Would You Let Your 6-Year-Old Daughter Have A ‘Boyfriend?’

February 15, 2013  |  
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Valentines Day is here, and love is in the air. To be honest, these days it warrants little more than a mention for me and my husband. After 20 years and 2 children together, the over-priced bouquets and twinkling trinkets have lost their appeal. Him doing the laundry every Sunday morning? Now that‘s a major turn-on.—

For our daughter, though, Valentines Day is a pretty big deal. She’s just about 7 years old and, like a lot of little girls, is enamored with hearts and flowers and the idea of love.

“I’m not in love with anyone,” she complained the other day from her carseat.

“That’s okay,” I told her. “You have lots of time to be in love.”

“Well, I was going to get married to someone,” she said, emphasizing the past tense. “But now I’m not.

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  • QueenOfLife

    If i had a 6 year old daughter, she absolutely would not be able to have a boyfriend. That is her time to learn and play. There is plenty of time for that. The most I would do is a play date at Chuck E. Cheese or something with myself and other parents. Thats about it..She’s only 6 for God’s Sake lol

  • KamJos

    What six year old boy needs a “girlfriend”?

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    Dating at six years old is too young. Kids are growing up too fast. What do they have to look forward to when they are older?

  • guest5

    Where’s my gun? H3LL NO! That’s what is wrong with parents today…letting kids do certain things way before they are old enough and then wonder why there behavior is so bad in the long run. Kids at age 6 don’t think about gf or bf…they think..”That’s Johnny..he’s my friend.” Unless parents put the gf and bf out there thinking it’s “cute”…kids that age will not think of the opposite sex nothing than more than a friend they play with.

    Kids are maturing a lot faster these days. IMO it is kind of sad b/c your best years are when you are a child and don’t have many worries. Why try to rush the process? They will have plenty of time to be adults and have adult responsibilities. Parents need to let kids be kids!

  • adanie12

    Hell no! The purpose of dating is to find a marriage partner. Allowing a child to have a boyfriend that young doesn’t teach them the purpose or respect of dating or marriage. Plus its stupid. Anyone who says otherwise is probably a young parent under the age of 23. And the same people siging their 15 year olds to marry 30 year old men, (modern day pedophilia). Teaching young girls to be fast already. Let a child be a child for as long as they can, the world is sick and perverted enough.

  • Kahekili

    A six-year-old does not need for an adult to put a label on their friendship.

  • Just Saying

    My baby came home from school and told me he had a girlfriend. Mind you he’s 3. I almost fainted.

  • I had a “boyfriend” in Kindergarten. It was innocent and no my parents didn’t know lol. And his name was Carrington! What in the heck kinda name is Carrington? Anyways kids that young will say they have boyfriends and girlfriends but it definitely shouldn’t be encouraged by parents.

  • Patricia

    HECK No, my daughter will not be having a boyfriend at 6 years old. Parents should talk to their child about sex and waiting until they are married. These elementary children are already having sex in school. No way.

  • Guest360

    I see no problem with it as long as you keep an eye on what they think boyfriends/girlfriends are supposed to do. After that last article posted here awhile back about the preschoolers engaging in sex acts, some kids know a little too much then they need to. But having crushes is ok so long as you’re doing your job as a parent and watching your child and know what they’re doing

  • kierah

    I don’t think it’s okay. Just because a boy and a girl like playing together, automatically (usually it is some adult saying it) they are boyfriends and girlfriends. How about we just let them be friends just like when two girls or two boys like to play together?

    Boys and girls need to be able to get along without attaching romantic feelings (that they may not have) to the friendship. It starts a precedent that continues throughout your life. Men and women have to re-learn how to be friends with each other later in life because “someone” told us in kindergarten that there is something unusual about that kind of friendship.

    • IllyPhilly

      Love it!

    • QueenOfLife

      I agree. Well Said.

  • NVAdamzz

    No I don’t think that’s okay. Back in the day, it might have been okay to let a 6-year old THINK they had a boyfriend because to them, being bf/gf just may have meant sitting together at lunch and sharing a pack of fruit snacks. Nowadays kids are learning too much too soon and having a boyfriend may mean kissing, touching and other things. If I had kids and one of them said they had a bf/gf at that age I would be more inclined to tell them otherwise than to allow them to continue thinking they do. My mom told me I couldn’t have a boyfriend until I was 16 and when little boys at 8 and 10 would say they were my boyfriend I would tell them exactly that. I also thought my mom could read my mind at that age and didn’t want to get in trouble.

  • autumn

    Children are growing up way to fast. Dating at six, high heels by ten, and a baby by fourteen. Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme ,but a six year old has no business having a boyfriend is my point.Friends of the opposite sex are fine. We are pushing our kids into the world so early now it’s sad!!!

    • guest5

      That comment is not extreme IMO. I read in the AL newspaper the other day a 19 year old was arrested for getting a 13 year old pregnant. He denied it. She had the baby and it was proved through DNA he was the father. SMDH. Girls are maturing at a very early age this days. It is sad that kids really don’t get to be kids until 18 anymore. It’s more like they are an adult at 15 or 16 now. Sad!

  • Ms. Kameria

    Play dates maybe, but “boy friends”…no.

  • Trisha_B

    Lil kids have crushes, if the parents make it a big deal the kids make it a big deal. My nephew had a little girlfriend in Pre-K. He gave her an extra lollipop on v-day lol. We just laughed it off, b/c their version of bf-gf is playing w/ each other during playtime, b/c at that age boys & girls are in that “ewww they got the cooties” age. So it’s just friends. As long as it’s innocent & not like the story that was posted a lil while ago about those 5 yr olds doing the grown under the jungle gym, then it’s fine

    • guest

      My son is 12 likes a girl in his class I told him you’re too young to date but it’s ok to friends.