It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye But He’s Got To Go! Signs You’re Wasting Your Time

February 16, 2013  |  

Plenty of us have stayed in a relationship way longer than we should have. It’s one thing to discover after a few weeks that you and the guy you were seeing just don’t click – it happens. But it’s another thing altogether when your feelings have been invested for months – even years – in a guy who you KNOW isn’t right for you, but you can’t seem to let go. There’s a lesson to be learned in every relationship, whether good or bad, so the trick is learning from each dating experience so you don’t spin your wheels in a dead end relationship. Not sure if the relationship you’re in is a complete waste of time? All of these signs point to yes:

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  • weh

    You truly think we pay as much attention to the individuals murdered in
    our communities as much as we do to individuals that are in cases like
    Treyvon Martin??? Why do you think the media started to vigorously cover
    the Treyvon martin case…it started by the outrage by the black
    community, activists, social media, and eventually other famous black
    celebs….the reason is because the man is white” …had Treyvon Martin
    been murdered by a black man who had not gone to jail (this happens everyday
    in black communities)…he would not have been made into a symbol of
    justice and racial plight as we are currently doing with this
    case….for you to deny this fact…that is what’s plain ludicrous! And
    to strip my comment to the “narrowness” in which you described just
    shows your lack of comprehension in understanding my point as you twisted my words to fit your own perspective.

  • Kahekili

    There is no such thing as the ‘friend zone’.

  • IJS

    Two things: 1. If you are in somebody’s friend zone, you are just in a “situation”, NOT a relationship. 2. If you have the things listed in this article going on in your relationship (especially #’s 9 & 10) and you need this article to tell you to say good-bye, you are probably too dumb to be in a successful relationship anyway.

  • FromUR2UB

    1) It’s sad that there are enough men out there wasting women’s time that most women who read this article will have experienced one of these encounters.
    2) It’s sad that there are at least eight scenarios for how a man can use a woman.

  • notagoodtime

    #5. Sigh. Advising a woman to give up on a great in reacatch is a bad idea. This is why so many women are single and unhappy. Trying to go after that spark. Not realistic.eventually marriage and love gets old. Sometimes you have to take what u can get.

    • notagoodtime

      Sorry for typos. Darn touch phones. I meant great catch.

    • Jasmine

      “sometimes you have to take what you can get”? Sounds desperate to me. Everyone deserves to love and be loved in return. “Taking what you can get” sounds like settling to me.