Murder, Disrespect & Manipulation: The Best Moments From Scandal’s “WTF” Episode

February 15, 2013  |  

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After last week’s Game Changing episode, it was clear that Olivia Pope and friends would have to come back with a bang to keep the attention of the gladiators. Last night’s show, titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” or WTF in military speak, did not disappoint. With one of the steamiest sex scenes network television has ever seen, shocking character developments and alarming revelations, at 11 o clock, when the ending credits rolled, I found myself exhausted. Shonda had taken me through the muddy trenches.

In case the warp speed of dialogue and action left you playing catch-up last night, check out some of the more memorable moments from last night’s episode.

Last night’s episode picked up 10 months after last week’s, with Olivia swimming. Physically, she was in the pool but mentally her mind was still on Fitz, even though the two have been out of contact for almost a year.

David Rosen

Then there’s a camera flash and we’re in David Rosen’s apartment. He wakes up to find the woman he had sex with the night before has been stabbed to death. And then as if on cue, the police show up at his door, claiming that they’ve received calls reporting a domestic violence dispute. David manages to send them away before he goes back to his bedroom. It’s clear he’s been set up. There’s blood everywhere and naturally the only person who can help him is Olivia. So, David reaches out again. In the past ten months, David has been living the struggle life. He’s been fired. No one will hire him, he’s taken an unfulfilling teaching position and at an extremely low point, we find out that David’s grandmother has had to pay his rent at one point. Given he and Olivia’s past, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t trust her. At one point, he told Olivia he didn’t need her services anymore and asked how much he owed her for the work she’d done so far. She told him, in a very keep it real, throw shade moment that he couldn’t afford her. Yikes.


It’s clear that Fitz hasn’t gotten over the betrayal of his mistress, wife and closest advisors and the realization that the American people didn’t really elect him to be president. He’s taken to drinking in the shower, proving that the stress of the past few months has turned him into an alcoholic. Though he ran back to Mellie in the last episode; in this one, he seems to be completely over her again. As our Deputy Editor tweeted, when your man is not even interested in a BJ… Not a good look.

Now, onto his other chick. After the christening of Cyrus and James’ baby girl, Fitz and Olivia see each other for the first time in almost a year. The attraction is palpable and everyone around can see they still have feelings for each other. After Cyrus and James toast it up, Olivia makes a beeline for the door but Fitz is hot on her trail. Literally. He grabs her up, pushes her in a closet. She smacks him. She kisses him. And then he gave her the “D” in the control room. It sounds quick and dirty because that’s exactly what it was. Passionate, angry, I-wanna-hurt-you-so-good sex. And then in the most disgusting moment of the entire series, Fitz told her that they’d just made a mistake. I’m sorry, I was rooting for Fitz and Olivia. But the blatant, utter disrespect after he hit it and quit it in the closet was just too much for me. I’m over him and his alcoholism.

We saw him snap again when Mellie tried to fellate him in the shower again. He completely snapped, yelling and shaking her a little bit. As manipulative and unlikeable as Mellie is, I felt bad for her. Fitz is doing too much these days. And I’m waiting for Shonda to write a therapist into the script.

Is Quinn the new Huck?

Meanwhile, in their handling of the David Rosen situation, Quinn and Huck are examining the body in David’s bed. Huck tells Quinn that they need fresh, blood stains on the wall, so Quinn will need to stab Wendy, the dead girl again. After a few instructions, Quinn does it and Huck tells her she’s a natural. The look of sheer pride on Quinn’s face is a bit alarming. We don’t need anyone else on the show addicted to killing.

This New Dude

And then lastly, Olivia’s emotional rollercoaster has her missing the signs. The residual feelings she has for Fitz have her in such a daze, she can’t see that this new man, Jake Weston, is a creep. Had Olivia been on her game, she would have noticed that the coincidental meeting at the Pentagon wasn’t a chance run in. As the show ended, we see that Weston has cameras set up in Olivia’s apartment. If she starts discussing her work in her place, he could present a huge problem.


What did you think about last night’s episode? Are you still rooting for Fitz and Olivia?

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  • Devara Allen

    I wanted to slap Fitz really hard! I kept wishing Olivia would have pushed him away and walked out of there. Where does he get off talking about a betrayal? He slept with another woman and hurt, he put his career and ambitions ahead of their relationship. If he loved her so much he should have been willing to step down. And then he is the one who commits murder rather than lose the presidency. But when he finds out she was one of the people who got him the position, he gets all judgmental and preachy. Give me a break! As for Mellie, the next time she gets on her knees in the shower, I hope she bites it off! LOL

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Where are the other children Mellie and Fitz claim to have????

  • Natasha T

    Man, I saw it last night and I was like…..speechless. The way the Fitz pulled Olivia in that room and they made out, whoooa! Plus the beginning of the episode, Mellie giving Fitz a BJ in the shower, I was like “is this ABC or Cinemax I’m watching this scene on?” Plus he looked unsatisfied as heck, LMAO!

