Karrueche Tran Asks A Very Legitimate Question: ‘Chris Isn’t With Me. Why Are You Following Me?’

February 15, 2013 ‐ By madamenoire
Source: WENN

Source: WENN

From Style Blazer

Her name has been synonymous with the Chris Brown, Rihanna love triangle but somehow Karrueche Tran trying to stay above it all– while working with her ex. The 24-year-old has started a clothing line with Chris called The Kill that’s for a young, urban demographic. She spoke with Vibe magazine about the line, her current relationship with the singer and the attention she’s gained from the very public break-up.

Check out what she had to say in her interview on StyleBlazer.com.

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  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Why should she stop doing her business just because he cant keep it in his pants? By sticking with it she is showing how professional she is to be able to work with him and not cause drama unlike a certain somebody. What she should do is get her money from this and then venture out on her own. Also she should try to get signed by a modeling agency

    • Kahekili

      As I said above, she is too short to be a model. I think the minimum in the modeling industry is 5 foot 7 inches.

      • smh…

        commercial agencies hire Kids and Kim K is dam near 5 foot tall….so where are you getting your information from dear…Please read a book…the only modeling done is NOT runway modeling…where do you live??? You need to get out more.

        • Kahekili

          Sure, commercial agencies do hire kids, because kids model clothes for kids, not adults.

          Listen, Dear. I have read many books, but that is immaterial to any of this.

          Where did I say that the only type of modeling is runway modeling?

          What does where I live have to do with anything?

          What makes you think I do not get out enough and what does it have to do with what I said here?


          • smh…

            I see someone ELSE also needed to correct your misinformation….Celebrities of ALL HEIGHTS are used for commercial modeling…ALL HEIGHTS… You do not have to be 5’7. So stop saying that….Kae is considered a Celebrity now. So she would be put into that category when it comes to commercial modeling. I swear some of you moronic people ignore FACTS just because you hate someone. Go have a seat. SEVERAL. AGAIN THAT HEIGHT REQUIREMENT IS FOR RUNWAY MODELING. ALL AGENCIES WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR ANYONE…YOU ARE WRONG SWEETHEART. DEAL WITH IT.

            • Kahekili

              *If you can’t respond in a rational, coherent and calm manner, please don’t bother to do so.

            • Kahekili

              Hold up! Since when do I hate Karrueche? Talk about moronic. Google is your friend, sweetheart. Just because you both say the same wrong thing, it doesn’t make it right.

            • Kahekili

              Commercial Modeling:
              5’6 to 5’11

              Editorial / Fashion modeling:
              5’8 to 6’0

              While there are some exceptions, in most cases female commercial models have to be at least 5’6 or 5’7 and usually no more than 5’11 tall (for male models at least 5’9). If you are 5’5 or under your chances of success are very limited in comparison to taller models.

              For fashion/editorial modeling, the requirements are even more stringent. There are very few fashion/editorial models under 5’8, most are 5’10 and taller.

            • Kahekili

              Also, I see you skipped right over my questions, so I will ask them again.

              Where did I say that the only type of modeling is runway modeling?

              What does where I live have to do with anything?

              What makes you think I do not get out enough and what does it have to do with what I said here?

      • Kenedy

        Only if she wants to do runway modeling, but there’s other types of modeling, like someone mentioned, commercial & print don’t have height requirements

  • Chile Cheese

    I know she needed Chris’ connects for the line to launch.. but honestly to keep down the messiness I would have had to sever all business and personal ties. Rih is messy as hell, and I cant see her letting Chris stay around Kae to see her line be truly a success. If she is serious and this is not just a quick money making scheme she needs to sever ties and move it along. shes a gorgeous girl and could start a serious modeling and endorsement career off of looks alone…She need to play her cards Right… thats all im sayin. She could come up Kim K style…

    • ieshapatterson

      yep.when i see her i see another kim k and amber rose.she’s just taking advantage of the situation.

    • toya


    • Kahekili

      No, she couldn’t start a ‘serious’ modeling career because she isn’t tall enough. She isn’t even average height. Moreover, who is going to want her to endorse their products after having her name tied to Chris Brown’s?

      Coming up ‘Kim K style’ would mean she would have to have a boyfriend release their private s*x video.

      • chile cheese…

        You can deny and HATE all l you want lol…Bottom LINE. Someone will pay her to be the face or endorse something. All hollywood cares about is being HOT AND IN “THE KNOW” not how tall you are moron

        KIM K IS 5″2 BY THE WAY…. so theres that theory of yours

        …Kae is not some drugged out skeeze or linked to Chris’ anger issues so WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HER???? If anyone is linked to Chris’ bad behavior it would be Rihanna….all Im saying is if they give every baby mama and jumpoff reality shows then they are probably going to do the same for her..and i for one would take it.

        • Kahekili

          What the heck is your deal? Why are you so angry about my comment?

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