Can ‘Deception’ Survive? Ratings Drastically Drop For Meagan Good’s TV Drama

February 15, 2013  |  

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After getting off to a great ratings start, the new NBC drama Deception is now in danger of being canceled.

Starring Meagan Good, Deception is suffering badly from poor viewership. But the series is hanging on — last week’s episode saw an 18 percent increase in viewers to 3.23 million, although that is still pretty low. “The show had been more or less shedding viewers since premiering to 5.62 million on Jan 7. On Feb. 4, it hit a season low with just 3.08 million tuning in,” writes EURWeb.

This is just a month after the show debuted as a ratings winner, as we reported.

While many may think the show was inspired by ABC’s hits Scandal, which also has a black female lead, and Revenge, about a young woman going undercover in a wealthy family to expose secrets, the show’s creator says it was actually three films that gave her the idea for Deception. Creator and executive producer Liz Heldens told the EURWeb, “Two of my favorite movies are ‘Donnie Brasco’ and ‘The Departed,’ and then I was sort of thinking about how could you do an undercover show with a female protagonist, and at the same time NBC was looking for a soap. And so then I sort of thought could ‘Donnie Brasco’ and the movie ‘Sabrina’ have a baby? And so they did. So that was how it happened.”

But the question is whether this mash-up is compelling enough to attract viewers. Have you been watching? What do you think is missing from the show?

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  • Janay

    I’ve watched every episode since the premier and I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!! The plot is amazing this show had me hooked on the t.v waiting until it returned. I love Meagan Good and I believe se and Laz Alonzo were perfect for their role in this tv series. Just got finished watching the last episode and I must say I hope there’s season 2

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I hope it doesn’t get canceled because I actually like this show. It gets more interesting with the plots each week.

  • Insight

    1. Bad writing.
    2. Bad acting
    3. Unexciting storyline
    4. Set in a world that people can’t/don’t want to identify with.
    Here are some ideas = See season #1 and #2 of Scandal

  • mdeborah827

    I watch the show, it’s okay but a bit slow and one sided. We see everything about the rich family but the lead character’s role is just about her being a cop. Not much about her life. Megan is good but I can’t help wondering if Gabrielle Union would have been a stronger actress for this role. The writer’s need to understand that NYC isn’t about the rich folks.The rich are spoiled, boring, don’t have to struggle for anything and are tearing this city apart. There really isn’t much of a story to tell.

    They thought they could steal some thunder from Scandal but the problem is they’re missing the most important part about Scandal, THE WRITING, the multi-layered intrigue, the chemistry. If you’re only going to show this city from the gentrifier’s perspective, well then, you’ve already lost the battle right there. NYC was always a diverse, gritty city.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    It is soooo boring. I tried to watch it but I found myself thinking about what Wendy Williams was going to talk about on hot topics that night.

  • &.

    I watch the show. It’s not as bad as people who haven’t seen it are making it out to be. Meagan is actually very strong in this role. She doesn’t play a girlfriend but an undercover cop trying to solve the murder of her best friend. I support the show and Scandal because I want to see more black female leads on shows. If these shows are not supported, well…don’t complain about black women not getting equal representation in the media/movies/sitcoms/series.

    • john

      I agree, she’s a strong lead and the show isn’t so bad. Also, I don’t love the feel of the fact that her mother was the maid and so on, that’s a huge weakness to me. I would prefer that they just make her a undercover officer going on different assignments period not tied into this one specific family thing. That gets tired after a while. I will say if they do cancel it I hope they give Meagan another show she’s really good.

  • IllyPhilly

    It’s S…L…O…W! Besides, how long can you carry that storyline? Two MOVIES is where this concept came from so it’s a four episode not season show tops. Sorry, I try every week to support it, my DVR at least and I end accidentally erasing episodes.

    • JaneDoe

      I agree. I thought so myself like what’s gonna happen when they find the killer. How are they going to spin it into another season..

  • JaneDoe

    I like the show.. I will watch anything right about now. As long as it not reality tv

  • NYC Gal

    I think the problem is the stereotypical portrayal of the black lead character. Meagan Goode character is the daughter of a maid and she use to mess with a white man who happens to be the son of her employer. The whole idea of portraying the white family as wealthy and the black family (Meagan & her mother) as depend on them is sicking in this day and age where we have a lot of black investment bankers, lawyers, CEO’s etc. No well educated black person wants to see crap like this.

  • AJ389

    I have not seen the show, I never wanted to see it so I can’t speak on her show. But all other movies Megan has done are more boring than a glass of room temperature water. She seems like she’s playing the same role over and over in every film. Beautiful girl, boring actress, sorry she has no diversity.

    • Is It 5:00 Yet?

      She is actually showing a bit more diversity in this role.