    • Devara Allen

      That was so funny! I don’t know any man who wouldn’t be all “yeaaah!” for a BJ, but he acted like she was down there pulling up his socks or something.

  • yeppers

    Hunny ALL I can say after that episode….is Fitz can chase me down a hall and yank me into the closet ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!! and twice on Sunday…. cus baabaaaay baabaay!!! lmaooo SMH….

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      That was the sexiest scene I ever seen on television

  • Yvette

    I can’t wait for the day when Mellie gets hers. I know that Fitz is all kinds of wrong for cheating on her with Olivia, however, Mellie is a manipulative, vindictive and just all around vile human being and will do and say whatever to stay in the White House including putting her life and the life of her unborn child at risk. I think folks need to be more afraid of Mellie than Cyrus. Heck I’d be more afraid of Mellie than Hunk. At least you know Huck is coming to either erase your current life and create you a new one or kill you. With Mellie you just never know…lol!

    • Yvette

      Sorry I meant Huck not Hunk

  • Guest360

    Idk how Shonda manages to top herself every week but I hope she continues to do it. W.T.F was the best title for this episode because that’s all I could say. David is always the loser and I felt so bad for him. Mellie is just desperate and just when I start to feel bad for her (you know ish is messed up when your husband doesn’t want a BJ from you lol) she shows her manipulative side and throws Cyrus under the bus and makes me hate her again. And then the messiness that is Olivia and Fitz. I could write a paper on these two and analyze the hell out of such dysfunction lol. And I should have known the new guy was going to be a creep. New people are always the villains. Above all last night’s episode was too exciting and crazy.

  • Ashe

    Mellie is real stank for throwing Cyrus under the bus, talking about it was all him. She is really only looking out for herself. But I wonder what her motives where. I know her and Cyrus haven’t always had the best relationship, but he has always been real with her. I wonder if Cyrus will figure out that Mellie is the reason Fitz doesn’t trust him. And I totally agree with the author about Olivia being off her game about new creepy guy. Furthermore, when she interrogated him, neither one of them asked the either why they BOTH lied about their occupations. I thought Olivia would have noticed that. As for Fitz, I feel like he is two episodes away from having some sort of breakdown.

    • YES gAWD

      HUNNY!!! if she said “It was CYRUS” 1 more time I was going to break my tv.. I literally yelled out. B1tch dont say that no more…lmaooooo

    • Yvette

      Cyrus will figure it out. He knows that he and Mellie are one in the same except Mellie doesn’t have a hit man on speed dial (that we know of).

  • kanasgirlfan

    Last nights episode had me grasping for air and covering my eyes (in a moment of Scarlet O’Hara flare). It was just too much. Beyond the fact that this show has me (and clearly everyone else) rooting for this extra marital affair, but then after she was at the point of that “Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t breathe type of love” Fitz in a show of craziness tells her that he is officially done and won’t be controlled by his body parts but that “this is it”?! Are you kidding me? Where is Olivia? Why out of everyone that she deals with why is he her serious Achilles Heel? Its like she caves at his crazy love for her but last night wasn’t love, it was obsession, and I don’t like it! It made her look and feel cheaper then a 2 dollar bill and made us all feel like she needed to have one of those ugly cries just to let it all out! I mean really Shonda (and btw thank you for showing America that Black people in fact do swim), write the girl some pride and allow her to remember who she is….The Black Women who is in charge and takes no crap from anyone let alone a cheating lying alcoholic with serious trust issues!

    • Yvette

      Co-sign! but hold on to her seat, you know Shonda is gonna come with it on down the line. She won’t have Olivia down for long!

  • LMJ82

    Amazing show..amaazing writing and acting! I came in @ the beginning of the 2nd season w/ much resistance but I am glad I did…I was immediately hooked! That said…Yes, I was rooting for Liv and Fitz and Yes, I was Utterly Disgusted by how he treated that Black woman last night!

    After the last episode, I was already over them. He had told her for so long how they were soul mates, how she was his true love….and on and on. Even after he threw the cliche, married man line of “Wait for me” out there, I still thought maybe they had a chance. But after he up and dumped cold water all over her dreams and said “I changed my mind”……Say What??? She had already given the ring back to Edison for the 2nd time, hopped her happy a$$ down to the church, just to have him say “I changed my mind”??? That was too much for me. Why she didn’t flip out and cause a scene then, I don’t understand. Even more so, I don’t understand why she didn’t hit him w/ a “See nicca, you playin games”, run out the church, go bang on Edison’s door, get her ring and her man back and become a Senator’s wife.

    I was rooting for true love, which is what I thought they had. But I refuse to root for foolishness and heartbreak. Liv is too beautiful and talented to be mistreated by any man – President or not. And honestly, I expected more fight from her than I got last night. She didn’t defend herself At All…she just stood there and took it and….that was the most disappointing thing of all.

