‘He Crossed The Line:’ Alleged Mother Of Future’s Infant Son Discusses Him Cursing Out Her Mom And Beef With Ciara

February 15, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

Brittni Mealy, model, business owner and alleged mother of rapper Future’s 2-month-old son recently sat down with the YBF to discuss the difficult time that  the rapper has given her since he signed his record deal, in addition to his refusal to assist in the co-parenting of their son. During her interview, she also revealed some rather interesting details about the rapper, including how he disconnects from his babies’ mothers after the child is born and why she thinks Ciara should watch her back. Check out some of what she had to say.

On Future turning into a different person after he got signed:

 “I even remember the day he got signed, he called so excited and said “Bae my dream just came true!” But, of course, his dream became my nightmare. With his success, came the lies, the cheating, the deceit. He stopped coming home every night. The more successful he got, the more comfortable he was with mistreating me and disrespecting our home. I even found out he had another family 4 miles away on the same street we had moved on! I didn’t end the relationship when I found out, because I was in too deep in love and he promised he was getting rid of the other “situation” as he called it…when the time was right. ”

“I know the real “him”, the part she [Ciara]  doesn’t know. They are just “honeymooning” right now. Everything always seems perfect in the beginning.”

On Future fathering 3 children by 3 different women:

“I knew about his kids, he has never disowned any of them. But, I do think 3 kids by 3 different women is a pattern of some sort. He obviously loves the mothers, but something about adding a kid to the equation changes things for him.”

On being able to support her son on her own:

“Yes, I am perfectly capable of taking care of my son by myself but, why should I have to?? He is OUR son and Future should do his part! We were together when we conceived our child. And, although we aren’t now, I feel like we can co-parent, live our lives apart and take care of our child without there being any “BEEF”.”

On Future cursing out her mother:

“He made a phone call to my mom (obviously feeling like he can still control what I do, even though we are not together anymore ). My mom has always been kind to him and usually defends him. Because, I refused to speak to him…he proceeded to curse at my mother and call her out of her name! I was upset and emotional because, I am raising our newborn son and he has stopped assisting me with his care and now, he thinks he can disrespect my mother. It was too much. My son and my mother are dear to me. And, he crossed the line. We simply don’t deserve to be treated that way. “

On subliminal Twitter “beef” with Ciara:

“No! No twitter beef!  I tweeted two words HAS BEEN and the world and the media took it and ran with it! Apparently, they wanted to associate her with being a has been. That is NOT what I said. I think she subliminally replied, feeding into their negative energy. I stopped tweeting because, I don’t have the time or energy to entertain an imaginary “beef”. Bye to all that!”


What is your take on all of this?


Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.


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  • Tee

    Why should this be a repetitive issue with females? Smh. Before you get into a relationship with a dude, research should be a must. Not after the fact. You always should stay a couple steps a head of the game. The thirst should not disillusion you. Trust no one until they are verified by your own eyes. Set standards for yourself and stick to them. Have self control. Control what happens in your world. Anything else is being weak minded, desperate, having low self-esteem, or you just don’t care. The good thing about this situation (for all the ladies involved) is that they have a up hand and the advantage in this. I like what Britini said, ” That she was capable of taking care of her child. Why should she?” I agree with this wholeheartedly. It took two of them to make it so it should take to of them to raise it. Like I said, the advantage is that for now, the other mothers can make him pay even though he may not physically be apart of their lives. It’s only right. If I were Future though, he should do it willingly instead of forcefully. It’s bad when you have to “go there” with some of these deadbeats. You child needs you to fight for this.Stop letting “love” or “feelings” blind the real issue at hand. Let these dead beats know they need to be step they game up or you’ll be the fool in the end.

  • toya

    @4ed9c8899ccdfd480b5330b223d7357f:disqus girl get serious f black women and the bastard kids they create. Yall the reason why 80% of our black men in jail, no fathers, killing each other living in the projects, Lady please, close your legs stupid black women get a husband . I dont care about other races Im black, get it 2gether

  • Oh Please! I know for a fact that Future has BEEN cheating her lol! Since before he got signed. Not just that but its been swirling around that he doesn’t think that baby is his because he was on the road all the time without her. She can talk around the questions all day… The fact still remains that SHE is coming out with all of this AFTER he chose to be with someone who is in the same industry as he is. Someone who has her own money and can tell always tell him “I don’t need you” She can’t do the same.

  • Lauren Love

    In the end the best thing to do is make sure these kids know each other and kow that they are brothers and sisters. That’s what’s best. They didn’t ask for their parents or their parent’s drama! The mamas have to move on, mature, and do their own form of co-parenting because with Future as their dad and his whole lifestyle, he’s already not a traditional parent.

    • janae

      yes! we would hate for them to meet, 1 day, fall in love and….NO!!!! anyway i also agree b/c i’m baby mama #1 and me and baby mama#2 get along just fine. neither one of us are with him now but our kids see him and each other and no more babies have come along. our kids are 8 and 3. we both get our child support on time and our free weekends on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th of the month!

