‘I’m A Young Dude:’ Jermaine Dupri Implies That His Infidelity Is What Sent Janet Jackson Packing

February 15, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Producer, Jermaine Dupri recently hit up the Power 105.1 studios for an interview with the hosts of The Breakfast Club. During his interview, JD promoted his upcoming So So Def Reunion tour, addressed how he feels about Kandi Burruss refusing to participate in the tour and responded to some antique rumors regarding his love life, including that back-fence talk about him cheating on Janet Jackson.

On Bow Wow going in on Kandi about the reunion and Xscape beef: 

“Bow Wow is like a So So Def rider, he’s like my son, so he’s gonna say something the second someone says something about me. It’s 15 artists performing though, we ain’t gonna let one person stop that show”.

“The way I designed Xscape, Kandi sang all the leads on the records. When you got three other people that want to sing, and you keep giving this one person all the leads… If the designer of the music was making a person sing, that makes those other three singers like ‘Yo, when we gonna get leads?’ When we got to ‘Who Can I Run To?’ I started making sure Tiny was singing the leads and Kandi was like in the back. When Kandi started falling to the back, the problems even got worse.”

On whether or not he dated Kandi Burruss:

“I would never date her. I never said nothing about dating her… I mean she’s a reality star now, so you gotta watch out.”

On his Janet Jackson tattoo:

“Janet’s a part of my life that means a lot. I’m tattoo’ed up by the way, not to mention every part of me is tattoo’ed. Before I had the [Janet] tattoo, my mother said ‘Why you got all these white people on you that you don’t know?’  That’s a crazy question if somebody ask you that. I got Al Capone, I got Scarface, I got all these people on me… It just hit me one day, I date somebody that’s famous, let me make a tattoo.”

On rumors that he cheated on Janet:

“Oh, yeah? So what, that’s what you heard? People just make up anything, right? It sounds good. We was together nine years, that’s a long time. That’s like marriage. I’m a young dude, I’m gonna leave it at that. You know what I mean? I’m a young dude in the entertainment business.My life is crazy sometimes.”

Boy, bye.

Peep Jermaine’s interview on the next page. What do you think of his explanation? 

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  • WhoMe

    Just because he’s 4 feet tall doesnt mean that he is a young dude.

  • This Pinky and the Brain shaped negro needs to buy a clue. Janet was WAAAAAAY out of his league and the best he was ever ever ever ever going to get even if he was paying like he was laying. No boo you aren’t young. Having a touch of that Gary Coleman doesn’t make you young, just short and unfortunate.

  • Maile00

    Lmao…a bunch of talk, no answers. He screwed Kandi, she got mad when he put her in the background, cheated on Janet. Man up already!!!

    • Taj

      I’m fairly certain that Jermaine is no longer even in Janet’s hemisphere of thoughts. She has moved on, and with a billionaire to boot. Money isn’t everything. However, look at her fiance and look at Jermaine. . . she dodged a bullet with that grade school fool.

  • MLS2698

    I think JD’s mama banned all mirrors from their house when he was born.

    • WhoMe


    • Stefani

      True. . I think he is ugly. What did Janet ever see in him with bottom lip hanging and sleepy eyes. Janet obviously has no taste in men.

  • adanie12

    Everybody is right on here I have to say nothing! Lol smh.

  • neopanther

    I know this Jimminy Cricket lookin’ muh fugga didn’t just call himself “young”. He must think we’re confused about the difference between “small” and “young”. If I looked like that I wouldn’t be gambling on losing Miss tittygate for anything. That’s once in a lifetime for him.

    • Tanesha ‘Tish’ Rogers

      LMAOFF!!!!! Jimmy The Cricket!???!! I lost it after I saw your comment! Hilarious-

  • OHHH

    Why men are allowed to say that they are young at 40 is what Im wondering. Let a woman says this and watch the reactions of OTHER WOMEN calling her old. Even at just 30, women call other women old. Jermaine I am sorry you’re no longer a young dude by no means. You’re old dude. If you’re young dude then Janet, Jlo, Halle are young women and we all know how women refer to these women already. Just can’t understand the double standard reinforced by women. Why do women clown other women for their age but not men? SMHHH

  • Charla

    The way he looks, he’s lucky any of those women even gave him their number let alone dated him….

    • Chile Cheese

      at the end of the day his self esteem issues and needing to be validated by a bunch of hos instead of one woman that truly loved him and needed nothing from him will be his downfall…smh. I hope he sits his UGLY self down somewhere and marry one of these skrippers he impregnates. smh…

      • Sol Rothstein

        So you want to marry JD

  • Jolene

    If the author post this ugly picture one more time….old a*** fool.

    • yeppers

      Im not sure there were many non ugly ones to choose from….actually no Im certain there were NONE. LMAOOOO

  • Kahekili

    He’s a 40-year-old man referring to himself as a ‘young dude’. These men are in a perpetual state of childhood.

    • Chile Cheese

      they really are…and its sad when they dam near 50 years old talking about they young and still got time….um no sir you are not and no you dont. they act like the entertainment industry makes them younger than they actually are, when in actuality you look like a FOOL a OLD A22 FOOL at that. I cant!

    • Sol Rothstein

      Hey forever YOUNG….Jay-Z

  • DearMrDupri

    I hope this reunion tour has a segment in each show to fund your much needed speech and logic classes. Bye.

    • LOL. I thought I was the only one that thought “fool the only thing YOUNG about you is your thought process.”

      Have a seat Jermaine, have a seat with a brown paper bag over your head.

      • Taj

        LMAO !

  • Me

    I don’t know about his responses, but that pic is killing me!

  • He gave a bunch of non-answers.

    • Ms. Kameria

      Right. Saying a lot, but not saying anything.