    • uhh…did you forget the part where she lied to him, betrayed him, and stole an election? that part of the story line must have been completely lost on you

      • Guest360

        That’s why I can’t be too mad at him. He was the one who chased after her, put his career on the line, and was emotionally vulnerable with her at every point in their relationship while she held this HUGE secret about a major part of his life. Fitz was an absolute a$$ the last two episodes but he has every reason to be. Granted it breaks my heart as a fan of Olivia/Fitz but it’s not as if he turned on her because the sky is blue. She lied to him! Of course he’s going to lash out and “break up” with her. Who wouldn’t?

        • Devara Allen

          I have a hard time feeling sorry for a guy who is down on everybody else for rigging the election, but then lets a woman suffocate to keep that info from leaking out. Kind of a double standard, don’t you think? If he’s all that high and mighty, then why didn’t he tell the American public and step down instead of killing somebody? He needs a good hard smack upside the head!

          • Guest360

            Oh I don’t feel sorry for him either. I just understand where his motivations are coming from. He’s being a complete a-hole right now but I can hardly say that he isn’t justified in being an a-hole, hate it as I might being an Olitz fan lol. And honestly? Verna tried to kill him to save her own legacy. Fitz was only returning the favor so I give him a pass on that one lol.

      • LMJ82

        Umm…no it wasn’t Sweetheart. Did you forget the part where Olivia was the Only one who was Not down w/ “stealing the election”?? Everybody else was on board, she held out for days. She was seriously torn and actually, she was the only who believed that Fitz could win W/O election rigging. And…if I may add, Liv only relented when Cyrus cornered her in the hallway and went on his rant about Fitz being too pure to get his hands dirty and how they had to be the bad guys who did the ugly, dirty stuff that Fitz was too perfect to do. Part of that was to help him along w/ the votes. After his soliloquy, Liv, crumpled on the floor and in tears, finally and very reluctantly agreed to rig the election. Oh, but I guess that part of the story line must have been completely lost on you…#B!tch

        • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

          LMAO! YES! Tell em how it is girl!

      • Devara Allen

        She didn’t betray him. The rest of the group thought that he had no chance and they had to do this or Fitz – and the rest of them – would lose the White House. I saw it as a group of manipulators who wanted to get into power, but I was thinking Olivia did it because she loved Fitz and didn’t want to see him hurt. If he had lost the White House, then he could have been with her and they could have pursued a relationship. She cared too much for him to let his dream of being president die. Now she just needs to smack his player @ss and go find a man who deserves her, ’cause Fitz is the sh*tz!

        • Guest360

          She knew he would have been against it, which is why no one told him what they were about to do (mistake #1). She lied to him for two years straight under the guise that he was to never find out what they did and her part in it (mistake #2). And I’m sure he’s questioned their entire relationship by now. Mellie wanted to be First Lady. Cyrus, chief of staff, Verna, supreme court justice. For all Fitz knows Olivia used his presidency to get a leg up too. Not giving him a freepass or anything but lets be real. Olivia was wrong and Fitz has every right to be pissed about it. Now in saying that, that’s no excuse for what he did in the last episode. That was a-hole behavior if I’ve ever seen it. However, he is not required to lick up everything Olivia feeds him just because she did it “for him”. Especially when he had no say in the matter. That’s not how relationships work.

    • James

      Lol. True love. How can a woman find true love from a married man shes cheating with. Serious character flaws on both ends. No man in his right mind or with an ounce of self respect would take back Olivia. She lacks character and moral conviction. So does Fitz. I know its just a TV show, but man some people are really backwards with their thinking. Now I see why so many people are in terrible relationships these days.

      • Yvette

        But that’s the whole point of the Olivia/Fitz story line, they were/are acting on emotion and not thinking rationally. As far as character flaws, it is not JUST Olivia and Fitz who have them….every character on this show is flawed in some way. In my opinion, that’s what makes this show so interesting and juicy because true to life we ALL have character flaws of some kind.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Ok so is the new guy the mole or does he have some freakish stalker obsession with Olivia? And Huck and Quinn are totally going to hook up. They are both very disturbed and somehow oddly cute together.

    • I think the Mole is Fitz himself I think he wants to set up Cyrus to look like the mole so he can get him out of the whitehouse

      • Guest360

        I don’t think so. Fitz, as much as he hates him, needs Cyrus. The dude knows too much and can literally tank his entire political career, what with knowing about his numerous affairs with Amanda and Olivia and the fact that he’s not really the elected President. Hopefully Fitz hasn’t gone so far off the deep end that he shoots himself in the foot by pissing off Cyrus lol.

        • Yvette

          Vice President Sally Langston’s Chief of Staff had the affair with Amanda not Fitz.

          • Guest360

            Fitz admitted to sleeping with Amanda in the Oval Office (when Olivia heard he called her “Sweet Baby” during their romps) and again at Olivia’s apartment when he wanted her to listen to the sex tape. The VPs chief of staff was actually dating Amanda and was the father of her baby.

          • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

            No, Fitz did

        • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

          That’s true. What if its the First Lady? After all she is setting up Cyrus to make the Pres hate his guts in the first place.

  • msgeegee

    Once again, Scandal was awesome this week. I just dont know what to think… point in speculating. Just buckle your seat belt and hang on….LOL