  • Tasha

    Who is Future…lmbo n Ciara is a has been old news..

  • toya

    This is 1 stupid chick ! Why black women stop having bastard kids.

    • rammy

      this is not just a “black women” problemand women been havingbabies without daddies dince the biblical days so just leave it alone. it’s universal. shame on you for being so insensitive.

  • Me

    So he had 2 kids with 2 different women and she didn’t know that he wasn’t isht? I’d get my child support case filed and move on.

    • YES gAWD

      She not going to do that….This attention means more $$$ than a court case against him would be worth…dont you know the game by now??? lol

  • yeppers

    Well. My 1st take…is I DONT CARE….thats 1st.

    And my 2nd take is This BIRD is auditioning hard for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aint it??? She NOT MARRIED TO THIS MAN….so why cant she raise her son in peace and go thru any necessary court proceedings for money away from the public eye….why did we need to know about this, WHO IS SHE?? If the man was no longer with you and yall have a kid that was for the courts to handle not twitter…like i said: SHE IS INTERVIEWING WITH MONA SCOTT AS WE SPEAK FOR A ROLE….I dont know who she think she foolin. Ranting about “she know him” OK…well he dont want to be with you anymore sweetheart..men do this to women every second of the day boo.

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  • bluekissess

    Well, I’m so tired of the term baby daddy and baby mama. If you have children saying that then GROW UP already. She’s done with most women do and that’s ignore the red flags. Women are so stupid that sometimes it’s embarrassing to be one. What makes her think she’d be the one to change him.

    • pretty1908

      exactly that’s like dating an axe murderer and expecting to be safe around them, at some people you have to look at someone’s track record and make an informed decision. you are grown sweetie, this is the life you chose and unfortunately it affects your family.

      • bluekissess

        She knew his track record (three babies by three different women. A separate family down the street) she still did what she wanted to do.

        • yeppers

          She did what most birds do…thought shoes and clothes and s3x meant love and it didnt….he was probably doing the same with PLENTY…. and apparently was runnin round with all these kids. Now he have truly found what makes him happy (I guess), not was pleases his body and she MAD cus she put in all that time being a side chick….SHE MADD…period point blank

        • Me

          In her defense, he only had 2 kids by 2 diff women. Sometimes 3rd time is the charm! lol

    • Ms. Kameria

      Another bitter baby mama…..the term is tired, but it is what it is. That is the title that fits. Somebody please put her on a tv show, give her 15 minutes, a birth control endorsement, a certificate, a check, or something, and let her be on about her way. Just like the rest of them.

      • Chile Cheese

        Exactly….she want an endorsement for being this man baby moms of which he apparently had plenty (so why was she the special one?)…what was the issue with her going down to the COURTHOUSE like every other woman in this situation?? Chile please….But of course she is going to rant that it is her business to share but then get mad when people also share their opinions of said business.

    • Sol Rothstein

      She got just want she WANTED…BaBY daddy rapper…

      • He wasn’t a FAMOUS rapper when they got together. She said he caled and told her when he got his deal meaning they were already together and he changed.

        • chile cheese

          Most all rappers Rap and grind and hustle LOCALLY before mainstream fame or a deal. Its not like he was working as a garbage man and decided one day to walk into sony records. Im sure he was on semi- ball status when he met her at the Skrip club. aint nobody stupid….Some women can see a come up from a mile away…then wanna claim they was there before the fame. chile please

    • Pivyque

      Right. She knew of his other children and continued to put herself in a position to get pregnant by him.

    • IllyPhilly

      I just wanna know why she’s allegedly his kid’s mother and how he obviously loved the other women. Did you catch that dumbness at it’s best?

  • pretty1908

    I was with her until the ciara has been shade…. sweetie ciara doesn’t have to make another song she is paid so throwing shade to someone who has accomplished so much in their short time is not only childish ..its disheartening. Why is she being interviewed anyway? You should’ve protected yourself , and respect the decision he has made…. why bash the woman because you forgot to take the pill and hop off

  • It’s sad that when these men get “on”, they forget about the ones holding them down when they were at the bottom! Very unfortunate, she shouldn’t have to take care of her son alone because she didn’t make him alone. Ciara, be careful hun! It seems like she’s always falling for the wrong types!

    • bluekissess

      Apparently he had three to hold him down. So, I’m sure if one didn’t want to he would just rebound to the other two.

      • Sepulveda

        thank you…cant all these women say they was holdin him down???? Naaa just this wanna be model ho.. mark my words she gon be on one of these ratchet LHH shows in 5, 4, 3, 2…..

  • Reese

    Wow she talks like she has some sense. It’s just an unfortunate situation when parents cannot see eye-to-eye and bury the hatchet for the sake of their child or children. If what she is saying about Future is true that is sad that dude isn’t willingly to live up to his responsibilities and its trifling that he even approached his child’s grandmother like that.

  • FB

    She sounds like a very smart girl who is ready to move on with her life! You have many folks who wish they could have a kid. Then, you have these low life folks who refuse to take care of responsible.