey addresses – if the interview and documentary are no holds barred.

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  • reign

    Now you know these types of questions would never be asked by the almighty Oprah of the fiercely private Sasha Fierce…lol…this is just a part of a new career or project Beyonce’s trying to break into…film…she’ll definitely edit it to where you won’t know any more after the doc than you did before…just show us that cutey patootie Blue Ivy from time to time…

  • That’s what I said…they told her these are the 3 questions you can ask…make it work!

  • P.S. Oprah didn’t ask her ANY of these good questions..same ol, same ol “how does it feel to be Beyonce?”, “How has motherhood changed you”, “Does being married make you a better person?” Ummmmmmmmm we could answer these questions for her?! No? Am I wrong? IJS

  • The Oprah interview was definitely boring, but the docu itself was good… she didn’t share too much that we didn’t already know, but she showed her baby, showed her pregnant belly a couple of times and addressed the rumors surrounding her “fake” pregnancy… it was good though, and we have to realize that while there is more to her life than just being an entertainer, she doesn’t have to show us any more than she wants to. I thought it was more than generous that she shared her personal diaries with the world, especially considering that she has always been so private. Anywho, Blue is beautiful, can’t wait for her comeback, and hopefully she puts out the Live At Revel DVD out soon!

  • Knockout

    A good question to ask is if she’s had plastic surgery, especially with all the recent speculation.

  • Megbabe

    I will only believe she had that baby if she releases video of herself 7-9 months pregnant! I mean that’s all it would take to shut us up. That 3 month belly ain’t cutting it. I have a 4 pack and if I have 2 diet cokes and a beef burrito I have a gut like that. Don’t get it twisted I don’t care like some ppl because at the end of the day she doesn’t know I’m alive.

    • Kenedy

      She sort of did in the end, show herself pregnant…but the way she did it was so weird….she was spinning around on something, she was butt naked & you could see her sillhouette, lol, it was just weird and kind of vain, im not really sure how to explain it, but definitely weird

      • Megbabe

        I saw that griddy black and white shot. She plays too much

  • mochaaa

    That interview was so boring and a waste of an hour. Thanks Oprah

    • Keisha Samoht

      Thanks for letting me kno not 2 watch it when it reairs, i thought hers was coming on tomorrow…

    • Kenedy

      All Oprah did was kiss her a$$:/, & Beyonce said thank you the whole time… if Oprah kissed her a*% anymore than she did, her head would have been inside Beyonce’s rectum. Oprah is such a terrible interviewer…i didn’t know until last night…she kept asking Bey the same questions over & over again…Bey looked a little uneasy like she wanted to get the heck outta there & i don’t blame her

    • Thatgirl2013

      I agree. Watching that interview was a waste of an hour of my life that I can’t get back. Bey is not the sharpest crayon in the box and that interview proved it. On a few instances Oprah had to “dumb down” her questions and as usual, Bey was looking into space and painting a perfect picture of every detail of her life.

  • Just saying!!

    Oprah wouldn’t dare ask Beyonce about the illuminati cuz she’s in it too. You don’t have to question that…there is way too much research/proof to doubt it’s real. Jay is the one that got her in. Why do you think they’re so close to the Obamas? Because they’re just cool people? Please. Common performed something for the president and everyone had an uproar…but no one minds Jay Z? You know thats some behind the scenes ish. But anyway yea look it up you’ll find plenty on those two lol

    • Just saying!!

      Then again maybe Oprah would ask as if it were ridiculous and then Beyonce would laugh it off and say no and all the dumb fans would be like “see!”. I mean honestly, who would admit to that though? smdh

  • Just saying!!

    I want to hear more about her miscarriage, how she feels about Jay using the B word, and how she feels when people call her stupid. That can’t be easy–especially being in the public eye all the time!!

  • Val

    I’d like to know how she feels about Jay-Z using the B word towards her in some of songs like Party Life and Ni&&as in Paris.

    • Just saying!!

      RIGHT!!! I always wonder what she must be thinking when I hear his songs on the radio. I don’t think I could even date a man that uses that word…

  • Kelsey

    Lets keep it real here.. The only thing real about Beyonce is the millions on her bank account.. She doesn’t owe is anythin

  • MLS2698

    I won’t be watching tonight, but maybe another day. I have to admit, her PR team did some good work by revealing lil’ Blue right before the presentation of the show. Kudos

  • gekaj2003

    What about asking whether or not she used a surrogate?

  • Common Cent$

    Let’s be honest here a girls first love is her father, so how do you think she feels about that betryal?!? To the most young girls your father is some sort of superhero who can do no wrong and to find out that he may have stolen from you! So I can completely understand if she never publicly addresses the deterioration of their relationship.

    • Just Saying!!

      Plus besides fathering another child I thought the reason she fired him was because he stole money from her I AM…tour. I believe Kelly fired him that same year too.

    • Kenedy

      Sorry, none of that was revealed…all that was revealed is that her & her father had a hard time drawing the line between manager & father & thats why she fired him…no mention of any infidelity, baby mamas & out of wedlock babies nor money embezzling.