We Gone See That Baby Ya’ll, We Gone See That Baby Ya’ll! Look Who Beyonce Decided To Reveal…

February 15, 2013  |  
Source: Twitter

It only took a year, but we finally see that baby ya’ll! This afternoon Twitter blew up with pics of little 1-year-old Blue Ivy, taken from a still of Beyonce and Jay-z’s baby girl in Bey’s documentary, Life is But a Dream, which airs on HBO tomorrow. No one would ever doubt who this little cutie’s parents are, as her upper half is the spitting image of mommy Baddie Bey and from the nose down she’s all the Jigga man. And look at this side-by-side of Beyonce as a little girl and Blue Ivy today…twinkies!

Source: Twitter


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  • Samanze

    She is so pretty. She looks like both parents. Absolutely adorable 🙂

  • Jud Jud

    She is so beautiful and adorable 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Just saying!!

    The racism on this site…I mean SHEESH!!

  • Just saying!!

    Ohh okay if it’s from her documentary it’s probably an old shot but still a cute one! I was about to say didn’t she get bigger than that? hahha she’s a cutie!!

  • Creole Beauty Queen

    The only thing saving this baby right now is that light skin. Bey better hope this child don’t darken. Bey better listen to Mama Tina and keep that baby in a dark room ripping up papers and away from sunlight.

  • She is absolutely adorable. Now time to have a boy lol.

  • Youngin

    lol shes so cute but she looks like she wants to fight somebody like ” So what y’all been sayin about me?!” love her cheeks.

  • Me

    Sorry, that baby is not hella cute. She’s just an average baby.

  • adia

    Those eyes r beautiful this cutie

  • Jane Doe

    She look too much like her ugly daddy. This why Beyonce should of had a baby with a white man. Then if her baby looked like the daddy it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    • Just saying!!

      lmao trolling today huh?

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  • Meyaka

    Awww she looks like her daddy!!!!! Cute baby!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think she is so cute buuuuuuuut I can just foresee an article in the near future about all of the shade the e-thugs are throwing because of this picture, lol

  • Seriously, the hype over this little girl is getting ridiculous…

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  • I’m surprised she’s cute. That’s because she is still a baby. Only puberty will tell….

    • Sigh.

    • Me

      LOL! Tell us how you really feel.

  • JaneJane

    That is the perfect mix of Jay Z and Bey, she looks like them both! Too cute 🙂

  • Just Saying

    Why was she hiding her?! She is absolutely gorgeous!!


    Nice…..Isnt she older than this pic?!

    • Laine

      Now I don’t want to complain,…I’m happy that we got at least 1 clear picture.. but I must agree with you. I think this photo was taken around the same time we saw a photo of her in a store with Bey… Bey even has the same hairstyle…

  • Candacey Doris

    Holy crap she looks just like Beyonce with Jay’s lips!

  • she looks like mommy for the nose up and daddy from the nose down

  • Lisa

    She has her mommy’s ears and eyebrows… very pretty baby

  • Tolani

    Cute! Baby Blue is her Daddy’s girl! They look just alike. I see some Bey in there as well but Jay Z’s features are definitely overpowering

  • Trisha_B

    That is such a Jay expression! Hahaha. Shes cute.

  • looking like mom and dad!! beautiful!! she’s holding her head just like her daddy!

  • cisneros

    She is a cute bby

  • msgeegee

    cutie pie

  • Ms_Mara

    Cute baby!

  • Donna

    That is definitely Jay Z’s baby! Just a beauty!

  • Kelsey

    Baby Jigga.. Hi Blue

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  • Natasha T

    What a cutesy whoosy pie! Now what do those haters who complained about her having a baby with Jigga gotta say now?! She looks just like her mom with her dad’s lips.

  • Awww… she is soo pretty… now when are the ignorant a** ppl going to start with the bs??? only a matter of time…smh.. anyway she’s a perfect mix of both of them..

    • JaneDoe

      They are already screaming the pic is photoshop.. Like really. Just ridic

    • Mrs. Rodriguez

      Exactly. Beautiful little girl, now all the crazies can focus on something else.

  • Whitney

    Aww, what a cutie!

  • That baby looks just like the both of them. Beautiful.

  • Clara

    That baby is adorable!! I’m waiting for ignorant jackholes to say something mean on this site or any other site

    • MLS2698

      You mean something like, this is how a man ” ups ” his gene pool? Who would say such a thing?

  • York

    LOOK AT THEM HOV LIPS!! Lol, she is tooooo cute!!

  • Thatgirl2013

    Jay all day! Awh, hey Blue!

  • BricCity

    Beautiful! And you got it right! See BOTH mom and dad all in that face!

    • JaneDoe

      Yes she is beautiful.. Looking like who these ppl mom

    • MLS2698

      Looks just like her mommy’s baby pic. No more shadows!

      • blah blah rae

        And her mommy looks just like her mommy (Etta James).

    • Kenedy

      Daaamn this baby looks like Jigga…and the baby is beautiful…i honestly never thought i’d use Jigga and beautiful in the same sentence, but i sure did.

  • AJ389

    Beautiful Baby!!!

  • bluekissess

    That baby is to cute.

  • oh she is TOO CUTE!! 🙂 love her!